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Habitat Destruction

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Habitat Destruction . By: M olly H olbrook. What is this issue? .

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habitat destruction

Habitat Destruction

By: Molly Holbrook

what is this issue
What is this issue?

Animals around the worlds habitats get destroyed by construction, fires, green house gasses, pollution, etc. people are turning the rainforest into buildings, parks, houses, etc. animals are placed in zoos and other places during these events.

what is the science behind habitat destruction
What is the science behind habitat destruction?

Science shows that by trying to cut down on pollution caused by garbage, oil spills, air pollution from factory's, and many other things we could cut down the rate animals habitats are being destroyed.

is this issue on the news
Is this issue on the news?

Recently in the news there has been talk about drilling in the arctic this could have a huge affect on the animals living there people say that if they drill oil here there is possibility's of another oil spill.

what are people doing about this issue
What are people doing about this issue?

Groups are working together to raise awareness on habitat destruction and encouraging people to create habitats near them by planting trees and other native plants also keeping water sources like rivers and lakes clear of pollution. WWF is trying to create a future where everyone lives in harmony with nature.

how is this issue affecting the animals
How is this issue affecting the animals?

In the arctic green house gasses have cause a lot of the ice to melt which has made it harder for animals like polar bears to find food because of this polar bear population has decreased.

logging and construction has moved many animals out of their homes. Baby animals are being born into captivity not in the wild like they are meant to be and not learning the skills they need to live in the wild.

i n the arctic
In the Arctic

Animals in the arctic like polar bears, seals, sea birds, walruses and other arctic marine animals are being affected by climate change making it harder to find food and raise their young.

animals being affected in other areas of the world
Animals being affected in other areas of the world

Animals like orangutans, chimpanzees, monkeys, leopards, pandas, and many other animals are losing there homes because of logging company's, construction, oil drilling, fires, and many other reasons causing their population to decline.