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Technology Skills

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Technology Skills. Mr. Prater. Welcome log on and begin on your board work!. Common questions:. Am I in the correct room? Mr. Prater, Technology Skills. Where should I sit? Your desk number should match the number given to you at the door. Will I treat you fairly? Yes!.

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technology skills

Technology Skills

Mr. Prater

Welcome log on and begin on your board work!

common questions
Common questions:
  • Am I in the correct room? Mr. Prater, Technology Skills.
  • Where should I sit? Your desk number should match the number given to you at the door.
  • Will I treat you fairly? Yes!

What will we do in class? You will be exposed to a variety of assignments which will allow you to use a wide range of technology and computers

  • Can you pass if you aren’t good with a computer? Yes!
mr prater s guidelines
Mr. Prater’s Guidelines
  • Guidelines are general rules that apply to this classroom and must be followed to ensure this classroom is running properly!
guideline 1
Guideline #1
  • Students need to be in their assigned seat working quietly on the posted Bellwork when class starts to avoid being counted tardy. Be prepared for class!
guideline 2
Guideline #2
  • Take care of all personal business before coming to class. You should not need to leave once you come in.
guideline 3
Guideline #3
  • Be respectful and kind to each other.
guideline 4
Guideline #4
  • Be sure to follow the guidelines set by the Magoffin County School District and our school.
always remember
Always remember….
  • DO YOUR BEST!!!!!!!!!!!
not following guidelines will result in
Not following guidelines will result in..
  • Demerits!
  • Five demerits will cause you to spend an evening in after school detention.
  • After two evenings in detention you will be suspended.
classroom procedures
Classroom procedures
  • A procedure is the way we do things.
  • Please enter quietly
  • Go to your seat
  • Take out materials
  • Begin Bellwork
  • If you come in late for class with an excused tardy please place the slip on my desk.
  • If you are unexcused go straight to your seat and begin work. You will be given one demerit.
getting your attention
Getting your attention
  • There will be times when you will be working in groups or individually and I will need the attention of the class.
  • I will raise my hand in the air.
  • You will raise your hand also, get quiet, face me, and wait for instructions.
instructional time
Instructional time
  • Please raise your hand when you have a question or response.
  • Do not talk while anyone else is talking.
  • Please do not interrupt with unrelated questions.
  • Follow instructions completely before beginning your task.
finishing class work early
Finishing class work early
  • You may read.
  • Work on homework.
  • You may NOT talk or be out of your seat.
  • Work on weekly article.
moving around the room
Moving around the room
  • When teacher/student is instructing or talking do not get up and move around the room.
  • Do not ask to get up out of your seat unless it is an emergency. If you are sick please exit quickly.
end of class
End of Class
  • The teacher dismisses you, not the clock!
  • Please do not start packing up your things until you are dismissed.
  • Please make sure your desk and the area around you are free from trash. Throw it away as you leave.
absences make up work
Absences/Make-up work
  • It is your responsibility to find out what you missed while you were out.
  • Check the board for assignments for the week.