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香港卫生署 张竹君医生 Dr. SK Chuang Department of Health, HKSARG

世界贸易组织第六次部长级会议期间 的传染病控制工作 (2005 年 12 月 13 日至 18 日 ) Control of Infectious Diseases during World Trade Organisation (WTO)Sixth Ministerial Conference (13 - 18 December 2005) -准备与经验 Preparation and Experience. 香港卫生署 张竹君医生 Dr. SK Chuang Department of Health, HKSARG. 内容大纲 Content. 背景 卫生署的角色

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香港卫生署 张竹君医生 Dr. SK Chuang Department of Health, HKSARG

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  1. 世界贸易组织第六次部长级会议期间 的传染病控制工作(2005年12月13日至18日) Control of Infectious Diseases during World Trade Organisation (WTO)Sixth Ministerial Conference(13 - 18 December 2005)-准备与经验Preparation and Experience 香港卫生署张竹君医生 Dr. SK Chuang Department of Health, HKSARG

  2. 内容大纲 Content • 背景 • 卫生署的角色 • 行动阶段 • 公共卫生行动 • 会议前准备阶段 • 爆发事故管理阶段 • 会议后阶段 • 信息传达 • Background • Roles of Department of Health • Action phases • Public health action • Pre-conference preparatory phase • Outbreak management phase • Post-conference phase • Communication

  3. 背景Background • 世贸是全球唯一处理国与国之间贸易规则的国际机构。 WTO is the only global international organisation dealing with the rules of trade between nations. • 世贸的最高决策单位是部长级会议,该会议最少每两年召开一次。 The highest decision making body of the WTO is the Ministerial Conference (MC), which has to meet at least once every two years. • 部长级会议可在任何多边贸易协议下就任何事宜作出决定。 MC can take decisions on all matters under any of the multilateral trade agreements.

  4. 督导委员会主席常任秘书长(工商) 保安及身份确认工作小组 住宿工作小组 交通及机场接待工作小组 社交活动、商业赞助及联络支援工作小组 传媒、宣传及社区关系工作小组 会议设施工作小组 #资讯及通讯科技工作小组

  5. 香港部长级会议统筹办事处总监 香港部长级会议统筹办事处副总监 驻日内瓦副代表 联络及统筹 交通及礼宾 传媒及宣传 资讯及通讯科技 住宿及会场设备 保安及身份确认 财政及支援

  6. 紧急事故处理架构Emergency Coordination during MC6 – Multi-agency Coordination Centre (MACC) CS’s Committee 行政长官委员会 保安局 SCG Multi-agency Coordination Centre with 19 DLOs MVCC HA 医管局 FSD 消防处 Police 警务处 TD运输处 GFS 政府 飞行服务 22 DCOs Other departmental emergency centres 其他部门紧急应变中心

  7. 卫生署的角色Roles of Department of Health • 就流行病的威胁向第六次部长级会议督导委员会发出预先警告及通知 To provide early warning and advanced notice of threats of epidemics to MC6 Steering Committee • 调查传染病爆发事故,并迅速展开控制措施 To investigate infectious diseases outbreaks, institute prompt control measures • 设定现场指挥、医疗监测及执行相关命令的安排 To establish field command, medical surveillance and administration of related orders

  8. 大型集会的威胁Threats of Mass Gathering • 生化恐怖主义(由保安局领导应变工作) Bioterrorism (response coordinated by Security Bureau) • 经由食物传播的疾病 Food borne infections • 人与人之间爆发呼吸道疾病或诺沃克病毒感染 Person to person spread of respiratory diseases outbreak, noroviral infection • 新出现的传染病、严重急性呼吸系统综合症、禽流感等 Emerging infections, SARS, Avian influenza

  9. 调查及控制时的可见的困难Perceived Difficulties in Investigation and Control • 贵宾要员 VIPs • 语言隔阂 Language barrier • 保安措施 Security measures • 备受关注 High profile event

  10. 卫生署的防范准备Preparedness by DH • 三个阶段: (three phase) • 会议前准备阶段 (Pre-conference preparatory phase) • 2005年12月13日0时0分以前 (before 00:00 of 13 December 2005) • 爆发事故管理阶段 (Outbreak Management Phase) • 2005年12月13日0时0分至2005年12月21日0时0分 (00:00 of 13 December to 00:00 of 15 December 2005) • 会议后阶段 (Post-conference phase) • 2005年12月21日0时0分以后 (after 00:00 of 21 December 2005) • 爆发事故管理阶段(Outbreak Management Phase) • 2005年12月13日至21日 (13 - 21 December 2005) • 大量与会人士/示威人士出香港之间的时间 (lag time for huge flow of participants /protestors out of Hong Kong)

  11. 公共卫生行动Public Health Actions • 监测 surveillance • 调查及控制措施 Investigation and Control • 化验支援 Lab support • 感染控制措施 Infection control • 港口卫生措施 Port health measures • 信息传达 Communication

  12. 会议前准备阶段Pre-conference Preparatory Phase • 监测 (surveillance) • 备存和收集全球信息,通知相关各方 Maintain, gather global information, inform relevant parties • 提醒急症室迅速呈报传染病的资料 Alert AED for prompt notification of infectious diseases • 就第六次部长级会议致函医生,吁请他们提高防范传染病的警觉 Issue letters to doctors about MC6 and increase vigilance about infectious diseases • 就第六次部长级会议的传染病监测准备通知内地卫生部与广东及澳门卫生当局 Notify Ministry of Health, Guangdong, and Macao counterparts about our MC6 preparations for Infectious disease surveillance

  13. 会议前准备阶段Pre-conference Preparatory Phase 调查及控制措施 Invesitgation and control • 制定生化恐怖袭击应变方案 Contingency plan for bioterrorism • 为人类感染禽流感的情况制定应变方案 Scenario planning for human avian influenza cases • 拟定调查问卷,并将之翻译成为四种官方语言 Develop and translate questionnaires into 4 official languages • 传染病调查 Infectious diseases investigation • 食物中毒爆发事故 Food poisoning outbreaks • 员工调动计划 Staff mobilisatin plans • 为员工准备进入会议场地的临时许可证 Temporary permit for staff to enter the conference venue • 食物餐单 Food menus • 在会议场地设立指定区域及进行场地视察 Designated area in conference venue and site visits • 建立信息传达的渠道 Establish communication channels

  14. 调查问卷Questionnaires

  15. 会议前准备阶段Pre-conference preparatory phase • 化验支援 (lab support) • 持续提供样本化验的支持 (continue and support testing of specimen) • 感染控制措施 (infection control measures) • 培训员工 (provide training to staff of MC6) • 港口卫生措施 (port health measures) • 制备卫生教育材料 (prepare health education materials) • 信息传达 (communication) • 传媒、提供联络名单、发信给专业人员及医生 (media, provide contact lists, letters to doctors and professionals) • 其它 (others) • 为参与第六届部长级会议筹办工作的员工接种流感疫苗 (influenza vaccination for staff involved in MC6)

  16. 爆发事故管理阶段Outbreak management phase 既定监测系统 (existing surveillance systems) • 法定及重要的传染病呈报 Statutory notification and reporting of communicable diseases of public health significance) • 院舍呈报羣组个案(症状羣) Cluster reporting from institutions (syndromes) • 定点监测 Sentinel surveillance • 普通科医生/普通科门诊诊所 General practitioners /outpatient clinics • 幼儿中心/幼儿园 Child care centres/kindergartens • 安老院舍 Elderly homes • 化验室检测 Lab surveillance

  17. 爆发事故管理阶段Outbreak management phase • 加强监测 (Enhancement) • 每日监察呈报数字 Daily monitoring of notification figures • 当出现不寻常的模式/高于基线水平的偏离情况时发出警告 Generate alerts for uncommon patterns/deviation from baselines • 监测第六次部长级会议的相关事宜 Monitor MC6 related events • 继续收集有关流感及邻近地区爆发其它传染病的全球情报 Continue gathering global epidemic intelligence on influenza and other infectious diseases from neighbouring regions • 就区域内、本地爆发事故及传媒就第六次部长级会议所关注的爆发事故,向相关各方提供每日报告 Provide daily report on regional avian influenza situation, local outbreaks of media interest to all interested parties • 调查及控制措施 (investigation and control measures) • 疾病调控小组、患者/接触者追踪、稳妥的后勤支持 Outbreak teams, cases/contact tracing, secure backup support

  18. 爆发事故管理阶段Outbreak management phase • 化验支援 (lab support) • 确保人手足够,能在非办工时间接收样本 Ensure sufficient staff, ready to receive specimens during non-office hours • 感染控制措施 (infection control measures) • 确保卫生署员工获得足够的个人保护装备 Ensure sufficient personal protective equipments for DH staff • 港口卫生措施 (port health measures) • 为旅客测量体温、进行卫生教育 Temperature screening, health education • 信息传达 (communication) • 紧急协调中心、热线、支援第六次部长级会议的公关单位 Emergency coordination centres, hotlines, support MC6 PR section • 后勤支援 (logistic support) • 客货车及司机、翻译员 Vans and drivers and translators

  19. 信息传达Communication • 部门之间 (interdepartmental) • 电子布告板系统-联系30个部门/决策局的紧急协调中心 Bulletin board system - connects the emergency coordination centres of 30 department/bureau • 24小时紧急联络名单 Emergency contact on 24 hours basis • 卫生署总部当值医生 DH headquarters duty officers • 部门内部 (within department) • 当值室/24小时候命 (duty room/24 hrs on call) • 视像会议 (video conferencing) • 支援服务 (backup) • 医护专业人员 (health care professionals) • 办工时间 (office hour) • 网上中央呈报办公室 (CENO online) • 传真 (fax) • 电话 (telephone) • 电邮 (emails) • 邮递 (post) • 非办工时间 (outside office hours) • 当值医生 (medical control officer) • 公众 (general public) • 新闻稿(press release) • 后备电话线、人手调配 (backup telephone lines, manpower deployment)

  20. 信息传达Communication Informant • Initial Report • Preferably by BBS using Incident Report Form as soon as practicable even if information is not yet complete • Further Report • Preferably by BBS using Incident Report Form • Quote MACC Reference Number • Address to designated MACC/AC for telephone report Initial / Further / Departmental Incident Report BBS Tel Fax Email • For initial report made to MACC • MACC Message Form will be faxed to ECC, if activated, of reporting Bureau/ Department/ Agency MACC BROADCAST ON BBS MACC Log MACC Incident Report MACC Situation Report MACC Incident Register MACC Message Form

  21. 会议后阶段Post-conference phase • 所有措施降回基线级别 Stand down of all measures to baseline level • 拟备监测/调查报告 prepare reports of surveillance/investigation • 评估关于应急措施持续性及表现管理的整体工作 Evaluation of overall activities for sustainability and performance management of contingency measures

  22. 演习 (drills) • 三次演习(three drills) • 10月5日 (5 October) • 10月底进行生化、辐射与核事故演习; Chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear drills end of October • 12月初进行指挥中心演习 Early December for Emergency Coordination Centres

  23. 实际发生何事?What actually happened? • 一宗外地传入的疟疾个案 • 患者是从加蓬来港参加第六次部长级会议的代表团中一名48岁非洲裔男成员,他在来港前发病,其后于12月15日留院接受治疗,情况稳定。该名患者的代表团中其余两位成员均无病征。 • 有关供应给警务人员的午餐盒的食物投诉 • One imported malaria case • The patient was 48 year old African male delegate from Gabon attending MC6. He had onset of illness before arrival in Hong Kong. He was admitted to hospital on 15 December with stable condition. Two other members of his delegation were asymptomatic. • Food Complaint related to lunch boxes served to the Police

  24. 新闻稿 (Press release)

  25. 謝謝Thank you

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