the jfk assassination n.
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The JFK Assassination PowerPoint Presentation
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The JFK Assassination

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The JFK Assassination - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The JFK Assassination
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  1. The JFK Assassination You will need…

  2. Arriving in Dallas

  3. **JFK went to Texas in the fall of 1963 to gain southern Democratic political support for the 1964 election. Everyone agreed that Dallas would be the toughest town politically, several of his advisors told Kennedy not to go. To everyone’s surprise, the people of Dallas met JFK with cheers. In the fateful limousine, Texas Governor John Connally’s wife leaned over and told JFK, “Well you can’t say Dallas doesn’t love you.” Why was JFK in Dallas?

  4. The car turned in front of the Texas Book Depository and three shots rang out. **Both President Kennedy and Governor Connally were hit. Shortly after the limousine arrived at the hospital, JFK was pronounced dead. Shots Fired

  5. JFK was assassinated on November 22, 1963 **Three shots were fired which hit the president in the head, he was pronounced dead shortly after the arrival at the hospital. The death shocked and traumatized the nation.

  6. Assassination of John F. Kennedy • Zapruder film:

  7. You are a CIA agent attempting to put the pieces of JFK’s murder together… • Students will be separated into groups of 3-4 students. • Each group will be assigned a theory regarding JFK’s assassination and be asked to defend/present it to their classmates. • Each group will create a poster based on information regarding your theory.

  8. Your poster should include… • A summary of your theory • Reasons to believe your theory • Reasons not to believe your theory • Strange details • Recent developments

  9. Speaking roles in your presentation… • Person #1: Gives a summary of the theory • Person #2: Gives a report of reasons to BELIEVE this theory • Person #3: Gives a report of reasons NOT TO BELIEVE this theory • (If present) Person #4: Gives a report of strange details and recent developments

  10. Times… • 10 minutes to read your theory • 20 minutes to create your poster with your group • Presentations and notes until the end of the period