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Social Marketing & Reputation Management PowerPoint Presentation
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Social Marketing & Reputation Management

Social Marketing & Reputation Management

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Social Marketing & Reputation Management

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  1. Social Marketing & Reputation Management A Managed Solution from ADP Digital Advertising

  2. Social Marketing & Reputation Management Introducing a Dealer Solution from the ADP Digital Marketing team that provides the services and technology needed to grow a dealership’s overall volume of business opportunities by tapping into the power of Social Networks and online Reputation Management... This presentation will outline the following: Why should I consider it? Value Proposition What is it? Solution Components How does it work? Tactical Delivery Points What does it cost? Components and Costs

  3. Dealers currently see the Social and UGC Online Landscape as a bewildering array of brands and sites!

  4. Dealer Value Propositions It’s as Easy as ADP to leverage the overwhelming growth in consumer use of Social Networks and User Generated Content (UGC) sites. Develop your Social Marketing and Reputation Management Strategy utilizing “Positive Word of Mouth” amplified with the power of the Internet to enhance your good reputation. Create top of mind awareness and elevate your dealership’s brand in a more cost effective manner than either CRM or advertising alone. Tap into consumer adoption of Social Networking and User Content Creation by creating your own online community of customers, employees and suppliers. Update your community daily with high quality content such as Videos, Photos, the Latest Reviews, Road Tests, Interviews, Articles and content supplied by OEM, enthusiast publications and your customers!

  5. Dealer Value Propositions ADP will build your dealership sponsored online community using the most powerful social networking platform technology available to make it easy, fun and rewarding for your customers to participate. Using a combination of OEM and enthusiast publication content , ADP will incorporate highly desirable content which is automatically updated daily to create an engaging and rich experience for people in your local market area. ADP Social Marketers will publish blogs, forum discussions, photos and videos that will stimulate your community members to respond and create their own content, triggering others to join in! ADP will build and deploy a comprehensive content distribution strategy that uses Really Simple Syndication (RSS) and embedded HTML code (Widgets) built into your dealership sponsored community to push content and member activities out to the most popular sites on the web, such as:

  6. Dealer Value Propositions Your dealership will achieve a highly positive presence within today’s most popular sites where customers spend hours and hours of their online time. Your dealership sponsored content syndication will grab people’s attention and pull them into your online community. ADP will use your online community’s syndication power to connect your dealership to the millions of people using sites such as:

  7. Social Marketing & Reputation Management Why use ADP Digital Solutions? ADP has a staff of Social Marketing Analysts who stay on top of which sites are the most effective. We know where to get the best content to keep your online community and syndication fresh and relevant to your customers ADP uses DMS, Lead Management and CRM data to invite customers to your community, an important part of creating high quality sales opportunities ADP has access to OEM and independent sourced data feeds that leverage information, photo and video content to update your online community daily ADP knows how to take advantage of powerful social network platforms as an online magnet to pull in and engage car shoppers, along with your current sales and service customers with your involvement and participation ADP is the only dealership supplier that knows how to guide your community towards reaching critical mass needed to achieve the Web 2.0 alchemy that drives dealership opportunities to do business

  8. Social Marketing/Reputation Management StrategyADP Organizes into Solution Component Categories • Social Networks • Professional Networks • Video Hosting Sites • Photo Hosting Sites • DIY Publishing (Blogs) • Consumer Reviews & Ratings • SMS, Status & Bookmarking • Social Network Platform Tools

  9. SM/RM Solution Components by Category Dealer Sponsored Online Community DigitalRalph says: “Use a network of Web 2.0 sites connected to your online community as a social marketing strategy”

  10. Social Marketing & RMComponent Integration = Value ADP connects and manages components to deliver turn-key Social Marketing/Reputation Management … DigitalRalph says: “Use your network of connected Web 2.0 sites for push-pull syndication of OEM supplied and User Generated Content assets. Leverage your car company’s daily updates and get your customers to create content that provides most of the updating work needed to keep your site relevant!”

  11. ADP SM/RM Solution Component Deployment Example Dealer Sponsored Online Community

  12. Social Marketing & Reputation Management Value Added ADP Solution Components

  13. Automotive Community Ning Premium services bundle - $195 a month • DealerRater Certification and Advertising- $295 a month • Network Solutions Domains & DNS Hosting (5) $35 a month • Facebook - $500 a month for business profile account and PPC advertising • MySpace - $500 a month for profile, blog and CPM advertising • YouTube - $500 a month for Dealer Channel and CPM advertising • Flickr - $25 a month (premium business package) • Video Syndication Service - $295 a month • BMI commercial music fair use licensing - $35 a month • Rebate and Incentives iFrame web service - $50 a month • Member Rewards Program plug in app - $50 a month • Google Analytics (Premium) in community site - $25 a month • Supplier List above = $2,505 monthly “Subscription & Advertising Costs”, plus additional ADP resource costs of providing : • 32 Hours Initial Setup Labor (4 days of Social Marketing Analyst) • 16 hours monthly maintenance (4 hours/week ADP analyst ) • 4 hours monthly report creation, metrics review and analysis • 1 hour monthly conference call w/dealer to review results/reports • Dealer Cost : $4,995 a month @ 12 month term... Social marketing solution component costs as shown

  14. Dealership Communities DealershipCommunity SocialNetwork Your Dealership Community “Social Network” site is the hub of your Hub-and-Spoke Social Marketing and Reputation Management Strategy

  15. Dealer Sponsored Online Community Created and Managed by ADP & Dealer

  16. be replaced by ADP Ad Network Space Dealer Sponsored Online Community Created and Managed by ADP & Dealer

  17. Dealer Sponsored Online Community Created and Managed by ADP & Dealer

  18. Dealer Sponsored Online Community Created and Managed by ADP & Dealer

  19. Dealer Sponsored Online Community Created and Managed by ADP & Dealer

  20. Dealer Sponsored Online Community Created and Managed by ADP & Dealer

  21. Dealer Sponsored Online Community Created and Managed by ADP & Dealer

  22. Dealer Sponsored Online Community Created and Managed by ADP & Dealer

  23. Honda Owners/Employees/OEM Community Created and Managed by ADP

  24. Honda Owners/Employees/OEM Community Created and Managed by ADP

  25. Ford Owners/Employees/OEM Community Created by ADP

  26. Ford Owners/Employees/OEM Community Created by ADP

  27. Ford Owners/Employees/OEM Community Created by ADP

  28. Ford Owners/Employees/OEM Community Created by ADP

  29. Ford Owners/Employees/OEM Community Created by ADP



  32. Content Drives Traffic and Customer Engagement • ADP’s Social Marketing and Reputation Management Solutions focus on obtaining and serving up highly desirable relevant content. • Consumer members of Dealership Community • Customer Contests and Incentives (UCN example) • Advertise syndication brands to attract consumers • RSS Feeds from OEM’s and Enthusiast sites • ADP library of feeds catalogued by brand • Video & Photo Feeds from multiple sources • ADP library of Media feeds by brand • Widgets/Gadgets from multiple sources • reseller agreement • Embed selected dealer website content (inventory, specials, etc.) • Over 100 Widget Apps available from platform provider • Dealership Employees • Fixed Operations • Civic Activities, Fund Raisers, Local Sponsorships, • Suppliers • Every supplier required to have a profile within community • OEM associates - Car Companies are HIGHLY supportive

  33. During ADP Dealer Community Pilots, we worked with multiple Consumer Rating UGC sites… has provided the filtered feeds, Google Reviews rankings, and supporting code needed to empower Dealership Communities.

  34. DigitalRalph says: “ADP uses DealerRater Data integration embedded into dealer community to automatically pull in all positive reviews posted by consumers on”

  35. Included within ADP’s SM/RM Solution Delivery is the posting of positive news stories, letters, accolades and awards that each dealer receives and supplies to their ADP DA Analyst…

  36. Dealer Community Site looking GREAT… Content Updated Daily!

  37. Most OEM’s Support Social Marketing by supplying ADP with syndication assets! SMPR is Ford’s Acronym for “Social Media Press Release”

  38. Ford Pilots were based on ADP Dealer Community Social Network platform that has application level integration with Flickr… Ford provides API access so that Consumers can access high resolution glamour photos from within Ford Lincoln Mercury dealer communities.

  39. ADP Social Marketing Dealer Solutions will have a daily API updated supply of gorgeous high resolution, commercial quality (expensive) photography that consumers get access to via their membership in our Ford Lincoln Mercury dealer communities.

  40. ADP Social Marketing Dealer Solutions will use API based embedded applications to provide member exclusive advance access to images of future models which have not yet been released to the public or press by Ford!

  41. Consumer Members of Ford Lincoln Mercury Dealer Communities supplied by ADP will be able to “push” their Ford API based embedded slideshows and videos to their Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Blogger, Wordpress, etc. member profiles and friend pages… Ford will use separate apps for what is exclusive and what can be shared outside the dealer’s community.

  42. on

  43. Does it work… does this solution influence car buyers? • “In today’s social media dominated world, online consumer generated content, such as reviews and ratings, is prevailing as a key influence in shoppers’ decision to ultimately purchase a vehicle or use service. This trend can be recognized by the increase in popularity of Web sites built onbusiness models providing just this type of information. A positive consequence of such review sites is that dealers now work harder to avoid getting low scores and more effort is put into satisfying customers.“ • AlinSturekJ. D. Power and Associates

  44. It’s fairly easy to see that in the Social Networking space, the three dominant sites are a minimum Requirement for a dealer’s social marketing Strategy. ADP uses dealership business profile pages and accounts on the 3 biggest as syndication points to drive traffic into dealership communities and engagement to content applications.

  45. Why Bother with a Dealer Community Based SM/RM Strategy? • Web 2.0 and UGC is fundamentally altering how customers interact with the Internet, and how businesses reach them. • In 2007, Consumer Generated Content sites attracted 69 million users in the US. • In 2008, Consumer Generated Content generated $1 billion in advertising revenue. • In 2009, Consumer Generated Content sites areon track to attract 101 million users in the U.S. and earn $3 billion in advertising revenue. • Overcome the obstacles preventing dealers from utilizing this dynamic medium, and the revenue potential is great. However, we already know that dealers need a solution which is more effective than display advertising alone.

  46. USER-GENERATED CONTENT DRIVES HALF OF U.S. TOP 10 FASTEST GROWING WEB BRANDS, ACCORDING TO NIELSEN//NETRATINGS… Why Implement a Social Media Strategy? According to Ralph Paglia, a respected automotive digital marketing consultant: “Dealers benefit from the cost-effectiveness ADP provides by leveraging a steady stream of OEM, enthusiast publication, employee and customer updated content that is practically free.” Ralph Paglia continues, “Notably, most dealers using the ADP Social Media Solution stand out as a more traditional business seeking to innovate and keep up with information sources that their customers have adopted… This is an especially valuable perception of a dealer by more affluent tech-savvy car buyers.“ Paglia also likes to point out; “The ADP managed solution helps Dealers syndicate OEM and their own video offerings that drive increased traffic to their commercial sites as car buyers seek video content to complement other information gathered while shopping for new and used cars.”

  47. Dealership Reputation Management

  48. ADP Social Marketing/Reputation Management strategy uses as the preferred Customer Review content supplier and partner