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why is the usa getting so sick n.
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Why is the USA getting so sick? PowerPoint Presentation
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Why is the USA getting so sick?

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Why is the USA getting so sick?
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Why is the USA getting so sick?

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  1. Why is the USA getting so sick? By: Grace Deatherage

  2. The Answer is unsafe Additives • Food additives are substances added to food to preserve flavor or enhance its taste and appearance • However, unsafe Additives, such as: • MSG • BHA and BHT • Sodium Nitrate • Artificial Food Dyes • Propyl Gallate • Aspartame and • Potassium Bromate

  3. As we go through these slides see if you recognize some of these diseases and issues that people are getting.

  4. the global food additives market is projected to exceed $33.9 billion by 2015*

  5. MSG • What is MSG- is a common food additive that is considered a neurotoxin because it can overstimulate cells to death. It is found in many everyday foods, including deli meats and salad dressings. • Heed warnings about consuming too much of it, and know the symptoms to watch for if you do, such upset stomach 15 after consuming the MSG, headaches, and arm or leg weakness.

  6. Trying to get use back on track • The government sponsors public service announcements with the theme Be a Player to encourage kids to get physical activity and show them that it’s actually fun. • We Can! is a program of the National Institutes of Health that particularly focuses on tips for kids around the ages of eight to 13 and their parents, including nutritional education, information on making smart choices and getting physical activity and getting involved in helping others live healthier lives.

  7. But as a man named Steven Galson, who was a rear Admiral said, it’s not just up to the government to prevent or reverse childhood obesity; everyone can do their part. “The key message is there is a role for every parent, every teacher,” to help prevent childhood obesity.

  8. However • When most of our ingredient lists are intentionally unclear, and printed in small, all capital letters, which are proven to be harder to read, instead of the upper and lower case letters. • Also some companies print the list in various colors of ink. • Also, when most of the stuff on Gatorade for instance, is labeled as something “healthy”, when it definitely is not.

  9. BHA and BHT • What is BHA and BHT-These additives are often added to food made with fats to prevent early spoilage and extend shelf-life. They are known to cause cancer in rats, and, although the U.S. Food and Drug Administration considers both to be safe, they are toxic in large amounts

  10. Food Drug Administration • Interesting fact about them. • No one should be listening to the FDA, they are under staffed, and aren’t getting enough money to actually get a lot of information. • We are literally risking are lives every time we listen to them

  11. Sodium Nitrate • This salty food additive is often used to preserve meats and fatty foods. The Mayo Clinic warns that sodium nitrate could increase your risk for heart disease.

  12. Artificial Food Dyes • Artificial food dyes have been linked to ADHD, cancer, and allergies in kids and adults. About 15 million pounds of eight specific synthetic dyes are put into our food each year. If you can, avoid eating artificially colored foods, like gummy bears.

  13. Propyl Gallate • This food preservative is often found in vegetable oils, meats, soups, chewing gum, and turkey stuffing. It is banned in Britain and several other countries have restricted its use. Some studies have shown that it may cause cancer in rats. In humans, propyl gallate has been linked to cases of skin irritability and stomach problems, as well as allergic reactions that impact breathing.

  14. Aspartame • Frequently cited as one of the most dangerous neurotoxins available, aspartame is found in many sugar-free foods and is used to artificially sweetened soda, candy, and a wide variety of diet food. It is linked to depression, fuzzy thinking, headaches, seizures, and cancer — specifically lymphoma and leukemia.

  15. Potassium Bromate • This seemingly-harmless additive is often used in baked goods to achieve a higher rise and lighter crumb. It's use has been banned in Canada and Europe because of a potential cancer link. In the U.S., the FDA has encourages bakers to use other additives, although potassium bromate has not been banned.