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  1. Surname 1 Name Instructor Institution Date Interview Summary After having an interview with Rodrigues, a senior College student pursuing Bachelor’s Degree in Business, I came to discover a lot regarding the field. The student is currently taking a major in Finance which he is so passionate about. Rodrigues expresses his interest in his career choice which began as early as he was in high school. He discovered that he loved mathematics and business, especially the calculations of accounts and finance topics. He explained how he loved doing extended research during his free times regarding the two subjects and realized they were to form the basis of his career choice. By the time he was joining college, he was very confident and sure that Finance the subject he loved the most. The key topics that Rodrigues covers in the course include micro and macroeconomics, business analysis, corporate finance, investment and portfolio management, financial theories and risk management, as well as personal finance and superannuation. The topics that Rodrigues cover in his course have a lot to do with the real world situations experienced by the contemporary business atmosphere. Micro and macroeconomics are fundamental subjects offering knowledge regarding business and the financial markets as well as the necessary factors to consider in becoming a well-established entrepreneur. Corporate finance and portfolio management deal directly with the financial aspect of businesses including how to balance the costs and benefits of the company processes. Risk management also involves analysis of risks that affect the national and international markets including policies, currency By

  2. Surname 2 value, and price fluctuations. Through the interview, I learnt that the best minor course that can be combined with Finance major is managerial economics. This course does offer knowledge and skills on the management aspect of the business which means that a financer can become the manager of a financial or banking institution. Rodrigues reveals that he has attended two non-paying internships during his first year summer holiday and the third-year compulsory internship. During his first internship, he went to work at I&M Bank, which is an international banking institution as one of the tellers. It took him three months and a half. The second one which was compulsory was conducted at the Bank of Africa. He explains, "It was my best experience; apart from being made the leader of the finance department, I handled a lot of tasks including settling of disputes and supervising money transactions to charity homes." While in the internship program, he managed to attend three business network events from which he made a lot of contacts. He believes that it would not be difficult to get an opportunity once he graduates. The main career path that the student is interested in pursuing is becoming the manager in one of the financial institutions. In fact, his ultimate dream is to become the Secretary for Finance Department in his state of residence. It seems possible as he meets the criteria for the job categories; he will have the right course background and with a minimum grade requirement. After inquiring about his top five strengths, Rodrigues was confident to list them, "I am confident, committed, ambitious, and an extrovert individual, but most importantly, I am an honest person, the most significant integral principal that my job upholds." Rodrigues is very ambitious, and it was evident from the fact that he shows interest in pursuing his education till doctoral level. I learnt a lot from him. By