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By Tim Stewart

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By Tim Stewart
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By Tim Stewart

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  1. By Tim Stewart

  2. Link to today Menu The ending The Trials The Accused The Punishments

  3. Link to today In present times, nothing huge like this has happened, but today if you were accused of being a witch, the ACCUSERS would be thought crazy. I’m not sure what to put in next, so here’s a picture of the cookie monster.

  4. To The Menu The accused The accused were Mostly women who lived Alone or with very few People, were loners and Seemed spiteful. There were also men however, and I want to share with you some individual cases. Rebecca Nurse John Proctor Cotton Mather

  5. Rebecca Nurse Rebecca moved to salem in 1640, and she and her family got into a dispute with a family for land. She was accused of witchcraft and put to death by hanging. Back to “the accused”

  6. John Proctor John Proctor was a wealthy farmer in salem during the trials. He was accused because he was against the trials, and people thought he must be guilty himself. He was sentenced to death by chocolate. (Hanging, just kidding!) Back to “the accused”

  7. Cotton Mather He played a role in witchcraft being accused widespread. He diagnosed a young girl who was having fits of hysteria with being possessed, and that there was going to need to be an exorcism. Back to “the accused”

  8. Back to the menu The Trials How they were found guilty The accusers

  9. The accusers The accusers were young girls who said that they saw dark figures that were hurting them, or that the witch themselves did it. Back to the trials

  10. How they were proven guilty They were never really proven, but The young girls who accused flipped out and had fits on the floor and said that the “witch” was tormenting her. Back to the trials

  11. The Punishments Hanging Back to the menu Imprisonment Crushing

  12. Crushing They would place you on the ground and pile stones onto you and left you there and every day added more weight. John Pactor was the only one ever during the witch trials to be crushed. His famous last words were “More Weight.” Back to the punishments

  13. Imprisonment Obviously, you were put into jail, and if you tried to escape, you would be cobbled or put to death. Back to the punishments

  14. hanging They would tie a rope to a tree, tie a noose, and put the “witches” head into the loop, and throw them out of the tree. Back to the punishments

  15. Goodbye!!! Thanks for checking this out! END