hera and the lhc report on the workshop on hera lhc n.
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HERA and the LHC Report on the workshop on HERA LHC PowerPoint Presentation
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HERA and the LHC Report on the workshop on HERA LHC

HERA and the LHC Report on the workshop on HERA LHC

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HERA and the LHC Report on the workshop on HERA LHC

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  1. HERA and the LHCReport on the workshop on HERALHC A. De Roeck/CERN HEP-MAD07 Madagascar September 2007  Overview & Highlights of the Workshop • The continuation of the Workshop…

  2. History of the Workshop  Next Meetings: 29 Oct- 2 Nov @DESY: working groups  May 2008 @CERN : plenary meetings

  3. The LHC Machine and Experiments Luminosity First phase 21033 cm-2s-1 High lumi phase 1034 cm-2s-1 LHCf (moedal) pp collisions at 14 TeV totem First data expected in summer 2008

  4. Workshop Goals ~60 from Hera ~50 from LHC ~50 theory (>160 March 2007 DESY

  5. Proceedings of the first Workshop

  6. QCD at the LHC CMS experiment At the LHC

  7. Jets!

  8. Systematics on Jet Measurements

  9. Jet Measurements Contact interactions

  10. Prompt Photon Production

  11. Shape Variables

  12. The Underlying Event

  13. Study of the Underlying Event at the LHC

  14. Multijets & final states Underlying events, un-integrated pdfs L. Lonnblad, G. Zanderighi, C. Gwenlan, N. Tuning, S. Banerjee, Ch. Risler, D. Traynor Structure functions and parton distributions S. Forte, S. Moch, M. Dittmar, A. Glazov M. Botje MC - Tools S. Gieseke, F. Krauss, T. Kluge, P. Bartalini, P. Robbe, S. Chekanov Diffraction M. Diehl, V. Khoze M. Arneodo, P. Newman, A. Bruni, B. Cox, R. Orava Working Groups of the workshop Heavy quarks: B quark pdfs of the proton, fragmentation fct, u-pdfs M. Cacciari,H. Spiesberger, A. Dainese, A. Geiser, K. Lipka,U. Uwer

  15. Parton Density functions • Collinear PDFs Simple spread of existing PDFs gives up to 10% uncertainty on Higgs cross section

  16. Parton Density functions • Collinear PDFs • Unintegrated PDFs Large kT effects may affect Higgs searches/measurements

  17. Parton Density functions • Collinear PDFs • Unintegrated PDFs • Diffractive and Generalized PDFs • All these PDFs can be • addressed at HERA via •  inclusive, • semi-inclusive, • diffractive, • vector meson • DVCS …measurements

  18. PDFs & ADD extra dimensions: di-jet final state Graviton exchange contributions reduce the cross section (interference) S. Ferrag Reduction of the sensitivity due to PDF uncertainty (CTEQ6)

  19. PDFs are important!! Tevatron: mid 90’s ?  New Physics? …or PDFs?

  20. LHC Kinematics/QCD evolution Is this a region of “safe –x”??? ? Evolution of PDFs to high Q2 & low x important at the LHC Precision? Level of approximation? CCFM/BFKL?, non-linear effects? Test it at HERA

  21. Example W, Z production  Theoretical uncertainty small but how well do we know the parton distributions?

  22. W prod. at LHC including HERA HERA Impact on the LHC • W prod. at LHC without HERA: 0.0001<x<0.1 0.0001<x<0.1 ~ 3.5 % ~ 16 % PDFs including HERA: PDFs without HERA:  PDF uncertainty will be the dominant error!

  23. Impact of Future HERA Data  Improvement in PDF precision with projected 700 fb-1 of data in HERA-II  Includes jets in DIS and p  Note: only HERA (ZEUS) data are used in the fits Gwenlan Cooper-Sarkar Targett-Adams hep-ph/0509220

  24. Average HERA data A request from the 2005 workshop… From M. Cooper-Sakar, C. Gwenlan and S. Glazov • Combined PDF fit to H1& ZEUS • Average H1&ZEUS data sets Much reduced uncertainties .... Model independent analysis of data desirable get THE HERA – PDF !!!!!

  25. PDFs: E.g. MRST/CTEQ differences Strong case made during HERA-LHC Workshops 2004/2005 R. Thorne H. Stenzel Can we know more by the time of the LHC startup? YES: FL can referee the gluon distribution! FL is like F2: little theoretical ambiguity (compared to e.g. F2C) Need to lower the energy of proton or electron beam for this measurement

  26. Prospects for Measuring FL Detailed study for H1, with 2 lower proton beam energy settings Feltesse/Klein et al FL can referee between MRST and CTEQ gluons FL is gluon driven CTEQ MRST FL measurement at HERA in 2007 ! 2 lower energy settings

  27. CTEQ6.1 CTEQ6.5 Parton Distribution “Evolution” Any claim that we know the W,Z cross sections with a precision of a few % should be taken with care Heavy flavours treatement in PDFs!

  28. Study of the impact of intrinsic charm Still an open issue

  29. PDF determination at LHC Also jets, photons,… See Eg. M. Cooper-Sarkar et al. • WG1 convenors: Should form a “group” from ATLAS, CMS, LHCb, • ALICE, H1, ZEUS and theoretical PDF experts

  30. Finally: Call for a working group/task force/LHC-study group … The PDF + uncertainties Interest from theorists/fitters/HERA/ LHC/…? …Need to call for a meeting

  31. Underlying event/multiple interactions from R. Field  Studies and tunes made on Tevatron/lower energy data  Do the Tevatron tunes work for HERA? Special program to check…  New models on the market that should be tested (new Pythia, Jimmy, Sherpa)

  32. Effect of underlying event on central jet veto in VBF Higgs Uncertainty of the central jet veto efficiency due to UE model; ATLAS. H->WW*->2l in qqH prod. Rapidity of the central jet in Higgs events; CMS; full simulation, L=2x1033cm-2s-1 Pythia 6.214 ATLFAST 602 “bkg. like” behaviour for soft jets; fake jets: pile up+UE+detector

  33. Double Parton interactions Not well know what to expect…

  34. HERA II analysis (expect factor 10 more), larger kinematic range • Understand b-production mechanism (...remember b-puzzle at the TeVatron...) • NOTE: gluon drives heavy quark PDFs HERA: Heavy Quark PDFs at large Q2 Current H1 (HERA I) analysis From O.Behnke, A. Geiser, A. Meyer, M. Wing beauty charm

  35. Non-Linear QCD effects at the LHC A. Dainese et al Nonlinearevolution equation for uPDF: (Balitsky-Kovchegovequation) estimates for ALICE × Bottom suppression due to non-linear effects in BK • Significant effects... • up to factor of 2 in hot spot scenario • factorization still ok ?

  36. Exclusive Higgs Production Exclusive diffractive Higgs production pp p +H+ p : 2-10 fb SM Cross section ‘stabelized’ during the previous workshop 10-100fbMSSM -jet E.g. V. Khoze et al M. Boonekamp et al. B. Cox et al. … gap gap H h p p Advantages Exclusive:  Jz=0 suppression of ggbb background  Mass measurement via missing mass -jet beam dipole dipole M = O(1.0 - 2.0) GeV p’ P. Landshof: Cross sections can be higher! p’ roman pots roman pots

  37. Central Exclusive Production MSSM Higgs/high tan: (30fb-1)  100-200 signal events (after cuts) and O(10) background events 100 fb Kaidalov et al., hep-ph/0307064 1fb Study correlations between the outgoing protons to analyse the spin-parity structure of the produced boson A way to get information on the spin of the Higgs ADDED VALUE TO LHC 120 140

  38. MC and other Tools • Parton distribution library: • LHAPDF now official carrier of the PDFs • Used by LHC experiments in generators • HERA pdfs have been added • Allows error uncertainty estimates • Pion and photon added, particularly for HERA. F2D next? • NLOLIB framework for NLO QCD programs • Uniform user interface/interface to HZTOOL • e+e-/ep included, pp can be added • HZTOOL/JetWeb/RunMC/Cedar(?) for tunning • All HERA results to be included, some e+e-. Include more pp? • RAPGAP, Cascade Monte Carlos for inclusive and diffractive pp • Plenty of exchange on other MC tools, leading to new MC tools and comparisons with ep where possible • Continuation of the MC4LHC 2003 (and 2006) workshop , concerning MC validation

  39. Nutshell: Results from HERA/LHC I • Parton Distribution Functions • Dialogue/discussion between PDF fitters and community that delivers the data. • Combined data (H1/Zeus Datasets for F2, F2D), measurements of FL at HERA. • Discrepancies between PDFs will be ironed out, eg via to new measurements. Fits with 1- bands available. • Quantitative estimates for low-x/large-x resummation available • Timescale for the full program 1-2 years, i.e. just in time for the LHC  Will lead to more precise PDFs: maybe factor 2? (personal guess/hope) • Diffraction • Improved understanding on the DPE/Higgs production and cross section • Final states • Lots of work/progress on underlying events (tuning), gap survival • Heavy quarks • Saturation effects measurable at low pt • Heavy quark parton distributions eg. for Higgs cross section calculations. • Tools • Tool & generator developments, preparing for LHC startup

  40. HERA/LHC II: what does LHC need? • PDF determination: • Best possible PDF. Ultmate expected precision? Impact on LHC measurements? • Uncertainties on the PDF and QCD evolution • Special PDFs? Diffractive, unintegrated, generalized… • Event topologies: • Multiple Interact./Underlying Events: understanding the physics/uncertainties • Higher Order Corrections/verified on HERA data/Jet studies (algorithms..) • Reliable Simulations/ Theory/Models • tuning of free parameters to many different measurements • improved calculations/NLO libraries • test alternative approaches (SCET?) Keywords: tools, phenomenological progress, and quantitative estimate for the impact of HERA on LHC measurements Goals for HERA/LHC II Next Meeting: 29 Oct-2 Nov @ DESY/Hamburg

  41. Backup