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CCG Meeting Angaston 4th March 2009 PowerPoint Presentation
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CCG Meeting Angaston 4th March 2009

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CCG Meeting Angaston 4th March 2009 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CCG Meeting Angaston 4th March 2009

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  1. CCG Meeting Angaston 4th March 2009

  2. Mine Operation Update Eastern area Shaping of the northwest section to be completed Re-grassing as weather permits Western Face (of eastern mound) Continuing to crush Western MPL Vine removal continuing Topsoil removal continuing Topsoil sampling continuing Jaeckeli Creek management & site vegetation plan in draft form for discussion Other Dust suppressant trial commenced Friday 13th (positive results, recent rain dispersed suppressant) 24 hour maintenance shutdown for 2 days on Aggregate Plant crusher, 2nd 3rd March Rabbit baiting program undertaken Site entry restriction signs now placed along western boundary

  3. Tarp Survey The number of trucks that were fitted with tarps 85% The number of those fitted that actually put them on 33% The amount of trucks that did not use their tarp facilities 66% Outcome: Penrice will introduce a phased in approach for all trucks that have tarps to use them, over the next three months. All trucks where possible to have tarp facilities fitted for compliance through discussion with trucking groups

  4. Air Pollution (Dust) PM10 & TSP Monitoring TSP: Total Suspended Particulates, high volume sampler, collects particles from 0.1 micron up to 50 micron. These particles are often referred to as ‘nuisance dust’. PM10 – Particulate Matter less than 10 microns in size (Max 50 microns/m3) PM10: Total Suspended Particulates , high volume sampler, collects particles from 0.1 micron up to 10 micron. These particles are healthrelated as they are the size that can be inhaled. TSP– Particulate Matter less than 120 microns in size (Max 120 microns/m3)

  5. Weather station Wind direction and Wind speed (km/h) for 24/02/09

  6. Air Pollution (Dust) Chemical Analysis on static samples Elemental analyses of dust from the 6 static monitoring points have been completed by Amdel and forwarded to PIRSA and EPA for assessment of health risk Prior Free Silica monitoring results:

  7. Air Pollution (Dust) EIP Proposal EPA to discuss environmental improvement program for dust analysis

  8. Air Pollution Graphical representation of Static Dust fallout results 2001-2008 Reduced water availabiltiy in 2007 & 2008 due to inability to pump sufficient water from mine pit and water availability Baseline data is 155mg/m2/day (sample point 2km from plant S.E. of mine) Method used: Weight of dust accumulated over 6 months- calculated as mg/m2/day

  9. Complaints File - February Refer to separate slide of complaints.

  10. Complaints File - February • XXX Complaints: Dust Noise Traffic

  11. Traffic Counter Results • When: • What type: • Number:

  12. Jaeckeli Creek Management Plan • Linkage provided to members by Virginia Simpson and hand out available tonight with presentation by Peri Coleman of Delta consulting

  13. Viewpoints Linkage provided by Virginia Simpson of Oxigens agreed viewpoints

  14. Overburden Types & Overburden Options • Ore type

  15. Oxigen to provide presentation Western MPL Visual Amenity

  16. Site Strategic Visual Amenity Plan • Oxigen to present

  17. Unauthorised Access - signs 11 signs Picture

  18. Community Input