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RAVENSHAW UNIVERSITY CUTTACK Presentation The US Visit June/ July 2010 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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RAVENSHAW UNIVERSITY CUTTACK Presentation The US Visit June/ July 2010. R a v e n s h a w Since 1868 “And so we have at last a temple of learning, fair to look on, stately in its proportions, which compares not unfavourably with the only other temple, the temple of Jagannath…

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The US Visit

June/ July 2010

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R a v e n s h a w

Since 1868

“And so we have at last a temple of learning, fair to look on, stately in its proportions, which compares not unfavourably with the only other temple, the temple of Jagannath…

These twin monuments represent Orissa to the outside world and are a source of just pride to every Oriya.

One represents the past, the other the present … One the charity and reverence of faith, the other the passionless curiosity of Science…

The Oriya is sometime tortured by a genuine doubt as to where he shall worship.”

Principal H.R. Batheja

Diamond Jubilee Celebration

18 January 1936

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  • The Ravenshaw College, Cuttack had its beginning in 1868 after the great famine of 1866.

  • In 1879, it was named after Thomas Eric Ravenshaw, Commissioner of Orissa (1865-1878) for promoting education.

  • Degree classes started in 1876 and PG English in 1922. Shifted to the present campus in 1921.

  • It became autonomous in 1989/90 and a State University on November 15, 2006.

Academics l.jpg

  • Offers Graduate Study and Masters in 25 subjects, in Science, Commerce and Humanities.

  • M.Phil. in 16 disciplines.

  • 147 Research Scholars appeared in the current entrance test for registration for Ph.D.

  • 22 numbers of research projects.

Faculty and students l.jpg

  • Faculty strength of 17 Professors, 45 Readers and 91 Lecturers.

  • Student strength: 6390. Graduates: 4343, Masters: 1931. M.Phil.: 116

  • Nearly 2000 students, stay in 10 differentresidence halls.

  • More than 50% of the students are girls.

  • In 09/10, about 90 international students, all ICCR scholars, from counties like, Afghanistan, Srilanka, Nepal, Mongolia, Thailand, Belgium and Liberia were admitted.

Infrastructure l.jpg

  • Land Area:

    Old campus – about 100 acres

    Second campus – about 150 acres

  • Constructed Area : 11,84,091 sft

    (about 12 lakh)

  • Other Features

    • 500 rooms

    • 34 laboratories

New initiatives as university i academic l.jpg

  • Schools and Centres :

    • 11 Schools and 4 Centres

      Schools :












        Centres :

      • Ravenshaw Management Centre (RMC)

      • Centre for Understanding Orissa

      • Centre of Distance Education

      • Centre of Ethics (Proposed)

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New courses

  • Group A

    • Business Management

    • Financial Management

    • Software Engineering and Management

    • Industrial and Mining Management

    • Aviation Management

    • Hotel Management

    • Bachelor of Computer Application

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  • Group B

    • Astrophysics

    • Nanotechnology

    • Strategic Studies

    • Microbiology and Bioinformatics

    • Quantitative Economics and Finance

    • Environmental Economics and Technology

    • Geology and Earth Sciences

  • Group C

    • School of Foreign Languages

    • Language Technology

    • Personality Development and Communication Skills

    • Orissan Art and Aesthetics

    • Film and Television Studies

      Preparatory arrangements for installation of these courses are at various stages

Ii support systems l.jpg

  • Computer Infrastructure

    • LAN and Wi Fi campus

    • Computerisation of library and provision of internet for students

    • XIMB and OCAC are consultants

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Library Services

  • Heritage Kanika Library with 170 thousand books under extensive renovation

  • Expansion proposed with 50,000 new entries, more journals and 100 computerdesks with internet facility

  • Proposed 24 hours modern library service

  • DELNET link with 1000 libraries (60 lakh books)

  • Creating a comprehensive Knowledge Centre with e-library facilities

  • More than 80 thousand books and 1 lakh songs store in e-library

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Memoranda of Understanding

Steps taken to build a network with several academic, cultural and professional bodies for collaboration.

  • XIMB, Bhubaneswar

  • ICCR, Delhi

  • Jagannath Institute of Technology

  • Institute of Physics

  • Institute of Mathematics

  • JDCA, Bhubaneswar


  • Royal Melbourne Institute for Technology

  • Victoria University

  • University of Vienna

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On Campus Activities

  • Student bodies such as Students Union, Athletic Club, Dramatic Society, Day Scholars Association, Social Service Guild, Science Society, Commerce Society, and the like are many decades old.

  • New initiatives which have started functioning are:

    • Film Society

    • Cultural Forum

    • Ravenshaw Choir

    • Recitation Society

    • Group Discussion Club

    • English Debating Society

    • Art Centre

    • Poetry Society

    • Stress Management Forum

  • It is proposed to set up forums in area such as Photography, Philately, Ham Radio, Wall Magazine, Martial Arts, Adventure, Horse Riding, Shooting and Archery, Passion Cooking, Fusion Music and Dance, Band Playing and Choreography

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Ravenshaw Sports Complex

  • Proposed to organize a full-fledged, modern sports complex in the backyards of the university which has one of the largest contiguous play field in the whole of Orissa.

  • Complex will consist of clearly demarcated areas for playing of cricket, soccer, hockey, lawn tennis, basketball, volleyball and other outdoor games

  • Separately defined athletic tracks

  • Provision for indoor games and events, such as badminton, table tennis, squash, billiard, snooker and the like.

  • Provision for two indoor swimming pools of proper dimension for boys and girls respectively.

  • Lighting arrangements for day and night games.

  • Introduction of Rugby

  • A pavilion with dressing room and VIP gallery is complete

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Ravenshaw Website

  • A brand new Website for Ravenshaw University has been put up at


  • It will be used to build up Ravenshaw Alumni Network

  • It offers internet access to 3000 pages of old college journal ‘The Ravenshavian’ of 1920s and1930s

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Ravenshaw University Press

  • Proposed to set up a publication division as RUP, with a core fund of one million Rupees

  • Publish books of academic and creative excellence

  • Reprint classics linked with heritage and academic ambiance of Ravenshaw

  • Publish two six monthly research journals with high quality papers of faculty as well as from outside

  • ‘Ravenshaw Review’ for Social Sciences and, ‘Ravenshaw Science Review’ for advanced Science and Technology

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Ravenshaw Convention Centre

A large Convention Centre with a modern well equipped auditorium for 1500 persons, and other multi-purpose halls for conduct of examinations, seminars, conventions and exhibitions is under construction.

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  • Beautification of front lawn and garden of quadrangle is complete

  • Leaking roofs and walls of Arts Block have been repaired. Other old blocks are being surveyed

  • College hall which housed the state legislature for 12 years after Orissa attained statehood in 1936 has been developed into a modern, air condition heritage hall with 300 seating capacity

  • The dilapidated amphi-theatre behind Physics Block is being reconstructed with expanded seating capacity for 1500

  • Perimeter walking track, wrought iron gates, lighting and security arrangements, and controlled entry

  • Further constructions regulated with reference to space and architecture, on the basis of an exhaustive topographical survey and a master plan

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  • Ravenshaw 200

    • The university has started a project to document through videography 200 eminent and elderly Ravenshavians reminiscing their Ravenshaw days

    • A recording of 400hours will provide a large base for oral history.

    • History of Ravenshaw is the history of modern Orissa.

    • Some luminaries already recorded are Justice Gatikrushna Mishra (97), Bibhudendra Mishra(87), former Union Minister, Gangadhar Rath(85), former Advocate General, Dr. Nirupama Rath(82), Barrister Govind Das(78), Professor Sarbeswar Das(86), Dr. Debendra Chandra Mishra(87), former Principal, Dr. Baidyanath Mishra(86), former Vice Chancellor of OUAT, Prof. Radhanath Rath(90) and the like

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Son et Lumiere

  • University proposes audio visual installations in the Ravenshaw Quadrangle for a Son et Lumiere (Light and Sound) programme

  • It will depict the high points of Ravenshaw’s hundred forty years history

  • The uninitiated will learn the renaissance of modern Orissa, and the way modern oriya mind has developed

  • Familiarise the essence of Ravenshaw to its continuing streams of students, faculties, academic visitors and community at large

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  • Ravenshaw Museum

    • Proposed to set up a museum of antiquities such as photographs, furniture, portraits, documents, old books and journals, college colours and the like

    • Collection and preservation of all Ravenshaw publications like ‘The Ravenshavian’, journals of residence halls, and other departmental publications

  • History of Ravenshaw

    • Dr. Nivedita Mohanty an eminent historian has been commissioned to write a history of the Ravenshaw College, now University, covering a span of 140 years

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  • Centre for Understanding Orissa

    • A centre is being set up to develop a curriculum, and conduct teaching and research to develop the art of seeing and Understanding Orissa and appreciate the physical and spiritual beauty of its land and people

    • A compulsory one year course has been planned. A text book for this purpose has been prepared.

    • The course will include rudiments of Orissan art and craft, festivities and rituals, dance and music, performing and visual arts such as cinema, theatre and opera, architecture, textiles, food, forms of painting such as pattachitra, regional culture and language, environmental awareness and the like.

    • The teaching will be done by outsourcing eminent practitioners, with the help of audio-visual and multimediaaids.

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ICCR Culture Centre

  • The ICCR of the Ministry of External Affairs has set up its Regional Centre in the campus of the Ravenshaw University since October 2009.

  • Under the aegis of ICCR the University receive about 90 international students in the 09/10.

  • The Centre provides a cultural platform not only for students but also for the local artists, and helps to bring various international events to the campus.

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Ravenshaw Radio

  • Government of India has supported to operate one FM Radio Channel run primarily by the students and faculty in Campus

  • It is a community radio with a perimeter of 7 miles

  • The dry run has commenced.

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School of Contemporary Music

It shall have

  • Music Library: Collection of local, regional, national and international music in form of audio CDs for use by students and professional musicians and composers

  • Music Courses: Courses will be offered in the learning of contemporary music with required academic structure with in house and visiting faculty

  • Sound Department: An in house recording studio will be set up both for teaching sound technology and audio recording skills as well as for production of creative contemporary music by the students and musicians of neighbouring community

    The Music Library has started.

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School of Hotel Management

  • Ravenshaw has set up a School of Hotel Management for graduates of hospitality from the current year.

  • It is negotiating with Ginger group of hotels to set up a 100 rooms unit in its campus on revenue sharing basis.

  • A part of it will be utilized for Ravenshaw University guest house for accommodating its guests and visiting faculty.

  • The hotel will also be utilized for internship of the students of the proposed school of hotel management.

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School of Aviation Management

  • Preliminary enquiries have been made about setting up a School of Aviation Management with the help of University of Vienna, University of Concordia and Institute of Air and Space Law

  • Trained human resource from the school will find placement with airlines and air traffic, the number and volume of which have vastly increased in India and South Asia in recent years

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Other Schools and Centres in offing

  • School of Astrophysics

  • School of Environment Studies and Natural Resource Management

  • School of Foreign Languages: French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean.

  • Computer aided teaching: OCAC

  • Centre for Human Resource Development for Entertainment Industries

  • Placement Centre

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Second Campus

  • Old Ravenshaw Campus is choked. Originally meant for 500 residents, it is now used by more than 7000 students

  • Therefore, Ravenshaw 2 has been conceived to provide for expansion and extension. New Schools, Centres and Departments, both regular and avant-garde, will be housed in Ravenshaw 2.

  • Govt. of Orissa has graciously agreed to provide 150 acres of land for the second campus, the market value of which not be less than Rs. 250 crore.

  • With an additional campus Ravenshaw may emerge as a knowledge centre or educational hubfor the south Asian region and receive overseas students as well as foreign university collaboration.

  • It is envisaged as a home for another 15000 students in the years to come.

How friends of ravenshaw can help l.jpg
How Friends of Ravenshaw can help

  • By replicating the group in USA, UK and Europe through common contacts

  • Create a database of the Alumni and Friends

  • Advise building of an effective website and use it for exchange of information and ideas

  • Use University contacts in USA, UK and Europe for reinventing Ravenshaw and developing its Second Campus

  • Use University contacts for faculty exchange, upgradation, collaboration and dual degrees

How friends of ravenshaw can help31 l.jpg
How Friends of Ravenshaw can help

  • Exhort young and bright Oriya Ph.D. scholars in American Schools to contribute a year’s teaching at Ravenshaw

  • Persuade industries and multinationals with US-India operations to provide research grants and tailored courses for specific placements

  • More ideas about new subjects and frontier knowledge areas consistent with the 21st century

  • Use influence in South Asia and develop contact groups for making Ravenshaw an education hub for the region

  • Alumni Ownership and Fundraising

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What We Offer

  • Brand of the oldest and most well known center of learning in Eastern India

  • History and culture of an well established University

  • Infrastructure and land in premium urban location of great value

  • Great connectivity and proximity of state capital in Bhubaneswar

  • Opportunity to get in to the booming higher education sector with Foreign University Act in the offing

  • State support for development

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What We Expect

  • Brand of a reputed western University

  • Support for establishment of new programs in cutting edge of knowledge

  • Innovative long-term and low cost financing model for quality infrastructure

  • Reputed senior faculty to mentor new programs

  • Models to offer value to students in India, Odisha and native country of the partner institution