Biodiversity conservation through agriculture in the pamir alai mountains
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Biodiversity Conservation through Agriculture in the Pamir-Alai Mountains - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Biodiversity Conservation through Agriculture in the Pamir-Alai Mountains. Frederik van Oudenhoven. Frederik van Oudenhoven. Pamir Development Potential Workshop, Dushanbe, December 8-9, 2009. History & the current situation. Biodiversity hotspot

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Biodiversity conservation through agriculture in the pamir alai mountains l.jpg

Biodiversity Conservation through Agriculture in the Pamir-Alai Mountains

Frederik van Oudenhoven

Frederik van Oudenhoven

Pamir Development Potential Workshop, Dushanbe, December 8-9, 2009

History the current situation l.jpg
History & the current situation Pamir-Alai Mountains

  • Biodiversity hotspot

  • Tajikistan has a long history of sedentary agriculture

  • Harsh and heterogeneous environments; strongly localized pockets of highly adapted diversity

  • Tajikistan will never be a competitive exporter of introduced varieties

  • Agrobiodiversity

    active use knowledge culture history

Fruit nut species in the pamirs l.jpg
Fruit & Nut Species in the Pamirs Pamir-Alai Mountains

Species Varieties Local Wild Introduced

Mulberry Morus alba spp. 60 100%

Walnut Juglans regia 26 100%

Apricot Armeniaca vulgaris 300 >90 %

AppleMalus sieversii33 55% 9% 42%

Pear Pyrus spp. 24 70% 20%

Pomegranate Punica granatum 60 60% 5%

Peach Prunus persica

Almond Prunus amygdalus

Pistachio Pistacia vera

Fig Ficus L.

Grape Vitis vulgarus 26 90%

Sour CherryPrunus cerasus wild

Hawthorn Crataegus monogyna wild

Sea-buckthorn Hippophae L wild

Dogrose Rosa canina wild

Barberry Berberis spp. wild

Source: Bioversity International and PBI

What sustains diversity a case study mulberries l.jpg
What sustains diversity? Pamir-Alai MountainsA case study: Mulberries

Local vs introduced main issues l.jpg
Local vs. Introduced Pamir-Alai Mountains Main Issues

  • Resilience

    • Climate Change

      • Pest resistance (Invasive + Climate dependent)

    • Social Change

      • Population increase, CSOs etc.

  • Marketability

    • Processing

    • Consumer preference

    • Storage

    • Infrastructure & Transport

Frederik van Oudenhoven

Past actions l.jpg
Past Actions Pamir-Alai Mountains

  • Community mobilization

  • Nurseries

  • Demonstration plots

  • Increasing research capacity of local institutions (PBI)

  • Marketing study

  • Training

    • Grafting, inoculation, pruning

Frederik van Oudenhoven

Future actions l.jpg
Future Actions Pamir-Alai Mountains

  • Pamiri fruit growers association (co-op)

  • Foster a culture of innovation among farmers

  • Promote adaptive agriculture

  • Improve processing and storage facilities

  • Increase market value of crops (e.g. Mulberry)

Frederik van Oudenhoven

Future research questions l.jpg
Future Research Questions Pamir-Alai Mountains

  • Analysis of nutritional characteristics of local crop varieties

  • To better understand genotype-environment interactions

    • Which characteristics of different crop varieties are due to genotype alone and which are pronounced or suppressed as a result of specific environmental conditions

Frederik van Oudenhoven

To consider l.jpg
To consider… Pamir-Alai Mountains

  • Biodiversity conservation vs. economic profitability

  • Balance between ‘economies of scale’ and localized economy based on traditional culture and biodiversity

  • Limitations of a custodian approach

Frederik van Oudenhoven

Thank you l.jpg
Thank You Pamir-Alai Mountains