The Real Numbers: NPC Release Figure Methodology (RFM)
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The Real Numbers: NPC Release Figure Methodology (RFM) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Real Numbers: NPC Release Figure Methodology (RFM). Laura Malley -Schmitt, RFM Committee Chairman Jen Freer, Theta Phi Alpha 2 nd Alternate Delegate Northeast Greek Leadership Association Annual Conference February 21-23, 2013 – Hartford. Agenda. Terminology Pre-RFM Goals

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Presentation Transcript

The Real Numbers: NPC Release Figure Methodology (RFM)

Laura Malley-Schmitt, RFM Committee Chairman

Jen Freer, Theta Phi Alpha 2nd Alternate Delegate

Northeast Greek Leadership Association

Annual Conference

February 21-23, 2013 – Hartford


  • Terminology

  • Pre-RFM

  • Goals

  • Carry Figures

  • Flex Lists

  • Priority

  • Preference

  • Bid Lists

  • Quota


  • Format

  • Secondary Quota

  • Extension

  • Reports

  • Q & A


  • RFM

  • Quota

  • Total

  • Carry Figures

  • Quota Addition

  • Flex Lists


Pre rfm

  • Chapter carry figures (number to invite) based on law of averages

  • PNMs carried by chapters where they had no statistical chance of matching

    • Set false expectations

    • Disillusioned with fraternity/sorority life

    • Multiple recruitment casualties

    • Stronger recruiting chapters pledged quota and weakest usually did not

    • Demoralized weaker recruiting chapters

    • Caused high attrition

  • CPH revolving door - always a system struggler

Release figure methodology
Release Figure Methodology

  • NPC adopted in 2003 with 10 pilot Panhellenics

  • Today….. RFM is used on over 410 campuses

  • Confusion still exists

    • Flex lists

    • Format

    • Priority

    • MRABA

Rfm concept
RFM Concept

  • Stronger recruiting chapters required to release more PNMs earlier in recruitment process, allowing PNMs to focus on chapters that are a realistic option for them


  • To give each chaptera statistical chance to attain Quota

  • To allow each PNMto investigate realistic options and ultimately match with a sorority for which she has a preference

  • To optimize the total number of matches, thus growing the entire Greek systemwhile also achieving parity

It s mutual
It’s Mutual

  • What does mutual mean?

  • Managing expectations

Team and responsibilities
Team and Responsibilities

  • Trained volunteers representing 24 member groups

  • Each has a mentor or senior back-up specialist

  • Provide chapter carry figures, flex list numbers and quota range

  • Works with FSA to determine quota and place quota additions

  • Familiar with ICS and Campus Director

  • Can help evaluate recruitment and make recommendations for improvement

Carry figures set daily for ea group
Carry Figures-set daily for ea. group

  • No chapter may exceed the carry figure

  • Over inviting is not permitted in RFM

  • When stronger recruiting chapters over invite they hurt PNMs

  • Chapters are not statistically able to offer membership to the surplus prospects

  • Over inviting hurts other chapters

    • Too many invitations in the system makes it statistically impossible for one or more groups to achieve Quota

Carry figures cont
Carry Figures – cont.

  • Inviting fewer PNMS than the carry figure or “under inviting” is strongly discouraged

  • Greatly jeopardizes a chapter's chances of matching Quota

  • Causes PNMs to be unnecessarily released from the system

  • Permission in advance so RFM Specialist can compensate

  • National representative may be notified if amount is significant

Carry figures cont1
Carry Figures – cont.

  • Multiple chapters under inviting = lower Quota

  • Chapter can’t be forced to invite PNMs they know they do not wish to pledge

    • Within the rights of each chapter to determine its own criteria for membership - no chapter can be forced to affiliate women

    • As soon as a chapter knows that a PNM would not be offered a bid, chapter should discontinue inviting her to events – grades

Flex lists
Flex Lists

  • Two lists of potential new members – plus and minus list

  • Used to help optimize the invitations issued when a priority process is used by Panhellenic

  • Provide a powerful tool that enables the RFM Specialist to ensure that the number of PNMs returning closely approximates the return number being targeted for the chapter

Flex lists1
Flex Lists

Base invitation list of 100 – not in any particular order





















Minus list






Plus list






Flex lists2
Flex Lists

  • Minus list is MANDATORY

  • Plus list is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED but cannot be mandatory because Panhellenic cannot mandate a minimum number of invitations

  • Chapters should be careful about including legacies on flex lists


  • PNMs should only rank chapters where they attend events

  • For ICS, use Option D “select and rank”

  • Do not use “rank all”

  • Re-invitations are a waste of time and energy for the chapter and PNM


  • Format 11-8-5-2

  • After Round of 11

    • PNM clusters her top 8

    • PNM ranks #2, #3, #4

  • After Round of 8

    • PNM indicates where she did not visit - DNV

    • PNM clusters her top 5

    • PNM ranks #6, #7, #8

Sample priority timeline
Sample Priority Timeline

  • Events run from 5-10pm

  • 10-11:30pm PNMs submit priorities

  • 10pm-8am Chapter Membership Selection

  • 8am Chapter lists due online

  • 8-9am RFM Specialist matches PNM preferences with chapter invitations

  • 10am Chapter lists available online

  • 1pm PNMs receive their schedule of events

  • 1:30pm Events begin for next round


  • Specialist will get the right number of PNMs to a chapter’s preference round but cannot persuade PNMs to choose a chapter

  • It is up to each chapter to close the sale

  • Target bid list lengths for preference based on historical performance

  • If a chapter does poorly in preference compared to previous years, it risks not making Quota

Bid lists
Bid Lists

  • All women attending a chapter’s preference MUST appear on that chapter’s bid list

  • Thus, a chapter must be willing to accept any PNM invited to Preference

  • Prior to bid matching, verify that no releases were made by chapters after preference

Quota range
Quota Range

  • RFM specialist can provide a Quota Range at any time for planning purposes – the first estimate can be provided on Open House day

  • Quota will be set after Preference after all bid lists have been submitted

  • Quota is set by the RFM Specialist in conjunction with the FSA

  • “A” list number is not Quota

Quota additions
Quota Additions

  • Chapters must accept quota additions unless specific arrangements made prior to recruitment

  • PNMs eligible for QAs when they maximize their options during recruitment and….

  • PNMs must list every chapter on her MRABA where she attended preference

  • Important not to force PNMs to list all chapters

  • No 5% rule


  • A PNM must sign this agreement to be eligible for a formal bid

  • MRABA and accompanying script are carefully worded to explain to PNMs their options and their potential consequences

  • Use NPC Script

  • Electronic Signature is binding

  • Print out MRABA and have each PNM sign

  • Resolution regarding Recruitment Counselors in MRABA signing

Considerations with schedule
Considerations with Schedule

  • What you’ve “always done” isn’t necessarily the best approach

  • Elements of your schedule

    • Days of the week

    • Consecutive days vs. rest days

    • Before term begins vs. after classes start

    • Number of events per round/chapter

    • Times of the day for events

    • Times that lists are due

Format does matter
Format Does Matter

  • Uneven format…

    • makes achieving parity difficult

    • lowers retention by causing large releases in certain rounds

    • increases UN-intentional single preferences which can result in large number of Quota Additions

  • Unnecessary rounds…

    • Extend the recruitment process, reducing retention

    • Have all PNMs visit strongest chapters twice

    • Sets unfair expectations with PNMs

Format does matter1
Format Does Matter

  • There should be an even difference between consecutive rounds of recruitment

    • 12-9-6-3

    • 6-4-2

Format does matter2
Format Does Matter

  • If the difference cannot be even, the first release should be smaller

    • 5-4-2 vs 5-3-2

    • 9-7-5-2 vs 9-6-4-2

  • “Unnecessary” rounds are discouraged

    • 4-4-3-2

Secondary or upper class quota
Secondary or Upper Class Quota

  • Increases retention and usually placement of upperclassmen in the recruitment process

    • If a large percent of PNM pool is upper class students

    • If a large percent of upper class PNMs do not receive bids

  • Helps groups with weaker recruiting strength increase their share of freshmen new members

  • Recruitment is seen as a more friendly process

  • Secondary Quota decision must be made by your Panhellenic well in advance of recruitment

Success of a secondary quota
Success of a Secondary Quota

  • Everyone involved must be committed to following the numbers

  • There will be two sets of carry figures given to each chapter – primary pool & secondary pool

  • Separate recruitment groups make it easier to track Upperclassmen

  • Chapters receive 2 quota numbers

  • Pool of PNMs needs to be significant

Special considerations extension
Special Considerations - Extension

  • Change is not easy!

  • Priority Recruitment is a NECESSITY

  • Must advise RFM team in advance

  • Assignment of Expansion RFM Specialist

  • Special Considerations

    • Quota Setting Methods

    • Changes to format

Rfm works
RFM Works

  • Higher percentage of chapters pledging Quota

  • PNMs focusing on groups where they have a real opportunity to pledge

  • Chapters able to focus on PNMs they are interested in pledging

  • PNMs who “play by the rules” will be matched to a group – no more “cross-cuts”

  • Parity being achieved on college campuses = a stronger Greek system

  • RFM only works if the individual groups follow the recommendations

When rfm is not enough
When RFM is not Enough

  • Flexible scheduling

  • Support of releasing a modest number of PNMs

  • Communication with national organizations about Preference improvements

  • Mechanics of Bid Day

    • Bid Distribution

    • Understanding Bid Day No-Shows


  • National Headquarters of groups on that specific campus and FSA receive overall – all chapter CPH report

  • National Headquarters receives chapter specific report

  • These reports are confidential and for good reason as it would be very easy to misinterpret the data provided and the numbers used

Recruitment management systems
Recruitment Management Systems

  • Innova’s Campus Director

  • Interactive Collegiate Solutions’ Recruiter

  • Your specialist will need your council login

2013 Reminders

  • 2012 Annual Report on

  • CPH Annual Reports are due on April 15

  • Academic Achievement Report – as soon as grades are available for Fall and Spring

  • College Panhellenic Awards Submissions due by June 1

    • Look on the NPC website and in upcoming newsletters for more details!

  • Judicial Procedures Forms – within 30 days

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