tkr grid i f design options n.
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TKR-Grid I/F Design Options PowerPoint Presentation
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TKR-Grid I/F Design Options

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TKR-Grid I/F Design Options - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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TKR Flexure. Shoulder Bolt. TKR Flexure. Grid. Shoulder Bolt (close fit). Grid. Collar/Pin with conical head (pressed in). Conical Bushing. TKR-Grid I/F Design Options. 2. 1.

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Presentation Transcript
tkr grid i f design options

TKR Flexure

Shoulder Bolt

TKR Flexure


Shoulder Bolt

(close fit)


Collar/Pin with

conical head

(pressed in)

Conical Bushing

TKR-Grid I/F Design Options



Light pressed pin takes all shear load. Bolt simply holds pin in place. Need to work out method for extraction


TKR-Grid I/F Design Options

Shoulder bolt

TKR Flexure

TKR Flexure

Custom Shoulder Bolt with tapered end (close fit)

Grid Shoulder insert

(close fit)




Tapered split rings to expand radially under axial compression

Constant Force Washer



TKR-Grid I/F Design Options (fastener locking)

  • Lock wire
  • Key insert
  • Set screw
  • Liquid Shim on shoulder
  • “Battery terminal” on side flexures
  • Urelane (loc-tite) threads

TKR-Grid I/F Design Options (key decision)

  • Conical bushing (concept 1) favored for corner flexures
    • Issue: Imparted loads due to enforced displacement – need to look into maximum allowable enforced skew of TKR bottom tray
    • Issue: imparted hoop stressed in flexure
    • Action for Tom Borden: how to modify tooling to put conic into existing flexures (enough room for taper?)
    • Action – ensure taper is not a self-locking taper
    • Action – check loads on flexure and bottom tray
  • Liquid Shim at side flexures (zero tolerance plus positive locking) – need to ream existing holes to achieve 0.030 clearance or grind down shoulder, plus injection port, split washer, etc.
    • Action – Martin to talk with Rob Black regarding injection and liquid shim



TKR-EM Tower Path to Re-vib (T. Venator)

  • Grid I/F redesign concept
    • Define concept
      • Define Schedule
        • New Vib Plates
  • Flexure tray I/F analysis redesign?
  • Analysis of all tower fastener torques and locking features
  • Resolve sidewall design options
    • 120 degree fastener heads
    • Mid tray mods, etc.