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Gods and goddesses

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Gods and goddesses . Lotus. Sun god -Ra. Geb. Nut. S eth. Osiris. Isis. Nephthys. Anubis. Horus. Hathor. 1. Osiris – god of the Afterlife . “Lord of the underworld” Husband of Isis 1 st Egyptian to be mummified Represented as a dead king holding the emblems of his supreme power:

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Sun god -Ra










1 osiris god of the afterlife
1. Osiris – god of the Afterlife
  • “Lord of the underworld”
  • Husband of Isis
  • 1st Egyptian to be mummified
  • Represented as a dead king holding the emblems of his supreme power:
  • shepherd’s crook
  • flail
2 isis favorite goddess
2. Isis – favorite goddess
  • Sister & wife of Osiris
  • Mother of Horus
  • Associated with female creative power
  • Symbolized the perfect mother
  • Symbol is the throne
3 horus god of the sky
3. Horus – god of the sky
  • Son of Osiris and Isis
  • Killed Seth
  • Represented as a falcon-headed god.
  • Carries an ankh which symbolizes life
4 seth god of evil and darkness
4. Seth – god of evil and darkness
  • Osiris’s brother and murderer
  • Associated with all evil
  • Represented as an extraordinary creature with features of different animals
5 nephthys goddess of friendship
5. Nephthys – goddess of friendship
  • Sister of Isis, mother of Anubis
  • Wife of Seth
  • Left Seth to help Isis
  • Friend to all women
  • Symbol is a chalice
6 anubis god of the dead
6. Anubis – god of the dead
  • Son of Seth and Nephthys
  • Presides over funerals and the embalming ritual
  • Represented with the head of a

jackal, as they haunt cemeteries

7 amun ra kings of the gods
7. Amun-Ra (kings of the gods)
  • Two gods in one; uniting of the local god, Amun with sun god, Ra
  • Controls time, seasons, wind and clouds
  • Most powerful god during the New Kingdom
8 nut sky goddess
8. Nut – sky goddess
  • Sister of Geb, the earth god
  • Often painted blue and covered in stars
  • Swallowed the sun at night and it was reborn at sunrise
9 sobek god of water
9. Sobek – god of water
  • Controlled the Nile and its marshes and floods
  • Helped retrieve Osiris from the Nile
  • Represented as a crocodile
  • Followers started in the city of Crocadiloplis
10 thoth god of wisdom writing and learning
10. Thoth – god of wisdom, writing and learning
  • Author of the Book of the Dead
  • Believed to have invented writing, arithmetic and the calendar
  • Represented with the head of an Ibis bird
11 hathor goddess of music dancing joy and love
11. Hathor – goddess of music, dancing, joy and love
  • Protects people during the mummification process
  • Wife of Horus
  • Represented with the head of a cow, a symbol of motherly love
12 bastet cat goddess
12. Bastet – cat goddess
  • Protector of women, children and the sun’s power to ripen crops
  • Very well loved; people were not allowed to harm cats

Deceased: “I am pure of mouth and

hands, without guilt, without evil.”

gods and goddesses foldable
Gods and goddesses foldable
  • Make a foldable to help you remember and identify the ancient gods and goddesses of Egypt.
  • Include:
    • All gods that we covered in the notes.
    • Descriptions of their appearance and what they were the gods of.