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Mission & Vision muc

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Mission & Vision muc. Matthew 14:15-21 John 4:1-26. Mission-longer version.

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mission vision muc

Mission & Vision muc

Matthew 14:15-21

John 4:1-26

mission longer version
Mission-longer version

Our mission at Maseru United Church is to seek to glorify God and further the expansion of His kingdom by providing facilities and a caring environment for pursing religious activities aimed at discipling people of all walks of life and bringing many to a deeper knowledge of the saving grace of His Son, in conformity with our vision

mission statement

Mission Statement

The Mission of Maseru United Church is to present a holistic and authentic Christianity to both expatriate and local communities in Maseru.

vision longer version
Vision-longer version

Our vision Maseru United Church is to grow into a vibrant interdenominational church with a holistic response to the Great Commission (Matt. 28) focusing on transforming the local and expatriate populations in Lesotho and its environs into a Godly, compassionate and caring community, to the glory of God through our Lord Jesus Christ.

vision statement
Vision Statement

To be the premier interdenominational, international seeker sensitive, community church in Maseru.


• Sound Doctrine - We believe that teaching and doctrine should be balanced on the historical roots of Christianity that shaped the theology and orthodoxy of faith. Sound doctrine is held in high


• Worship - We believe that full devotion to Christ and His cause are normal for every believer.

• Devotion - We believe that full devotion to Christ and His cause are normal for every believer.


• Prayer - We believe in the power of prayer, and that makes a critical difference in all we attempt to achieve.

• Evangelism - We believe that an effective church services its community and treats everyone with love, respect, and dignity.

• Family - We believe there is nothing more important than strong united families.


• Equipping - We believe in equipping the saints for ministry and life by helping them to operate in their spiritual gifts.

• Relationships - We believe that loving relationships should permeate every aspect of church life.

• Family - We believe there is nothing more important than strong united families.


• Character - We believe that character is more important than talent.

• Excellence - We believe excellence honors God and inspires greatness.