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  1. Australia… Mr. P. Leighton Socio-Cultural Studies St. Mary’s 6th Form

  2. Today’s Session… • Understand the key aspects of Australia: Quiz to start… • Sport as a pre-occupation in Australia- why are they so much better than us? • Why is sport so high status in Australia?

  3. Quiz… • Q1. When was Australia discovered? • Q2. How many states are there? • Q3. How many people live in Australia? • Q4. What is recognised as the capital of Australia? • Q5. How much did it cost to emigrate after the 1945 war?

  4. Answers… • Q1. 1770 (200 Years of history) • Q2. 6 States- 2 territories. • Q3. 300 Million. • Q4. Canberra. • Q5. Ten pounds (“The ten pound poms”)

  5. Some facts about Australia then… • Originally populated solely by Indigenous Aboriginal People. • Takes 6 hours to fly from Perth to Sydney- Across 3 time zones! • Vast majority of country is uninhabitable. • 85% of the population live in 3% of the land!

  6. Colonialism… • The Union Jack is still part of the flag as a symbol of initial British Colonialism. • When Colonists (Not prisoners!) arrived 200yrs back they brought customs with them such as… • Government • Education • Judicial Systems • Sports and Games

  7. Continued… • Most schools have Sports Afternoons in which they participate in inter and intra school competitions. • Australia adopted many British sports as opposed to America which Adapted many sports. • Australia became independent from the empire in 1901. • The passionate rivalry began from the country originally being an outpost.

  8. 1700: Cooks first landing… 1778-1868: Australia as a penal colony… 1901: Nationhood proclaimed… 1945-1965: Immigration and “White Australian Policy” “Populate or Perish” policy Stages of Australian Immigration… • 1970: High Indo-Chinese immigration • 2001: 23% of Australian population born overseas- UK, NZ, Italy, Vietnam, China and Serbian States. • 2006: Further influx of immigrants- Asia and Oceania.

  9. Australia and its Society… • Since the Abolition of the “White Australia” policy in the 70’s Multiculturalism was promoted. • For the last 40 years this was encouraged and supported. • Now Australia is directed towards a policy of reconciliation- ending discrimination against Aboriginal people.

  10. Sport as a National Preoccupation… • It has helped shape the identity of this young nation. • Passion bordering on obsession. • 90% of Australians participate in sport- 15% of TV time is dedicated towards it. • When England beat Australia in the Ashes 12.5% of our population saw it… • When the winner of the Melbourne Cup crossed the line 90% of ALL Australians watched!

  11. Continued… • Sport is FRONT PAGE news in Australia- it makes only the back pages of our papers unless it is scandal! • The Olympics in 2000 were an international triumph- bringing prestige and acclaim. • Australia is successful in so many sports- they are… • Cricket • Hockey • Rugby League • Rugby Union • Cycling • Swimming • Rowing

  12. Why is it that sport carries such high status? • The Manliness, strength and “Bush Culture”- suited rugged, physically demanding sports. • Favorable Climate- No matter what level you are at- weather helps! • The Outdoor Life- Health conscious society with adequate facilities available i.e. the beach. • Political Support- Governments invest heavily in sport, It is seen as a Vote Catcher… everyone benefits from sporting success.

  13. Continued… • Tradition of Success- Provides positive role models, raises the profile of the country. Australia is a progressive 21st Century Nation united by the “feel good factor” of success. • Sport is Fashionable- However there is a growing obesity problem- Why? • Egalitarian Society- Promoting equality where sport is for all… Inequalities in Opportunity, Provision and Esteem are rife in our society. • Sport and PE- High status and the media laps this up!

  14. Recent Controversies… • Greg Bird (RL Player) “Glassed” his girlfriend- acquitted and is now back in NRL. • “Aboriginal Relocation Programme” put into place before the Sydney Olympics. • Ian Thorpe (Olympic and World champion swimmer) accused of Steroid abuse at Sydney Olympics and a “cover up” by the Australian Olympic Association- charges dropped.

  15. Key Words from Today…