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Pre-registration process User guide PowerPoint Presentation
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Pre-registration process User guide

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Pre-registration process User guide - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pre-registration process User guide. When students enter the website address they will be directed to the StudentNET login page. This is the same login page for new and existing students.

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Pre-registration process User guide

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When students enter the website address will be directed to the StudentNET login page. This is the same login page for new and existing students.

New students will need to create an account first by clicking on the blue ‘Create my account’ button. This will take them through the create my account process. The first step is to enter their details. They will need their STUDENT ID from their welcome letter, their Surname and Date of birth.

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The next step they will see is the screen on the left. They are required to agree to the terms and conditions by selecting the radio button. They will not be able to proceed without doing this.

Step 3 requires the student to set two secret questions and answers. They will be able to choose from a selection of questions and then need to complete the answer box.

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The next step the student will see is the screen on the left. Step 4 provides the student with their username. They are reminded to remember this, as they will need it later.

They are also required to choose a password. The password has to meet the complex password rules. When they click in the password box, the complex password rules appear on the right hand side help area. If the password does not meet the rules, a red X and error message will appear. When they have entered a password that meets the rules they will get a green tick and ‘valid message.

They will then need to retype their password to confirm it.

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When the student clicks the Next button a message will appear, reminding them to make a note of their username

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Step 5 is the final stage of the create my account process. The student is asked to wait for the account to be created, In some cases it may take up to 5 minutes before the account is activated. There is a countdown of 1 minute and a check whether the account is activated occurs every minute.

Once the account is activated the student is told their username. They then press the Return to StudentNET link to continue or wait and the page automatically redirects them to the login page.

If they complete the create my account process from an internal University machine, they will need to follow additional instructions, shown on the screen shot on the right.

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Students will be presented with the following screen above. At this point they are required to click the option on the right hand side marked Login to Pre registration, you will then be asked to enter your CCCU username and Password.

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Once logged in new students will access this screen which is the StudentNET Pre-Registration homepage.

This is the single entry point to complete Pre-Registration activities for all students on credit bearing courses from August 2011 onwards. The student is required to complete three essential steps. The first is Confirm your details.

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Confirm your details. This task opens in a separate window in front of the pre-registration homepage. The following pages show all the Confirm your details screens. Students complete each screen by clicking on ‘Next & Save’ button.

Please note that all Contact Us emails links will go to the i-zone

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Within the Address details page, there are links at the bottom of the page which open up the term time and emergency fields.

Previous Education is a combination of your previous qualifications

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The UK Border Agency page ONLY appears for overseas students. Overseas students will have 7 stages to their Confirm your details process.

Students should chose Sponsor, enter NCTL in the sponsor information and click on next and save.

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If the student selected Sponsor, then the Sponsor Details page will pop up as a separate window. Once this is completed and they click the Submit button they will see the screen on the left. This window should be closed so that the student can continue with the Confirm your place process.

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Confirmation of Pre-registration. Students are required to tick the boxes to confirm they have read the University's Data Protection Policy, agree to abide by the University’s Terms and Conditions of Registration and confirm that all the information they have entered is true to the best of their knowledge. Once they click the Next & Save button they will see a confirmation page summarising their submission. They can click the Change Details button if they want to make any alterations. To finalise the process, the student clicks the Submit button.


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Pre-registration Completed confirms that the student has completed the process. At this point they can print the page for their records.

Once they click the Continue button the page closes and they return to the StudentNET Pre-Registration homepage.

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When the student returns to the StudentNET Pre-Registration homepage, a appears under Confirm your details to mark this step as completed. The student then clicks step 2, Upload your photo button.

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Upload your photo task opens an area at the top of the page. Students should follow the onscreen instructions. Additional help is provided in the right hand column. The first step of this task is to browse and upload an image for their student smartcard.

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The student finds and selects a photo from their computer. This photo should be sharp, in focus and clearly show the student’s face. Once selected they can then click the show button to proceed.

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The next step of the photo upload task is Crop and resize. The student can drag the highlighted shape to crop their image but the photo upload tool will always keep the correct dimensions . They are also able to rotate the image and Delete then upload another photo.

When the student is happy with the resize they can then click preview.

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The student is shown their cropped and resized photo. If they are happy with this they can then click the Preview button.

The Preview step shows the student how their photo will look on the smartcard. At this point, if they are not happy with the preview, they can click Delete and start again. If they are happy they can click Save.

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Once they have clicked the Save button a message box will pop up asking the student to confirm the photo is a true image of themselves by clicking the OK button. If they click Cancel, they can then delete the image and start again.

Once they have clicked OK, the photo upload process is complete and they can close the photo upload area by clicking on the red X in the top right hand corner.

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When the student returns to the StudentNET Pre-Registration homepage, a appears under Upload your photo to mark this step as completed. You are not required to click on the Get arrival instructions , only steps 1 and 2 need to be completed.

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