Computer Repair is Now Easier than Ever
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Computer repair is now easier than ever

Computer Repair is Now Easier than Ever

Have you ever tried to search “Computer Repair Near Me” online but

answer? Do not let your computer frustration get over you.Geeks on

Repair provide affordable computer repair services in the shortest time

possible. Our Technical experts are counting on many years of dealing in

various aspects of computer problems to take care of your worries and

bring back your smile.

We are specialists in both hardware and software issues, desktops,

servers, and laptops. Our customers benefit from the following:

After sales service.

Repairs are covered by with warranty.

Free pickups and delivery.

Free diagnosis.

We use genuine parts for replacements.

We deal in all computer manufacturers models. Our business is to help you understand issues

that affect your computer. We offer advice on how best to protect your machine from having the

same problems in the future.

How to Make Your Computer Run Faster

A sluggish computer is a painful affair especially when you are

working on a deadline. Some of these steps will make your computer


Uninstall Unused Applications

Remove any programs that you don't use. Use the control panel to remove programs that you

don't need. Be careful not to uninstall device drivers.

Delete Temporary Files

This are files formed every time you run different applications. If they accumulate for a long

time they eat up your disk space and eventually drag your machines performance.

Increase Hard Drive and RAM Capacity

A bigger hard drive means more space available for the computer to use as a temporary

random access memory which machines need during operation. A machine with adequate RAM

executes programs faster.

Disk Clean Up

Computer repair is now easier than ever

It re-arranges files within the disk and removes any unnecessary files. Files that are normally

removed are cookie files, favorites, installers etc.

How to Remove Computer Virus

Virus on your machine may present itself in the form of pop-ups, slower

speed, or your computer restarts without a warning. Computer Virus

Removal from your machine may involve the following steps in addition to

using a good anti-malware.

Get into Safe Mode

Disconnect the Internet and reboot your machine while holding the shift key to

activate the troubleshooting window

click on troubleshooting

select advanced options

click on startup settings

Once you restart the computer you will be presented with several options to boot from.

Using the arrow keys select SAFE MODE

One on safe mode, delete all the temporary files and install a malware scanner.

Run the malware scanner to detect and delete any found malware.

Reboot your machine to normal boot once the process is finished

Online Computer Repair

We also offer quick and reliable Online Computer Repair services. Our experts can remotely

assist you in the following areas.

Fixing boot problems

Virus removal

Software install / uninstall

Antivirus Check

Any other support that you may need

In the event that you are not able to bring your computer to our shop for checkup. You only

need to give us a call. All your problems can be solved with a touch of a button. Let us repair

your machine right where you are.

Geeks on repair are dedicated to giving you the best customer experience and repair services

that is readily available. Please book an appointment or direct any questions that you may have

about your computer system through our contact number.