using the library databases @ suny delhi n.
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Using the Library Databases @ SUNY Delhi

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Using the Library Databases @ SUNY Delhi - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Using the Library Databases @ SUNY Delhi. Can you hear me?? This presentation has sound!. Brought to you by: The Resnick Library SUNY Delhi Narrator: Angela Rhodes Systems and Instruction Librarian. Last Updated 12/06/2008. What’s a Database???.

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using the library databases @ suny delhi

Using the Library Databases @ SUNY Delhi

Can you hear me?? This presentation has sound!

Brought to you by:

The Resnick Library

SUNY Delhi

Narrator: Angela Rhodes

Systems and Instruction Librarian

Last Updated 12/06/2008

what s a database
What’s a Database???
  • A collection of organized, collected data set up for ease of access.
    • The library databases are collected journal articles, usually specializing in a particular subject or topic.
  • What’s a journal??
    • AKA: serial, periodical, magazine; any type of material that has a continuous publication over time.
    • Example: Time Magazine, the Journal of the American Medical Association, the New York Times
what s a database1
What’s a Database???
  • So if a library database contains collections of journals, what are we searching for?
    • Articles: Small documents that are uniquely published for every issue of a journal.
    • Example: Imagine looking at a print version of Time. Inside, you see small articles with unique titles, usually not related.
    • A database will take each of those unique titles from the entire series, and organize them so that you can find them by keyword, subject, title, author, etc.
    • Each database may contain hundreds of journal titles.
where are the databases
Where are the databases?
  • On the Resnick Library Webpage:
  • Delhi Home Page  Academics  Library
  • Click on “Find Articles”
which database do i use
Which database do I use???
  • We have over 25 databases
    • About 35,000 journal titles
  • Search by Subject
    • If you’re not sure where to start, try “General”
  • Each subject area has databases with journal titles relevant to that subject
    • Example: many of our science journals are in the database called “ScienceDirect”

Subject Links to


Names of


In each


how do i search a database
How do I search a database?
  • Think of key terms rather than phrases
    • Use multiple terms in advanced boxes to narrow your search
  • Narrow down by using limiters
    • Ex: year range (what year the issue would have been released)
  • When viewing your results, you’re looking at the title of the article.
    • Next to it, you should see the author of the article, the journal title it came from, the volume, issue, year, and page numbers (just as if it were from the print version)
    • By clicking on the article title, you should be able to view it if it is available in full text (you may see links underneath the article title that say “HTML Full Text” or “PDF Full Text” that will take you to the full text instead
example search
Example Search
  • I’m looking for articles about Bill Gates....but when/what?
    • 2000’s Bill Gates?
      • Xbox, Vista, Empire
    • 1980’s Bill Gates?
      • Pioneer, risk-taker
    • 1970’s Bill Gates?
      • Teenager, law-breaker
  • Let’s try a general database: Academic Search Premier
    • Keyword search: Bill Gates
    • Limiter: 1980-1990
example search cont
Example Search cont.
  • My results: 40 articles from 1980-1990 that had the words “bill gates” anywhere in the article.
  • On the Left margin: narrow by Subject
    • Ex: Chief executive officer narrows my 40 results down to 3
  • But there’s no HTML or PDF full text for 2 of them….
    • There IS a 360 Link

Article Title

Journal Title

Full Text


360 link
360 Link

Article we

Searched for

  • If you find an article you want, but the full text is not available, use the 360 Link or “Link to Full Text” icons next to the article
    • Portal Page will show you other databases (if any) where the article is available in Full Text
      • Ex: Click on the 360 Link for the second article: “A Computer Jock’s $550 Million Dollar Jackpot”
      • Link to other database where available. If not available, use the other steps to obtain it.
    • Click on the article link to go right to the full text.
      • The result is the exact article I was looking for in full text
    • Some databases will only link you to the database at a journal title or general database level. If that is the case you’ll need to re-type your search.
      • Use advanced search, and type in your article title, and narrow by journal title

We’ve linked to

a new database

by using 360 Link!

Other database where article

is available and the level

of linking.

Other options

To find

Full text

Our full text is


shortcuts in searching databases
Shortcuts in Searching Databases
  • What if I already know what Journal Title I want, but I don’t know what database will have it?
    • Use the “Search by Journal Title” link under “Find Articles”
    • Browse by first letter of title, or use drop-down box and enter text
  • What if I already have an exact Citation for an Article Title?
    • Use the “Search by Exact Citation” link under Find Articles”
    • Searching is similar to using 360 Link.
example time bill gates
Example: Time & Bill Gates

Journal Title

and ISSN

  • I want to find any articles about Bill Gates that were featured in Time magazine.
    • Let’s use “Search by Journal Title”
    • Click Business & Co. Database link
      • Has best coverage of Time Magazine



And Data-


example time and bill gates
Example: Time and Bill Gates
  • In the database, perform an advanced search for “Bill Gates” in key terms and limit by the Journal Title “Time”
  • Results will show all articles in Time that relate to Bill Gates.
    • 108 Related Articles, sorted by most recent published.
list of image resources used to make this presentation
List of Image Resources Used to Make This Presentation
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  • **Library Web Images captured by Angela Rhodes, Resnick Library, SUNY Delhi for the purpose of this presentation.
wasn t that fun
Wasn’t That Fun?
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