gene cone region 7 delegate jan 7 2012 n.
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Resolution Writing Workshop PowerPoint Presentation
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Resolution Writing Workshop

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Resolution Writing Workshop - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Gene Cone Region 7 Delegate Jan 7, 2012. Resolution Writing Workshop. Presentation adapted from S. Dudick , Univ of South Florida, S. Lee, Alpert Medical School. Overview. Getting Started Pen to Paper Initial Review First Revision Second Review Final Revision

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Resolution Writing Workshop

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gene cone region 7 delegate jan 7 2012
Gene Cone

Region 7 Delegate

Jan 7, 2012

Resolution Writing Workshop

Presentation adapted from S. Dudick, Univ of South Florida,

S. Lee, Alpert Medical School

  • Getting Started
  • Pen to Paper
  • Initial Review
  • First Revision
  • Second Review
  • Final Revision
  • Special Considerations
  • Making Your Case
what is a resolution
What is a resolution?
  • A proposed statement of position or action.
  • A resolution may not be the best strategy if:
  • AMA policy exists, but there has not been much action.
  • General AMA policy exists, but a specific issue needs attention.
  • The issue is important, but may not be a core issue for the AMA-MSS.
  • Someone else is writing my resolution!
pen to paper
Pen to Paper
  • Title of the Resolution
      • One sentence; will be title of adopted policy
  • “Whereas” Clauses
      • These should be researched support for your proposed resolution.
      • - Use these to convince readers to adopt your resolution.
  • “Resolved” Clauses
      • This should succinctly and unambiguously state the action you would like the MSS and/or AMA to take.
      • Actions that can be invoked independently should be written as separate clauses.
  • Verbs matter!
    • “Advocate” > “support” > “recognize”
    • “Study,” “develop”
    • “Encourage/ask,” “Work with…”
    • “Oppose”
    • “Affirm”
initial review
Initial Review
  • Dates: Now until mid April, 2012
  • Peer Review
      • All MSS members can access your resolution and make contributions.
      • Good time to get coauthors and cosponsors.
first revision
First Revision
  • Incorporate suggestions from peers and improve your resolution.
  • Subscribe to MSS News and Policy Listserv.
  • Submit draft to the MSS Listserv deadline
second review
Second Review
  • Online review by MSS Assembly (googledocs):
      • Many will perform their own policy search to make sure your proposed resolution is not already on the books.
      • May also suggest alternative methods through which your idea can be transformed into action more effectively than through a resolution.
final revision
Final Revision
  • This is the final draft of your resolution.
  • This includes working through the resolution checklist.
      • Ensures that your resolution has passed through all steps of the writing process and you have spoken with the required contacts (see resolution checklist cited on the final slide)
  • Submit completed resolution to the MSS Staff.
special considerations
Special Considerations
  • Late Resolutions ()
      • Late resolutions are typically only accepted for debate if they address an issue upon which major action has been taken between the deadline for rough draft submission and the deadline for final submission.
  • Immediate Forwarding to the AMA House of Delegates
      • Immediate forwarding is typically reserved for resolutions that address an issue upon which major action will be taken prior to the next national conference.
making your case
Making Your Case
  • This occurs at the Annual and Interim Meetings.
    • D1 “Reference Committee”
      • Speak in support of your resolution and make your case.
      • Teamwork counts!
    • D2 “Assembly Meeting”
      • Delegates take action on your resolution.
        • Amendments, parliamentary games(!)
what next
What next?
  • Testimony requirement
  • AMA House of Delegates meeting
    • Stay for HOD Reference Committee!
    • Join MSS House Coordinating Committee!
    • Run for Region 7 HOD Regional Delegate!
    • Run for MSS Delegate to the HOD!
helpful resources
Helpful Resources
  • Policy Searches:
      • MSS:
      • AMA:
  • Resolution Checklist:
  • Guerrilla Guide to Robert's Rules by Nancy Sylvester