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2020. Food Carbon Tax.

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Food Carbon Tax


In 2020 a tax should be put on item that have a high carbon cost to Ireland This tax should be put in place on items that can be produced in Ireland.i.e Higher tax put on beef as Ireland produced more beef then it needsYet items that cannot be produced in Ireland like banannas, certain fish have a lower tax on them.

how we will implement
How we will implement

1 Passing a solid plan in Government

- Educating people of the need

- Convincing people to change their way of living

Introducing an incentive based taxing scheme for corporations

-This tax + corporation tax = Today’s corporation tax rate

If they use less carbon heavy goods, they pay less tax.


Quick, cost effective and manageable reduction in our carbon footprint

Leads to innovation

Encourages local economies

Higher standard of food and seasonal

Continuation of sustainable growth


This tax chould have a knock on effect as other contries impose this type of tax reducing our exports.

May reduce our competitiveness in Europe and the World.



Means Tested Carbon Tax


In 2050 we will have to have carbon neutrality.

This means that a complete overhaul of our current way of living and upgrade and modernisation of our infrastructure is critical.

The design of products will be more scrutinised in terms of excess carbon output. This means that this tax will help improve the efficiency of products produced in Ireland.

There will also be an incentive for companies to invest and develop technologies to help them achieve carbon neutrality.

how we will implement1
How we will implement

Government plan of action

- For the average household:

Role out of smart micro meters on appliances to discourage electricity wastage i.e. paying more for boiling water that’s already boiled.

-For the transport sector:

Have a national carpool incentive.

Employing the use of Tachometer

-Industrial sector:

Tax on Excess carbon produced, forcing companies to think creatively and renew existing practices

  • People will be able to monitor their personal energy usage
  • It will encourage people to use more public transport
  • Help put Ireland at the cutting edge of cleaner technology development
  • Help Ireland on the way to carbon neutrality
  • Cost heavy tax to the Government initially.
  • May be seen as an invasion of privacy
  • May discourage companies from setting up business in Ireland.
project by
Project by
  • Emma Heneghan 09005676
  • Billy Maher 09006167
  • Simon McCormack 09004256
  • Richard Daly 09004513