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COMMERCIAL GEOGRAPHY. Presented by: FATIMA ATEEQ QURESHI Geography lecturer DA College for women, phase VIII. LONG TERM GOAL. Adopt 21 st century teaching approaches to enhance students appreciation of geography. SHORT TERM GOALS.

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  1. COMMERCIAL GEOGRAPHY Presented by: FATIMA ATEEQ QURESHIGeography lecturer DA College for women, phase VIII. FATIMA ATEEQ QURESHI- DCW-8

  2. LONG TERM GOAL Adopt 21st century teaching approaches to enhance students appreciation of geography. Fatima Ateeq Qureshi

  3. SHORT TERM GOALS • Change my questionining strategies with students to promote critical thinking on the topic. • Focus on encouraging students instead of praising. • Focus on the geographical process students use to get to answer, not just the answer itself • Encourage collaboration among students • Help students to understand that they can use each other knowledge as resources Fatima Ateeq Qureshi

  4. Instructional strategies and tasks • I will provide more opportunities for students to answer questions that require higher-order thinking about geography and its branches. • I will provide students time for group discussion • I will ask questions that require students to explain how they came to an answer • I will allow students to gather in randomly assigned groups or pairs to discuss the role of commercial geography in todays world. FATIMA ATEEQ QURESHI- DCW-8

  5. Time line 1st lesson_ ask student about geography. 2nd lesson_ discuss with students about branches of geography and its reasons. 3rd lesson_ to inquire and investigate about the role of commercial geography. 4th lesson_ with the help of examples compare different types of occupation under commercial activities categories. FATIMA ATEEQ QURESHI- DCW-8

  6. GEOGRAPHY • It is the combination of two words “geo” means the earth and “graphy” means description. • The science of description of the physical features of the earth. FATIMA ATEEQ QURESHI- DCW-8

  7. According to Dr. Scott, Ritter, Ratzal “ geography as a whole is regarded as the department of knowledge which studies the varied features of the earth’s surface as the environment of mankind” Environment mankind FATIMA ATEEQ QURESHI- DCW-8


  9. Human geography FATIMA ATEEQ QURESHI- DCW-8

  10. COMMERCIAL GEOGRAPHY A form of geography, concerned with the production and supply of raw materials, including agricultural output, and finished goods. FATIMA ATEEQ QURESHI- DCW-8

  11. Accoding to Dr. Jean-Paul Rodrigue and Dr. Claude Comtois • Commercial geographyinvestigates the spatial characteristics of trade and transactions in terms of their cause, nature, origin and destination. It leans on the analysis of contracts and transactions. From a simple commercial transaction involving an individual purchasing a product at a store, to the complex network of transactions maintained between a multinational corporation and its suppliers, the scale and scope of commercial geography varies significantly. FATIMA ATEEQ QURESHI- DCW-8

  12. Economic geography • Economical Geography deals with information and data about the wealth of a country, a region, a state, a town etc., not focusing its attention to business, but to production, existence of goods. FATIMA ATEEQ QURESHI- DCW-8

  13. Role of commercial geography • Commercial Geography refers to the location where the different branches of trade and commerce are located. Once even the most profitable business was carried out without shifting the mother country. • Today if one wants to establish a remarkable reputation for his firm, or business he must learn the geographical places suited for the production, storing for exporting and importing and marketing. • In order to recruit the apt personnel one has to travel a lot and even abroad to get the competent personnel. Certain countries are specialized in certain skill. Certain locations have the international standards. Certain locations have the licensing offices. So when one is in the field of commerce and business he has to learn the geography suited for his needs and demands. • A business man needs to know the commercial geography also for the reason of similar languages to locate the apt personal when he expands his business abroad. FATIMA ATEEQ QURESHI- DCW-8

  14. Classification of Commercial geography Classification of commercial geography is based on these three elements. • Production • Exchange( transportation and distribution services) • Consumption FATIMA ATEEQ QURESHI- DCW-8

  15. Commercial activities • primary activies ( to extract raw material from nature) • Secondary activities ( convert raw material into more useful form) • Tertiary activities (to provide services and transport facilities) • Quaternary activities ( high order services) • Quinary activities ( especial services and management by very high order personnel) FATIMA ATEEQ QURESHI- DCW-8

  16. Purpose of Commercial Activities FATIMA ATEEQ QURESHI- DCW-8


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