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Orlando Bloom

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Orlando Bloom. İpek Ergin.

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Orlando Bloom

İpek Ergin


Born on January 13, 1977 in Canterbury, England, Orlando Bloom's plans of becoming an actor developed quite early when he realized that the characters on TV and in the movies weren't real, that they were actors. "Once I realized that I could be Superman or I could be The Hustler or I could be Daniel Day Lewis's character in The Last Of The Mohicans - I was like, "Man, I can become an actor and be all of those things."

In 1993, he moved to London to improve his career, doing bit parts in TV series like "Casualty". Orlando spent two years at the National Youth Theatre before getting a scholarship to train with the British American Drama Academy. His first memorable appearance, a cameo in the critically acclaimed movie Wilde in 1997, earned him various film offers, which he all turned down in favor to play theatre. After Wilde, Orlando attended the Guildhall School of Music and Drama for 3 years. On stage, he appeared in plays like "The Seagull", "Twelfth Night", and "Trojan Women".


Orlando's first major movie role was in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, playing the ethereal elf Legolas Greenleaf, a role he received only days before graduating drama school in London. Two years later, when The Fellowship of the Ring premiered, audiences were in instant awe of the blonde haired, blue eyed elf with killer cheek bones, who was also handy with a bow and arrow. It didn't take long for Orlando to become a full fledged teen heartthrob, hailed by magazines as "The next big thing". In interviews and magazines, fans discovered that off-screen, Orlando was quite different than his movie counterpart. With brown eyes, dark hair, olive skin, and a keen yet quirky fashion sense, he looked right at home on the cover of GQ.

Unlike the quiet Legolas, Orlando was full of energy and infectious enthusiasm, charming everyone he worked with, along with the fans. In interviews, he described himself as an adrenaline junky; skydiving, bungee jumping, surfing and snowboarding in his spare time. This live life to it's fullest concept seems to come partly from a brush with death that Orlando had while in drama school. Falling 3 stories from a friend's roof terrace, Orlando faced the possibility of never walking again, but was able to walk out of the hospital 12 days later. 


-His birth date is January 13, 1977, making him 30 years old.

-His full name is Orlando Jonathan Blanchard Bloom.

-His nicknames are Orli and OB.

-He has brown hair and brown eyes.

-He's around 5'11" (180 cm)

-He's not married.

-He's allergic to peanut butter.

-While filming Lord of the Rings in New Zealand, he got into sky diving, bungee jumping, paragliding, surfing and snowboarding. Now he enjoys "just taking time to walk whether it be on location somewhere or on a beach." "most of the time I just chill with my friends and have a mellow time" He also enjoys photography, shopping and buying old antiques, and he "can't stand computers".


Favorite Color: Yellow.Favorite Foods: Pasta, pizza, oatmeal, rice and vegetables and baked potatoes.Favorite Vegetable: Spinach.Favorite Football Team: Manchester United. He also likes Real Madrid because David Beckham now plays for them.Favorite Sports: Snowboarding and Surfing.Favorite Actors: Johnny Depp, Edward Norton, Paul Newman, and Daniel Day-Lewis.

Favorite Movie: Stand By Me. He also likes The Hustler and Amelie.Favorite Type of Girls: "Nice, sweet girls."First Job: A clay trapper at a pigeon shooting range when he was 13.First Movie Role: Rentboy in Wilde.First CD: Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians. Michael Jackson's Thriller was his first 45.First Car: A darkgreen VW Golf that cost 160 Pounds ($230). First Hollywood Crush: Linda Evans on Dynasty.First Concert: Jamiroquai in Canterbury.