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Real Life Werewolves

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Real Life Werewolves. By Tameka Aych. American Werewolves. In every culture, they have some form of the shape shifting beast that prowls the night. To America, this beast is called the werewolf.

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real life werewolves

Real Life Werewolves

By Tameka Aych

american werewolves
American Werewolves
  • In every culture, they have some form of the shape shifting beast that prowls the night. To America, this beast is called the werewolf.
  • Nowadays, there are romanticized werewolves, like Jacob Black in Twilight, but back then, American werewolves were bloodthirsty beasts.
greek werewolves
Greek Werewolves
  • It was thought that werewolves originated from Greece.
  • Zeus disguised himself as a traveler and stayed with the vicious Arcadian King Lycaon.
  • After nearly being killed by Lycaon, Zeus cursed him, making him turn into a wolf for years before turning back into a human.
norman werewolves
Norman Werewolves
  • Norseman Myths say, warriors dressed themselves in the skins of wolves and were thought to gain the attributes of the wolves.
  • It is said that they “fear no one, feel no pain, have superhuman strength, and never surrender”.
  • These warriors were called Berserkers and they are where the word “berserk” comes from.
werewolf syndrome
Werewolf Syndrome
  • The current scientific theory for werewolves is a skin disease, called Werewolf Syndrome (scientifically called Hypertrichosis).
  • It describes an abnormal growth in hair all around the body, and the extreme cases of this disease are how it earned the name “Werewolf Syndrome”.
peter stumpp
Peter Stumpp
  • In Cologne, Germany, a man was accused of being a werewolf, thanks to his heinous crimes that were said to be werewolf like.
  • He killed sixteen people (fourteen children and two pregnant women) by ripping out their throats and eating the bodies.
  • Lycanthrope is a rare mental disease that involves the afflicted person whole heartedly believing that he or she has or can turn into an animal (not a wolf all the time, but mostly).
  • The symptoms of lycanthrope will be a change in behavior; the person will act like the animal he/she believes he is.
  • It is said that this disease may be caused by some form of dementia or psychosis.