petplan is part of the allianz australia n.
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Why pet insurance is a must for your pet? PowerPoint Presentation
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Why pet insurance is a must for your pet?

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Why pet insurance is a must for your pet? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Why pet insurance is a must for your pet?

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  1. Petplan is part of the Allianz Australia Insurance Limited. With more than 30 years of experience in pet insurance in the UK, Petplan is now available in Australia. Petplan is committed to the welfare and enjoyment of pets and gives peace of mind to owners. Petplan is a way of preparing for those unexpected expensive vet fees and surgeries that accidents or illness can bring.

  2. Why Pet Insurance? • Pet insurance helps you give your pet the treatment it deserves. • Our Genuine Covered for Life policy covers vet fees for re-occurring conditions for life. • Did you know? • 1 in 3 pets may require urgent veterinary attention each year. • You are more likely to claim on your pet insurance than your car or household policies. REMEMBER – Pet Insurance can offer peace of mind should your pet need treatment for an injury or unexpected illness

  3. Benefits to your Pet • Can be treated quickly • Can be referred if necessary • Can be given full treatment • Can receive the best treatment available

  4. Different Types of Pet Insurance Genuine Covered for Life Policies from Petplan Lifetime policies mean that, provided you renew the policy without a break in cover, there’s no time limit on how you can claim for each illness or injury Time limited Policy A time limit of 12 months on any claim Maximum Benefit When maximum benefit level is reached COVER STOPS $ 12 months

  5. Covered for Life……What does it mean? • This is the only sort of cover that Petplan offers. • Petplan's Genuine Covered for Life policies are designed for pet owners concerned about their pet developing a long-term, chronic or recurring illness. These include arthritis or eczema, which would need treating by a vet over a long period of time, often for life. Example Mrs. Smith's puppy has developed diabetes, fortunately, she has a ‘Covered for Life’ pet insurance policy with veterinary fees cover of up to $20,000* per year. Provided she continues to renew her policy, Mrs. Smith will be able to claim up to this amount each year for the medication needed to help her puppy's diabetes, for the rest of its life.

  6. It is important to remember that not all pet insurance polices are the same. If you are shopping around for a policy, ask three simple questions: • Will you continue to pay claims for ongoing treatment into my dog’s old age? • Will you exclude cover for any conditions at renewal? • Will my premium or excess increase if I make a claim? And REMEMBER, never shop on price alone!

  7. Could you afford a lifetime of treatment for your pet? Hip Dysplasia $6,252 Skin Allergies $3,570 Diabetes $8,471 Hit by CAR $3,570 Urinary Tract Infection $3,479 Heart Murmur $6,833 Mouth & Gum Disease $1,303 Arthritis $3,548

  8. Get a quote for your dog, cat or horse today! Call 1300 738 225 or visit