Asylum seekers changing responses
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Asylum seekers Changing responses - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Asylum seekers Changing responses. Using the following web links, information gathered in class and your own research complete the following tasks:. Resources Information and handouts from class

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Asylum seekers changing responses

Asylum seekersChanging responses

Asylum seekers changing responses

Using the following web links, information gathered in class and your own research complete the following tasks:

Asylum seekers changing responses

  • Resources and your own research complete the following tasks:

  • Information and handouts from class

  • Here are some websites to assist your investigation however you are also required to partake in your own research:






Asylum seekers changing responses

  • Questions to be answered in your books or as a word document:

  • Have there been any recent changes to immigration detention in Australia? What role have NGO’s played?

  • Are children still being held in immigration detention?

  • If not, where are asylum seeker children and their families being held?

  • Are the human rights of asylum seekers still being breached when it comes to detention?

  • Do you think the current influx of asylum seekers will change the response of the Rudd government? How will this affect the changes made to detention?

Asylum seekers changing responses


  • Create either:

  • A letter to our Prime Minister Kevin Rudd

  • A photo essay

  • A newspaper article

  • A song

  • A mock interview with an asylum seeker

  • In your chosen medium, highlight the breaches of human rights that asylum seekers are facing in detention centres, what changes have been made and their effectiveness and what you think should be done about the current asylum seeker issue.