10 th grade gt meeting n.
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10 th Grade GT Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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10 th Grade GT Meeting

10 th Grade GT Meeting

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10 th Grade GT Meeting

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  1. 10th Grade GT Meeting December 10, 2013

  2. Gifted Education ProgramStudent Directed at High School

  3. Advanced Learning Plan (ALP) A written individualized STUDENT-DIRECTED educational plan required by the Colorado Department of Education for all identified gifted students: Goals and options for student success and optimal learning outlined College and career plans addressed Strategies designed to work through academicand personal/ social challenge Complete your ALP online by Monday, January 13, 2014. Student consultations will be scheduled during the school day…

  4. ALP Objectives Student directed to keep it relevant Annual review Report designed to reflect personalized areas of interest and goals relating to academics, extracurricular, and enrichment Areas for personal challenge and areas for personal improvement are included Documentation of any interventions that may be required in order for you to optimize your learning experience Becomes your ‘resume’ to reference for recommendations for programs, scholarships, college admissions The ALP is mandated by the Colorado Department of Education for every student who has been identified as “gifted”.

  5. Begin with the end in mind Gifted programming focuses on post-graduate planning - NOT to take away from enjoying the present reality as a high school student, but to ensure that you can accomplish your goals that can lead to realizing your dreams.

  6. Academic Planning Your High School transcript matters! Course selection and GPA are important all four years of high school As a junior, ACT and SAT scores will be critical for college admissions

  7. Selective or “Ivy” College Academic Requirements: --rigor demonstrated in all core subjects with electives supporting student interests…no free periods! Did the student challenge themselves? This is even more important than straight A’s! (MIT Consultant) IB Classes AP Classes/CU Succeed Classes Independent Studies Internships (in the community) Concurrent Enrollment at PPCC or UCCS (due to acceleration) Specific coursework required by the college you are applying (peruse the college websites even now!)

  8. Differentiation: Key to Success! Excellence/Expertise: Excel at something Leadership: Demonstrate examples of leadership Community Service/Volunteerism: Civic responsibility: Reach beyond yourself Passion/Vision: Demonstrate passion about something: Find true joyfulness

  9. Enrichment Matters! Find something you’re passionate about and get involved. Palmer provides many services and resources you need! Take advantage.  Many projects/activities can be completed during the summer in order to keep your life less stressful.

  10. Contests and Competitions A variety of events available throughout the year such as: Sports Mock Trial History Day Writing contests Local, state and national academic contests …. Refer to high school websites and announcements!

  11. Extracurricular Activities Band and choir A variety of clubs and organizations: Student Council National Honor Society ECO Club Chemistry Club Angler’s Club, etc. Summer Enrichment Programs

  12. ALP Logistics Complete the online ALP by January 13th Start at Mr. Chamberlin’s Teacher Page Save with your full name Save often You must log in (student) to access the ALP Electronic signature for parents (need student login) After the ALP is completed, Mr. Chamberlin will schedule student consultations.