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GRUNDTVIG – LLP Best practices: AFI PROFAMILIA BISTRITA - Romania PowerPoint Presentation
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GRUNDTVIG – LLP Best practices: AFI PROFAMILIA BISTRITA - Romania - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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GRUNDTVIG – LLP Best practices: AFI PROFAMILIA BISTRITA - Romania Dipl. ec. Marcela Dumitrescu - Senior expert, educational projects on entrepreneurship & social economy. AFI PROFAMILIA BISTRITA : a non-governmental , non-profit organization,

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Best practices: AFI PROFAMILIA BISTRITA - Romania

Dipl. ec. Marcela Dumitrescu- Senior expert, educational projects

on entrepreneurship & social economy



a non-governmental, non-profit organization,

registered in 1996 at the Court of Bistrita-Nasaud/ Romania.

The PURPOSE of our actions is to reduce

the number of disadvantaged (on ethnical, religious, gender, age, and financial situation criteria) persons –by activities of assistance, consulting, social protection and educational programs for vulnerable/abused women.


Between 1997 – 2011: we have implemented about 24 projects on assisting vulnerable women, all these projects including an educational project in their actions.

As financing: ESF, the MATRA KAP program, United States of America Embassy, the Romanian Fund for Social Development.

AFI PROFAMILIA BISTRITA has 8 partnership protocols closed with specific institutions/ authorities and has obtained all required official accreditations for assisting vulnerable groups.


Project "An integrated intervention to strengthen social entrepreneurship of vulnerable women"

EFS , strategic, transnational

Target group: 1. labor integration specialists

2. vulnerable women = final beneficiaries


16 counties


Our proposed BEST PRACTICES from adult educational programs towards labor integration of vulnerable group (women violence victims) were selected; - from our activities: in more than 16 years, about

24 implemented projects in adults education;- respecting the demands/ objectives of Grundtvig project’.

These best practices were chosen focusing on the European relevant experience from the implementation of transnational strategic project: "An integrated intervention to strengthen social entrepreneurship of vulnerable women“.

These best practices:

  • are tested
  • are the result of the involvement of famous specialist
  • have an innovative character of the educational program
  • are multipliable and widely applicable
best practices

Nr.1: Holistic approach of the educational program aimed for employment of victims of violence women:

 - from the perspective of the educational program content : all social needs of the target group & the requirements / needs of the local labor market and design of the educational program on 7 occupations required ( 2 studies)

- in terms of complex assistance of the target group: from recruitment, selection& information -to counseling, training,

certification and starting a business /employment in social

enterprises/ cooperatives

- in terms of territorial coverage of vulnerable group.


Nr. 2 : Continuous support of the target group by a functional network of support structures: three resource centers / support

The women, victims of violence are helped and assisted continuously the entire project ongoing (and a while after) by functional support structures: three support/resource centers / in Bistrita, Moldova, Timisoara plus a coordination center in Cluj.

The resource support centers: with specialists in social economy ( trained in advance through an appropriate educational program, target group 1 in the project).


Nr. 3: Multidisciplinary working:

  • a diversity of legal entities directly involved in project implementation: from universities, NGOs a s o
  • participatingNGOs have a variety of areas of action: women victims of violence, disadvantaged groups, family, children protection, social economy
  • implementation specialistshave a considerable variety of backgrounds and educations: academics, trainers with
  • experience in inclusion, lawyers, economists, engineers, psychologists and sociologists .

Nr.4:Increasing the degree of motivation of the target group to participatein the educational program, by:

- Change of mindset and increasing of self-esteem

- Building entrepreneurial attitudes

- Development of skills for everyday life.

- Wide range of offered trainings, in particular 7occupations (+ the specialist in social economy)

- recognition and certification of acquired skills through educational project (certificate recognized transnational, entrepreneur social economy).


Nr.5 : Implementation in the applied educational program of modern methodologies on adult learning :

- using in learning the previous experience gained of learners

- empowerment of learners

- the principles of andragogy

- participatory approaches of the course

- high practical learning activities (learning-by-doing)

- the professional training = the means of personal and civic development .