The muskoka foundation volunteer handbook part one
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The Muskoka Foundation Volunteer Handbook Part One - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Muskoka Foundation Volunteer Handbook Part One. Follow us on Facebook & Twitter to learn about current programs & connect with Other travelers. Dear Traveler ,

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The muskoka foundation volunteer handbook part one



Facebook & Twittertolearnaboutcurrentprograms





Wehere “at” Muskoka are excitedthatyou are interested in connectingtoourcommunitiesthroughouttheworldbyofferingyour time, skills and knowledge.

Pleasetakeyour time readingthroughthishandbook and contactusifyouhaveanyquestionsor ideas aboutdoinggood as yougo!

Workshop Leader: 1 week - 8 weeks (Roughly 6 - 36 hours)

This choice is excellent for the traveler that would like to make a stronger connection with the youth or adult members of the community. Muskoka volunteers and coordinators have developed a multitud of curricula that is just waiting for eager and enthusiastic folks like yourself to put it into action (adding your own style and creativity) with our various communities. Ranging in content from Photography to Health and Nutrition, from IT to entreprenuerial skills, each workshop includes an entire PDF or Power Point presentation full of information, ideas and activities to get you going. Of course, it doesn't stop there. We recognize that the majority of our travelers join us with a fair amount of experience and knowledge that they would like to share. These workshops are built to give you a solid base, but we encourage and APPRECIATE any new information, concepts and lesson ideas or activities that a volunteer would like to incorporate into their experience leading the workshop. The duration of each workshop varies based upon the subject, the community and the traveler. One could spend a month or two in one community if they choose. Two things to keep in mind: one is that running a workshop will require a minimum of a one week commitment to volunteering at the location, the second is that this is a great way to volunteer in multiple locations. With each location, you will gain more experiences and further develop the course into an easier endeavor for you as the leader/educator and therefore create more enriching experiences for the participants!



2. Fill out the Muskoka Traveler Agreement

3. File for and share a copy of your official Police Backgroundcheck with your Muskoka contact

4. Skype or Phone talk with one of our team members to get you started on the right foot!

You can file foryourofficialpolicebackgroundcheckonthesereccomendedwebsites!



United States of America

United Kingdom

Thanksfortakingthis time tolearn more abouttheMuskokaFoundation as a whole. We hope thiswasa helpfultoolforyoutobecomeaquaintedwithourmission and ourvision of howthenetwork of travelers, organizations and ourstaff can worktogetherto do good as wego.

Thenextstepistotake a look at at theHandbookPartTwo, whichincludes regional informationaboutourpartnerorganizations and theirlocations. Orifyou are not a travelingvolunteerthenextstepwillmostlikelyinvolve a skypemeetingtoseewhicharea: Curriculum, Marketing, DesignorFundraising, you are interested in helpinguswithfrom home!