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Proteus MMX for Intelligent Facilities PowerPoint Presentation
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Proteus MMX for Intelligent Facilities

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Proteus MMX for Intelligent Facilities - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Proteus MMX for Intelligent Facilities. Eagle Technology, Inc. Tel: +1-262-241-3845 • •

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Proteus MMX for Intelligent Facilities

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    1. Proteus MMX for Intelligent Facilities Eagle Technology, Inc. Tel: +1-262-241-3845 • •

    2. Proteus MMX is a web-based, multi-enterprise solution for asset life-cycle management. Customizable modules are designed for ease of use and understanding; yet are integrated to provide maximum utilization and optimization. Proteus MMX integrates asset management, maintenance management, inventory, labor and purchasing functions for improved scheduling, cost reduction, resource planning and more.

    3.  Web-based - no software to install •  Customizable & robust •  Automated work order generation •  Automatically print, email or send • work orders to a mobile device

    4. Multi-location management •  Multi-cycle scheduling •  Powerful report generator with over 40 reports and graphs •  Multiple languages and currencies •  Integrate with BMS/BAS systems •  View drawings, videos, user manuals, maintenance instructions etc. for assets, parts and work orders •  Fixed or mobile asset tracking with RFID •  Many more options to choose from

    5. Assets

    6. Inventory

    7. Work Order Master

    8. Multi-Cycle Scheduling

    9. Runtime Schedule

    10. Mobile

    11. Work Orders

    12. Planner

    13. Time Card

    14. Cost Center Manager

    15. Stockrooms

    16. Reorder List The reorder list option displays a listing of all parts from the Inventory module in which the quantity of parts on hand has fallen below the user-defined reorder point. This list is helpful in managing the reorder of most-used parts and ensures that parts are stocked at all times. All purchase requisitions can be generated with a single click of the mouse.

    17. Reports The Reports option is used to view or print any one of the many pre-formatted reports included with Proteus MMX. These reports contain helpful information such as equipment downtime, cost history and labor costs. The information is obtained from the Proteus MMX database tables. Each report is labeled and stamped with the current date and page number.  Reports can be saved, printed and emailed or data can be exported in several formats such as PDF, Excel and Word. Custom reports can be easily developed to meet your unique needs by using Crystal Reports™, a third party software.

    18. Customer

    19. Optional Modules Optional Modules Proteus MMX can also be combined with several optional modules, which further improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your maintenance program. PM Tasks This allows you to create PM work orders with predetermined maintenance tasks depending on the type of equipment. PM Tasks also allows you to easily enter information in the Task master file. Audit Trail Audit Trail monitors and records any changes made in the Proteus MMX database for bookkeeping or government agency standards.

    20. Optional Modules Service Request Service Request is a web browser application that allows employees to send remote demand maintenance work orders either to an administrator or directly into the Proteus MMX database. You simply login to a customizable web page to enter work requests without installing software on a requester’s workstation. COBie COBieis an open standard process for the exchange of facility information using data which already exists in Building Information Modeling (BIM) Systems. COBie allows us to take BIM (Building Information Modeling) data right into Proteus MMX using the COBiemodel. Proteus Alarm Interface Proteus is compatible with a growing number of building automation systems so that work orders can automatically generate based on alarm or counter information.

    21. Optional Modules Proteus Alarm Interface Proteus is compatible with a growing number ofbuilding automation systems so that work orders can automatically generate based on alarm or counter information. Analytics Proteus MMX interfaces with Panoptix™ from Johnson Controls and SkySpark from SkyFoundry, triggering work orders based on analytic triggers as well as sensor objects and runtime from the building automation system.

    22. Contact Us Contact Eagle Technology for more information. Eagle Technology Email: Web: USA Phone: +