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Wrist and hand

Wrist and hand. Rozkydal, Z. Nachtnebl L. Skeleton. Wrist. Anatomy. Anatomy. Anatomy. System of pulleys. Anatomy. Anatomy of extensor apparatus. Extensor apparatus. Lateral bands from z mm. lumbricales and mm. interossei. Inervation of the hand. Function of the hand.

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Wrist and hand

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  1. Wrist and hand Rozkydal, Z. Nachtnebl L.

  2. Skeleton

  3. Wrist

  4. Anatomy

  5. Anatomy

  6. Anatomy

  7. System of pulleys

  8. Anatomy

  9. Anatomy of extensor apparatus

  10. Extensor apparatus Lateral bands from z mm. lumbricales and mm. interossei

  11. Inervation of the hand

  12. Functionofthe hand • Hook • Grip • Fine movements - intrinsicmuscles-opositionofthethumb

  13. Clinicalexamination • ROM • Functionofmuscles • Skin • Troficity • Examinationof C spine, shoulder, elbow • R.A., systemicdisorders

  14. Alignment of fingers, rotation

  15. Test for flexors M. flexor dig. superfic. M. flexor dig. prof.

  16. Length of collateral ligaments of MP, PIP, DIP joints

  17. Congenital disorders aplasia radii congenita aplasia ulnae congenita Madelung deformity

  18. Madelung deformity - Short distal radius, volar bending - Bajonet position of the hand subluxation of carpal bones Therapy- shortening of ulna, corrective OT of radius

  19. Types - adaktylia - oligodaktylia … brachydaktylia … polydaktylia … syndaktylia … clinodaktylia … camptodaktylia … flectioncontracture of 5. finger Congenitaldisorders

  20. Polydaktylia

  21. Polydaktylia

  22. Makrodaktylia

  23. Syndaktylia

  24. X- rayofthewrist joint

  25. Fractureofscaphoid bone

  26. Types

  27. CT

  28. Conservative treatment Plaster of Paris 8-12 weeks

  29. Operative treatment

  30. Herbert screw

  31. X-ray Pseudoarthrosisofscaphoid bone

  32. Avascularnecrosisofscaphoid bone

  33. Stubbins procedure

  34. Dislocationoflunate bone

  35. Dislocation of lunate bone

  36. Perilunatedislocation Fixation

  37. M. Kienböck

  38. Posttraumatic osteoarthritis

  39. Posttraumatic O.A.

  40. Scapholunate dissotiation - Terry Thomas sign

  41. Arthrodesis of radiocarpal joint

  42. Colles´ fracture Frykman classification

  43. Smith fracture Barton fracture

  44. Colles´ fracture

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