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Perseverance of the Saints

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Perseverance of the Saints - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Determination of the saints for their devotee has become one of the most important factors which they do without any hesitation or difficulty. So, here with us you will get the perseverance of the saints.

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wel come

Wel Come

Evangelical Outreach

This free Bible study will help as you search the scriptures for answers. There are many bible heroes besides the martyr Stephen and John the Baptist. This salvation quiz on everlasting life and the related is very concise and important. Moreover, these questions related to the believer’s conditional security are also important as their answers dismantle OSAS. You are battling for eternity. Make your life count for God.


the mary of catholicism is prayed to honored

The Mary of Catholicism is prayed to, honored and venerated, but that is just a small part of how devout Catholics show their devotion to Mary. Though often denied, at times Catholicism has actually taught Mary is to be worshiped! Proof of that can be found

though it should never be the lingering question

Though it should never be, the lingering question for many remains: Is once saved always saved or a conditional salvation the Biblical truth? While some Bible believers embrace a conditional security in Christ (or NO eternal security) most professing Christians live in no fear of God or concern about sinning as they embrace once saved always saved. Eternal Security Once Saved Always Saved .

part of the message of the eternal security

Part of the message of the eternal security (or once saved always saved) teachers is that the disagreement between those who reject eternal security and those who hold to this security-in-sin gospel (a better way to identify the eternal security doctrine) is that it is an in house debate. false teachers.

one day before i had this debate with mark

One day before I had this debate with Mark Driscoll, the Calvinistic pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle Washington, I was contacted by phone but it wasn't initially mark driscoll dan corner debatefor a debate but merely for a two hour interview on eternal security.

contact information

Contact Information


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