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how ductless heat pumps work n.
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How dcutless heat pump work PowerPoint Presentation
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How dcutless heat pump work

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How dcutless heat pump work
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How dcutless heat pump work

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  1. How Ductless Heat Pumps Work?

  2. What is a Ductless Heat Pump? A ductless heat pump is a highly efficient heating and cooling system that uses a small amount of energy to move heat from one location to another without requiring ductwork.

  3. How Ductless Heat Pump Works? Ductless heat pumps consist of one outdoor heat exchanger unit and up to two separate units mounted on the interior wall. The indoor and outdoor units are connected by a small bundle of refrigerant lines and one cable, which are hidden once installation is complete. Ductless heat pumps do not require ducts, so they avoid energy loss associated with the ductwork of central forced air systems.

  4. What are the benefits of a ductless heat pump? • more than 100% energy-efficient • allergen filtration • quiet operation • environmentally friendly • can be placed just about anywhere in the home • wireless remote control • reduces heating costs up to 50%

  5. Are ductless heat pumps efficient? Ductless heat pumps are extremely energy efficient, eliminating energy loss through ductwork, which typically accounts for 15 to 20 percent of heat loss in a home. When compared to baseboards, wall heaters and electric furnaces, they can save consumers 30 to 50 percent on their heating bills annually.

  6. What kind of maintenance does a ductless heat pump require? Dust filters should be vacuumed or washed as needed and allergen cartridges should be washed or replaced according to manufacturers’ recommendations. The outside unit should be professionally cleaned every year or two, which costs about the same as having a boiler or furnace cleaned.

  7. How long will a ductless heat pump last? With proper maintenance and care, a ductless heat pump should perform for 15-20 years.

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