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The University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Service PowerPoint Presentation
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The University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Service

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The University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Service
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The University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Service

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  1. The University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Service The Challenge of Healthy Restaurant Eating

  2. Americans are Eating Out More and Cooking Less • Average person eats more than 4 meals per week prepared away from home

  3. Daily Nutrition Goals • Less fat and cholesterol • 5-9 servings fruits and vegetables • Whole grains in place of refined foods • 2-4 servings dairy foods • Small portions meat, fish, poultry • Moderate portions to control weight

  4. The Challenge • Fat, fat everywhere! • Portions large enough for a sumo wrestler

  5. The Challenge • Loads of sodium • Meat as primary focus

  6. The Challenge • Fruits and vegetables few and far between

  7. Can You Achieve Your Nutrition Goals and Still Eat Out? You Can If You Plan

  8. Eating Out Strategies

  9. Survival Strategy #1Know what you want before you go in • Call ahead for the menu – decide what to eat when you are not hungry • Don’t consider other menu items once you get there • Order before others to avoid changing your mind

  10. Survival Strategy #2HaveIt “Your Way” • Ask if special preparation requests are possible May I have the fish grilled, please?

  11. Substitute Healthier Menu Items • Vegetable instead of French fries • Salad with low fat dressing for coleslaw • Whole grain bread or bun instead of white

  12. Request Items on the Side or Removed Let’s see... how can I get less fat? • Butter • Sour cream • Mayonnaise • “Special” sauce • Salad dressing • Cheese • Bacon • Nut topping • Avocado

  13. Fried, deep fried Sautéed in oil or butter Crispy Batter-dipped Cheese sauce Golden brown Au gratin Creamed Menu Descriptions to Beware Of A little more butter will make it taste even better...

  14. Poached Grilled Broiled Stir-fried Blackened Light wine sauce Broth (soups) Low fat or fat free salad dressing or mayonnaise Vegetable Menu Descriptions to Look For

  15. Survival Strategy # 3Curb a Ravenous Appetite • Eat light snack one hour before meal if extremely hungry • Fruit or soda crackers • Curb your appetite at the restaurant • Drink water with lemon • Eat broth soup • Eat salad with light dressing

  16. Survival Strategy #4Share a Meal • Share food with dining companions • Divide large entrees in half • Add salad or soup • Choose appetizers, soups, salads in place of entrees

  17. Share the Bounty • Plan to take leftovers home • Ask if smaller portions available • Kiddie/junior size • Lunch portion • Order one dessert for the table

  18. Survival Strategy #5Fill the Doggie Bag Before You Eat • Ask for a take-home container when the food arrives • Be a member of the “Leave-a-few-bites-on-your-plate club”

  19. Survival Strategy #6Add toa Meal • A container of milk or juice • A piece of fruit • Some cut up vegetables or a salad • Some homemade soup

  20. Survival Strategy #7Pack a meal from home occasionally • Healthy “planned-overs” • Lower calorie frozen entrees • Made ahead soups and stews • Fresh fruits and vegetables • Salads with reduced calorie dressing • Potatoes or sweet potatoes with toppings

  21. Brown-bagging Benefits • Controlled portions • Healthier • Cost-efficient • Time for exercise

  22. Steak/Seafood Restaurants • Choose small portions - split entree or get doggie bag • Lean cuts of grilled beef, chicken, seafood • Veggies more apt to be available - request without butter sauce • Request sauces, butter and dressings on side

  23. Balancing the Buffet • Survey before you serve • Use smallest plate possible • Pile no thicker than deck of cards • 1-2 Tablespoon portions – lots of white space

  24. Balancing the Buffet • Fill ¾ of plate with lower calorie vegetables and fruits • Sit away from buffet table • Get dessert only after you eat the rest

  25. BBQ Tidbits • White meat of chicken best choice • Best sides – baked beans and corn • Tossed salad over cole slaw if available • Limit added sauce

  26. Deli Delights • Go light on meat, heavier on lettuce and tomato • Choose mustard, vinegar instead of mayo and oil • Be aware of high-sodium pickles and olives • Request baked chips or pretzels in place of regular chips

  27. Pancake and Waffle Houses • Pancakes/Waffles • Choose smaller portion of pancakes - “light stack” • Request butter on side or left off • Light syrup may be requested • Omelets • Egg substitute may be available • Fill with vegetables instead of bacon, sausage, cheese

  28. Less Healthy Option Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity (2 pancakes, 2 eggs, 2 bacon, 2 sausage, fruit topping) Orange juice Pancake and Waffle Houses International House of Pancakes (IHOP) • Healthier Option • Short-stack buttermilk pancakes (2) • No butter • Light syrup • 2 egg substitutes • Orange juice, small

  29. The Ying and Yang of Chinese Food • Green tea may have benefits • Won ton and hot and sour best soups • Steamed dumplings better choice than egg roll • Choose chicken and seafood over beef, duck and pork

  30. Chinese Food • Choose dishes with more vegetables • Choose plain rice rather than fried rice • Limit sweet and sour dishes • Limit dishes with nuts • Desserts – sherbet, fruit, fortune cookie

  31. Good Greek Choices • Kabobs with rice • Grilled or roasted meat, fish and seafood • Greek salads • Side dishes with olive oil or yogurt instead of sour cream • Bean or lentil soups

  32. Request no chips and salsa Choose dishes with beans, chicken and seafood over beef and pork Chili or other soups are often low in fat and high in fiber Ask for less cheese Making the Most of Mexican

  33. Making the Most of Mexican • Ask for sour cream and guacamole on the side or left off • Eat taco salad without the taco shell • Choose grilled over fried

  34. Pasta Watch portions Choose tomato or marinara sauces instead of cream sauce, cheese sauce, butter sauce Bread/Breadsticks Often doused in fat Italian Restaurants

  35. Low-fat Toppings Pineapple Canadian bacon, ham, grilled chicken Vegetables: spinach, tomatoes, broccoli, mushrooms, onions, peppers High-fat Toppings Extra cheese Pepperoni Sausage Bacon Italian Restaurants • Pizza • Start with garden salad to fill you up • Stick with thin crust; avoid cheese-stuffed crust

  36. Fast-Food Restaurants • Nutrition information readily available • Web sites for restaurant • Extension Nutrition web site: • Books on fast food and chain restaurants

  37. Less Healthy Option Biscuits or croissants with sausage, egg, cheese Bagels loaded with cream cheese Donuts Lattes, mochas, and cappuccinos with whole milk Healthier Option Bagels with spreads on side Breakfast sandwiches with bagels or English muffin Specialty coffees with skim milk and sugar free flavors Breakfasts on the Go

  38. Burgers • Choose regular, small, junior or single burgers • Use ketchup or mustard instead of BQ sauce, mayo, special sauces • Fruits and vegetables rarely options • Split fries • Make special requests

  39. Lower-Fat Choices Chicken, white-meat without skin Corn, green beans, mixed vegetables Rice Mashed potatoes without gravy High Fat Choices Fried chicken with skin French fries Biscuits Cole slaw Potato salad Fried vegetables Chicken Restaurants(KFC, Boston Market, Church’s)

  40. Less Healthy Option Chick-Fil-A sandwich Waffle Fries (small) Fudge Nut Brownie 1020 calories 45 grams fat 1615 mg sodium Healthier Option Chargrilled Chicken sandwich (without butter) Side Salad Ice-dream Cone (small) 530 calories 13.5 grams fat 1170 mg sodium Chick Fil-ALunch

  41. Less Healthy Option Cold Cut Trio on 6-inch white roll Mayonnaise, pickles, lettuce, tomato Regular potato chips 785 calories 48 grams fat 2155 mg sodium Healthier Option Turkey sub on 6-inch whole wheat roll Mustard, tomato, lettuce, peppers Baked potato chips 420 calories 7.5 grams fat 1250 mg sodium SubwayLunch

  42. Add Healthy Snacks To Meet Your Goals • Low-fat milk • Low-fat yogurt • Fresh fruit • Baby carrot sticks • Vegetable juice • Cereal, fruit, and skim milk

  43. Make Eating Out Healthier for You • Choose restaurants that offer healthier selections • Plan ahead what you’ll eat • Make special requests • Share meals or request doggie bag • Supplement your meals with healthy snacks

  44. Activity • Select a healthy lunch from the menu you’ve been given. • Evaluate the day’s food intake to see if you’ve met your nutritional goals. • Add snacks (from home) if needed to fulfill your goals.