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University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension PowerPoint Presentation
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University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension

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University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension
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  1. Presentation for the Maynard and Audrey Heckel Extension Educator Fellowship Paula J. Gregory May 19, 2008 University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension

  2. “CYFAR” means Children, Youth and Families At-Risk

  3. CYFAR Inspires HOPE “My neighbors are always telling me I’m no good… …that I’ll end up in jail - just like my brothers. I learned that I can be somebody different. It’s really up to me.”- Boy, Age 15

  4. CYFAR Provides OPPORTUNITY… “I used to be real nasty to everyone. There are 8 kids in my house… we never go anywhere… there’s no money. The program opened up the world for me. I like myself better.”- Girl, Age 14

  5. CYFAR Raises EXPECTATIONS… “My daughter thought she was stupid. YOU changed that! The 4-H staff and scientists proved she was good at science. Now she has A’s in math! She made the honor roll!”- Parent

  6. Defining “At-Risk”… • Poverty • No high school diploma or GED • Abuse / neglect • Delinquency

  7. CYFAR Mission Land Grant and Cooperative Extension systems “marshall resources” in collaboration with other organizations to develop and deliver educational programs that equip youth - who are at risk for not meeting basic human needs - with the knowledge and skills to help them lead positive, productive contributing lives.

  8. Educational & Technical Support Among the many faculty and staff who have assisted CYFAR projects: Cathy Apfel, M.Ed Institute on Disability, UNH Kristine Baber, Ph.D. Center on Adolescence, UNHMary Banach, D.S.W. Dept. of Social Work, UNH Elizabeth Dolan, Ph.D. Dept. of Family Studies, UNH David Finkelhor, Ph.D. Family Research Laboratory, UNH Stephanie Halter Dept. of Justice Studies, PSU Scott Meyer, Ph.D. Dept of Social Work, PSU Barrett N. Rock, Ph.D. Institute for Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space, UNH Sharyn Zunz, Ph.D. Dept. of Social Work, UNH

  9. CYFAR helps move youth… From this… To this… Youth with Promise Youth At -Risk

  10. The NH CYFAR Journey…1991-2008 6 communities $2.03 million in grants 1,487 children & youth 830 families 250 collaborators 70 program staff

  11. Attributes of Effective CYFAR Programs Safe environments Positive youth development Family involvement Quality programs Celebration of culture Collaboration Multiple strategies

  12. Youth Opportunities Unlimited Manchester 1991 – 1996 • 80% of youth say Y.O.U. helped them in school • 79% of parents see improved problem solving • City saved $72,692 in special education budget

  13. Extension Project Teams - 1998-2003 B.E.S.T. After-school Enrichment Boscawen Deborah Cheever Nancy Evans Kathleen Jaworski Marilyn Sullivan CREEPY - Haverhill Middle School Deborah Maes Kathleen Jablonski It’s Your Future! Claremont Middle School Nancy Berry Gail Kennedy Robin Luther

  14. B.E.S.T. Afterschool Program Boscawen 1998-2003 Children learn from teen mentors. Citizen scientists monitor nesting boxes… and explore marine habitat.

  15. It’s Your Future! Claremont 1998-2003 230 youth improved grades, aspirations and hope for the future. “The program has changed perceptions and that is half the battle”.School administrator

  16. Haverhill C.R.E.E.P.Y. After-school Program - 1998-2003 87% made new friends in the program 71% of teachers saw improved sharing, respect, and social skills 75% said homework time helped them in school

  17. Extension Project Teams – 2004-09 • Hillsboro Area After-school Programs • Heidi Bennett Julia Steed Mawson • Jolee Chase Jonathan Nute • Sharon Cowen Daniel Reidy • George Hamilton Penny Turner • Michael Koski • Seacoast Youth Leadership Project • Lower Seacoast Region • Rick Alleva • Karyn Blass • Claudia Boozer-Blasco • Lynn Garland • Terri Schoppmeyer

  18. Hillsboro Area Afterschool Programs 2004-2009 • 78% get along better with peers and family • 93% get their homework done with program help • 70% of teachers see increased parent involvement Youth said they would like EVEN MORE TIME to work on their homework!- Project Evaluator

  19. Seacoast Youth Leadership Project 2004-2009 We are learning to find our way thanks to CYFAR!! • 92% of parents see improved self confidence • 2/3 say they learned to help others • 50% learned to make better decisions

  20. CYFAR Answers Many NEEDS “I don’t do drugs, guns and gangs. This gives me something better. I wish my old friends would join.”- Age 14 “I like coming because I don’t have any crayons or paper at home.”- Age 7

  21. Educational, Technical & Adminstrative Support George Hamilton Stephen Judd Suzann E. Knight Nancy Lambert Valerie Long Debbie Luppold Sharon Meeker Frank Mitchell Alice Mullen Jonathan Nute Northam Parr Robin Peters John Porter Jeffrey Schloss Trent Schriefer Judi Strauss Mary Tebo Mary Temke Michael Toepfer Lisa Townson Steven Wood Barbara Wright Holly Young Administrative Peter Horne John Pike Jim Grady Hugh Christian Ed McAllister Charlene Baxter Gwen Brown Wendy Brock Tracey Allen Susan Bell Tim Fredette Janelle George Lynn Harrison Judie Harvey Sharon Blake Cheryl Carter Siobhan Craig Faye Cragin Jan Forbush Jeanne Hussey Kim Johnson Shirley LeBlanc Holly McKinney Donna Mitton Nancy Oakley Lynn Roy Sandy Rumrill Deborah Russell Julie Sabol Julie Simpson And many others…. Karen Bennett Shane Bradt Elizabeth Brink Peg Boyles Tom Buob Chris Conlon Faye Cragin Siobhan Craig Charlotte Cross Benjamin Davis Ginny DiFrancesco Ann Dolloff Alan Eaton Peter Erickson Paul Fisher Timothy Fleury David Foote Michele Gagne Margaret Hagen

  22. CYFAR - helping to build stronger communities for our children, youth and families. May 2008