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Refugees Got Talent PowerPoint Presentation
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Refugees Got Talent

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Refugees Got Talent - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Young Syrians dazzle on stage at a Refugees Got Talent competition organized by UNHCR at a refugee camp in Iraq.

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Refugees Got Talent

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  1. Young gathering of people individuals watch entertainers amid UNHCR's Refugees Got Talent in Arbat Refugee Camp in Iraq, June 20, 2016. UNHCR propelled the ability rivalry to check World Refugee Day and showcase the gifts of youthful displaced people of college age. Thomson Reuters Foundation/Andrea DiCenzo

  2. Performers in front of an audience amid UNHCR's Refugees Got Talent in Arbat evacuee camp in Iraq, June 20, 2016. The UNHCR gauges there are almost 8,000 Syrian kids and youth living in Sulaymaniyah and most don't go to class. Being bolted out of instruction leaves numerous youngsters exhausted in the camp and "Outcasts Got Talent" was contrived as an approach to showcase their abilities, running from singing to moving to break dancing.

  3. Azhin Abdulaziz, 16, from Qamishlo, Syria, is seen at Arbat displaced person camp, Iraq June 20, 2016. He is one of seven in the opposition's breakdance bunch BBOYS ROJAVA. "We prepared ourselves by sitting in front of the TV," Abdulaziz said. Thomson Reuters Foundation/Andrea DiCenzo

  4. Neshan der Haroutiounian, host of Refugees Got Talent, takes a selfie in front of an audience with the group of onlookers out of sight at Arbat displaced person camp in Iraq, June 20, 2016. UNHCR agent to Iraq, Bruno Geddo, said the ability challenge was an open door for exiles to join for a night with the hints of customary Kurdish music, pop ditties, and Hindi rhythms resounding over the dim, warm evening.

  5. Presenter Neshan der Haroutiounian takes a seat for sensational interruption as he declares the victor of the Refugees Got Talent rivalry in Arbat evacuee camp in Iraq, June 20, 2016. Artist Mizzgin Rumi, supported by a band of expert artists, belted out a passionate melody out of appreciation for Kurdish military strengths under a full moon.

  6. A entertainer glances back at companions as he gets ready backstage for the Refugees Got Talent rivalry at Arbat exile camp in Iraqi Kurdistan, June 20, 2016. Thomson Reuters Foundation/Andrea DiCenzo

  7. Wasila Hassan, 17, from Qamishlo, Syria, is envisioned at Arbat evacuee camp, Iraq, June 20, 2016. Hassan started moving three years back, however joining the Rojava Dance Group took some influence from her family. "At first I wasn't a piece of the gathering," Hassan clarified. "I started going to practices and before long got to be intrigued and my dad urged me to join." Hassan came in third place with her move bunch Rojava.

  8. Nurman Fraid Younes (C), 14, from Qamishli, Syria, is envisioned at the Arbat displaced person camp, Iraq June 20, 2016. Younes touched base in Iraqi Kurdistan three years back. She is one of 16 individuals from the blended sex Rojava Dance Group. She just began moving six months back. "I miss everything about home," Younes said. "I miss my companions." Thomson Reuters Foundation/Andrea DiCenzo