The gary powers incident
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The Gary Powers Incident. By Peter Scott, Nick Casco, and Corey Stepp. Table of Contents. The Flight The Crash The Capture The Result Works Cited Picture and Video Credits The End. The Flight. Operation “Grand Slam” May 1 st , 1960 (“May Day” holiday in Russia)

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The gary powers incident

The Gary Powers Incident

By Peter Scott, Nick Casco, and Corey Stepp

Table of contents
Table of Contents

  • The Flight

  • The Crash

  • The Capture

  • The Result

  • Works Cited

  • Picture and Video Credits

  • The End

The flight
The Flight

  • Operation “Grand Slam”

  • May 1st, 1960 (“May Day” holiday in Russia)

  • Based from Peshawar, Pakistan

  • Intended to take photos of Soviet military bases

  • Supposed to land in Bodo, Norway

The flight1
The Flight

  • Soviets were on high alert

  • Powers was able to take pictures of some nuclear facilities

  • Soviet fighter jets tried to intercept

  • Brought down by a brand-new SAM system near Yekaterinburg

The crash
The Crash

S-75 Dvina Missile system: Lockheed U-2 Spy Plane:

Maximum range of 65,000 feet Maximum service ceiling of 70,000 feet

  • The Missile reportedly destroyed a Soviet fighter jet behind the U2, causing the fragile U2’s wings to tear off

  • When Powers landed, he was immediately captured but did not try to use a special silver dollar with a built-in poison needle on himself or his captors

The crash1
The Crash

  • The CIA tried to cover up the crash, and the Soviets didn’t release details about the incident itself. There is thus little public info on the flight and crash of the U2

The capture
The Capture

American Government thought Powers had died in the crash.

  • Shows American news coverage of the announcement of Powers survival


The capture1
The Capture

  • Sentenced to 10 years in prison for espionage

  • Audio clip from trial in Moscow:


The result
The Result

  • The Vienna summit was canceled

  • The wreckage of the plane was shown in a museum in Moscow


Works cited
Works Cited




Picture and video credits
Picture and Video Credits






The end
The End!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Special thanks to:

    Nick Peter Corey Leonidas Sakellarion

    My Little Pony Microsoft PowerPoint 2003

    Muffins and Pie Berthiaume’s Mom Google Earth

    The stupid Soviet Officer who couldn’t hit an airplane with a freakin’ SAM

    The stupid CIA for covering up details and making it impossible for us to find any freakin’ data on the flight and crash