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Welcome LEAP Math Sessions. Test Specifications. Table below provides test specifications for the multiple-choice subtests of Grade 4 LEAP Mathematics assessments. . Expectations. Read and write place value in word, standard, and expanded form through 1,000,000.

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Welcome leap math sessions

WelcomeLEAPMath Sessions

Test specifications
Test Specifications

Table below provides test specifications for the multiple-choice subtests of

Grade 4 LEAP Mathematics assessments.


Read and write place value in word, standard, and expanded form through 1,000,000.

Read, write, compare and order whole numbers using place value concepts, standard notation and models through 1,000,000.

Know all basic facts for multiplication and division though 12 X12 and 144 / 12.

Model, read and write, compare, order and represent fractions with denominators through twelfths, using pictures, models, and diagrams.


  • Give decimal equivalents of halves, fourths,

  • and tenths

  • Estimate fractional amounts through twelfths,

  • using pictures, models, and diagrams

  • Solve multiplication and division number

  • sentences including interpreting remainders

  • Multiply 3-digit by 1-digit numbers, 2- digit by

  • 2- digit numbers, and divide 3-digit numbers by

  • 1-digit numbers, with and without remainders


  • Write number sentences or formulas containing

  • a variable to represent real-life problems

  • Use manipulatives to represent the distributive

  • property over addition to explain multiplying

  • numbers

  • Solve one-step equations with whole number

  • solutions

  • Select and use the appropriate standard units

  • of measure, abbreviations, and tools to measure

  • length and perimeter (i.e., in., cm., ft., yd., mile, m, km)


  • Area (i.e., square inch, square foot, square centimeter), capacity (i.e. fl. oz., cup, pt., qt., gal., l, ml), weight/ mass (i.e., oz, lb., g, kg, ton,), and volume (i.e., cubic cm cubic in.)

  • Use unit conversions with in the same system to solve real-life problems (e.g., 60 sec. = 1 min. , 12 objects = 1 dozen, 12 in. = 1 ft., 100 cm = 1m, 1pt. = 2 cups

  • Draw, identify, and classify angles that are acute, right and obtuse


  • Analyze, describe, interpret and construct various types of charts and graphs using appropriate titles axis labels, scales, and legends

  • Identify missing elements in a number pattern

Phase i math session 1 march 19 2013
Phase IMath Session 1March 19, 2013

  • 3 constructed-response items with calculators

    60 minutes

  • Involve a number of separate steps

  • Require application of multiple skills

  • Assess one or more strands

  • Real-life/practical situations

Students’ responses are scored for:

  • accuracy of the answer

  • proper operations used

  • appropriate problem-solving approach

    or strategy



a step by step method

to guide your thinking through

word problems and

constructed responses

Steps to RICE:

restate; illustrate; compute;


Phase ii math sessions 2 3 april 8 th 11 th 2013
Phase IIMath Sessions 2 & 3April 8th – 11th , 2013

  • 36 multiple-choice items without calculator - 80 minutes

  • 24 multiple-choice items with calculator -50 minutes

  • Phase I and II together have a total of 63 items to be completed in 190 minutes


Leap websites
LEAP Websites

  • LA DOE: http://www.louisianabelieves.com/

  • Louisiana Pass: http://www.louisianapass.org/index.php

  • Study Island: http://www.studyisland.com/web/index/

  • Mandeville Middle School Student Links: http://mandevillemiddle.stpsb.org/student_links.html

    Be sure to see Ms. Pyle in the computer lab!

Games and activities
Games and Activities

  • Pay cash for purchases and have your child count out the money and the change.

  • Use an analog (face) clock

  • Play Monopoly, Yahtzee, etc.

  • Use a recipe tocook/measure

  • Sing math facts in the car

Thank you for attending
Thank you for attending