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Scrum…Buts. Joy Kelsey Agile By Example Warsaw October 16 th and 17 th 2013. Agenda. Introduction Definition and example of a Scrum…But Top 10 Scrum..But scenarios Summary. Scrum...But. Introduction Joy Kelsey

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scrum buts


Joy Kelsey

Agile By Example


October 16th and 17th 2013




Definition and example of a Scrum…But

Top 10 Scrum..But scenarios


scrum but


  • Joy Kelsey
    • Working as Scrum Master and Agile coach at BCA the UK and Europe's leading vehicle remarketing company
    • Experience
      • Over 34 years in IT
      • MSc – Computer Based Learning and Training,
    • Professional qualifications
      • Prince 2,
      • Professional Scrum Master, Certified Scrum Master,
      • Dynamic Systems Development Method practitioner,
      • Project Management Institute-Agile Certified Practitioner
scrum but1
  • Everyone has a different attitude to Agile
scrum but2

Top 10 of some of the scenarios that I have come across

scrum but3

A ScrumBut has a particular syntax:

 (ScrumBut) (Reason) (Workaround)

ScrumBut Example:

"(We use Scrum, but) (having a Daily Scrum every day is too much overhead,) (so we only have one per week.)“

Scrum buts usually come around due to not giving Scrum a good chance to bed in for various different reasons

  • Lack of management support, fearing change, pressure of work etc
1 scrum but
1. Scrum...But

We use Scrum but we know what we are doing so we don’t need to communicate until we deliver

  • I have a supplier who is working for me and he has said he is using Scrum:
    • They do not give us anything until when they feel they have something to deliver
2 scrum but
2. Scrum...But

We use Scrum, but decided on our own scrum definition so that we can just use the best bits!

  • We don't need documentation or plans we are Agile
  • We don't need to have lots of meetings we are Agile
3 scrum but
3. Scrum...But

We use Scrum but we run our sprints in sequence with test so that we can focus on developing








4 scrum but
4. Scrum...But

We use Scrum, but we are following our old phases so that we know when we are finished

  • First sprint Analysis,
  • Second sprint is design
  • Third a development sprint
  • Fourth is a test sprint

therefore we are sprinting!

5 scrum but
5. Scrum...But

We use Scrum, but we update our burndown chart every day even when we have not completed the story so we can see movement on the chart

  • Every day we see if we have done any work on our stories – if we have, we burn down the hours spent
6 scrum but
6. Scrum...But

We use Scrum, but we do everything ok so we don’t have retrospectives

  • We are coping with our work load so we must be doing ok why do we need to have a retrospective every sprint
7 scrum but
7. Scrum...But

We use Scrum, but don’t like working on anything unless we have completely defined it so we break each story down to one story point so that we can better estimate them

  • Our sprint planning meetings are taking so long!!!
8 scrum but
8. Scrum...But

We use Scrum, but we do not need a product owner, we only have internal customers so we send emails to everyone in the business

  • Why does the business keep complaining we are not doing very much – and they say that what we are doing is not what they asked for
9 scrum but
9. Scrum...But

We use Scrum, but the PO decides to give us new items so that we are adaptive and flexible

  • If the PO wants something different he will just add it mid sprint and tell us to get on with it
10 scrum but
10. Scrum...But

We use Scrum, but we are developers we do not test so we don’t seem to be able to do as much as we plan to do because we don’t have enough testers

  • Our testers are a bottle neck
scrum but4

Those were 10 areas I have come across – to summarise:

  • What is important about Scrum?
    • “Is a framework within which you can employ various processes and techniques” – Scrum guide July 2013
scrum but5
  • Willingness to listen and change/adapt


Scrum Team




Agile Values









I am happy to receive any comments and or feedback from you at this address:

Agile : References

Agile Project Management with Scrum by Ken Schwaber

Agile Project Management by Jim Highsmith

Agile Estimating and Planning by Mike Cohn

User Stories Applied by Mike Cohn

Lean Software Development by Mary and Tom Poppendieck

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Agile Product Management with Scrum by Roman Pilcher

This presentation was inspired by the works of many people, if you think that anything in this presentation should be changed, added or removed, please contact me at