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Legislative Agenda for 2008 PowerPoint Presentation
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Legislative Agenda for 2008

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Legislative Agenda for 2008
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Legislative Agenda for 2008

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Presentation Transcript

    1. Legislative Agenda for 2008 Or, how election year politics mixes with governance

    2. Whats happening NCLB Reauthorization Higher Education Reauthorization Funding for Education IRA new legislative initiative on professional development

    3. Whats the political backdrop Presidential election year Dems two candidates who are Senators on HELP Committee More Republicans Retiring from Congress Implication a greater democratic majority in 2009

    4. What is the education politics Almost every education group sees the need for major changes in accountability, etc. No one is talking about changing formulas Civil Rights groups more in favor of keeping accountability

    5. Status of NCLB Senate and House Committees working on changes Even meetings between House and Senate Staffs ED says, wants new bill but moving to make changes through regulations

    6. Timing Bills released to public Comment period one maybe two weeks Mark-up Floor Conference July/August political conventions

    7. Higher Education Act Literacy Coaches masters degree in reading or working on it or specific background Partnership grants to support literacy training by establishing and implementing a program that strengthens content knowledge and teaching skills of elementary and secondary school teachers or literacy coaches

    8. Funding

    10. Timing on funding Presidents Budget Submitted Feb 4 Congressional Budget Process May 15 Appropriations September 30th Continuing Resolution??

    11. IRA Legislative Initiative on Professional Development Teachers and teaching make a difference Emphasis on math/science instruction has lead to increase in NAEP scores Professional Development in Reading First has resulted in improvements Links between K-12 & Higher Ed will increase effectiveness

    12. How proposal is outlined Funding flows 20% SEA, 20% IHE, & 60% Local schools Child count + poverty (low achieving) = allocation IHE distributed by new teachers sent to high poverty districts

    13. Next Steps Seeking Congressional sponsor Redraft legislative concepts into bill language Seek co-sponsors for introduction

    14. What does it all mean Election year offices are interested in talking to you about what you want. Ask for: Funding support for education Changing NCLB Support reading/literacy coaches in HEA Introduce IRA Professional Development Bill