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Public Relations Proposal

Public Relations Proposal. By: Chris Foshee COM 330. Jacksonville State University. Rugby Football Club Cock Rugby, It’s Big. Fall 2007 Season. Information about your Champion Rugby Team. In it’s 13 th year as being an official club at JSU

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Public Relations Proposal

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  1. Public Relations Proposal By: Chris Foshee COM 330

  2. Jacksonville State University Rugby Football Club Cock Rugby, It’s Big

  3. Fall 2007 Season

  4. Information about your Champion Rugby Team • In it’s 13th year as being an official club at JSU • Recognized by the S.G.A. and university athletic department • An intramural sport anyone can play!! • We are what some would call “A big deal” with an overall 07 record of 14-4

  5. Information about your Champion Rugby Team • Defending G.R.U. Division Champs with a 2nd round loss in the national championship tournament to Wake Forrest • We won the Battleship tournament this fall (the Battleship tournament is in Mobile and the best teams form the southeast compete) • An overall good product to sell

  6. $$$$Financially Solid$$$$ • Sponsored by the S.G.A. • The university athletic department bought new goal post for the team and gives us fields to play on. • Personal Sponsor with Coach Mike Trowse: Donates his time and money with the team • Player pay $100 for every semester of play

  7. Team Expenses • Certified Referee--$280 for each home game • GRU Union Dues--$1,200 a year • Christmas Party--$700 budget • Sports Banquet--$700 budget • Tournament entry fee--$250-$400 • Other miscellaneous expenses—$1,000 • Two shoulder replacement and a trick knee– Priceless!!

  8. Fundraising • Held a fundraiser to help with funding of our Annual Ruggers Christmas Party • Held a Halloween Party and charged $5 for certain drinking liberties at the party and raised $350 Raised half of our budget for the Christmas party.

  9. Fan attendance at home games needed to be improved Research from 1st game showed we had 32 attendees Wanted to improve that by 40 fans The Club needed a mission statement Doing this will help the club and the public identify the team goals and beliefs. Problems that needed to be addressed

  10. Problems that needed to be addressed • Improve campus recognition by promoting the team to our targeted demographic and recruit new members and players • Our Targeted Demographic= All college students and faculty as well as any body open to a new sporting experience in the surrounding community

  11.  Solutions  • Promote home games with flyers around campus around campus and surrounding businesses • Use all available mediums on campus to promote the game. Exp= 92J and The Chanticleer

  12.  Solutions  • Meet with team and create mission statement • Promote the team in a positive light using other strategies stated previously. This will hopefully increase new members and fans

  13. FLYERS J S U Rugby Vs Miss. State This Saturday Nov. 3 At 1:00pm Free Admission On the Intramural Field Between the track and baseball field

  14. JSU Mediums • I got 2 of my friends that work at 92J to announce all information about the upcoming home games during their broadcast. • They complied!! • “Make sure you head over to the intramural field this Saturday at 1pm as the JSU Rugby Team takes on the Auburn Tigers in what has become a friendly rivalry,” said Matt Singleton in one of his broadcast. “Admission is free and should be full of lots of hard hits has our defending GRU champs defended their title.”

  15. JSU Mediums • Got 2 articles published about the team by talking to The Chanticleer sports editor Patrick Swafford. • One about our home win over Auburn and the other about our Championship win in the Battleship tournament.

  16. JSU Rugby Mission Statement • To form a brotherhood with all members in the effort of winning at all cost and shaping its members into the leaders of tomorrow, all while presenting the sport of rugby in a honorable manner.

  17. GREAT SUCSESS, HIGH 5! • Promotion of the games worked!! After one week of promoting there where 68 fans at the Auburn game. A raise of 36 fans…almost double • Just 4 fans under my goal….Oh yea, We beat Auburn!!!!!!

  18. GREAT SUCSESS, HIGH 5! • Attendance taken at our next (and last) home game against Mississippi State we had 94 fans there. Surpassed my goal by22 fans!!! • We went undefeated at home this fall.

  19. Promotion A Hit!!

  20. Promotion A Hit • We got new fans that will hopefully continue to come out • 2 new player that decided to come out after seeing one of the flyers. • More much needed recognition on campus

  21. FIN

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