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SGO Line Manager Briefing PowerPoint Presentation
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SGO Line Manager Briefing

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SGO Line Manager Briefing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SGO Line Manager Briefing
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  1. SGO Line Manager Briefing

  2. Overview ‘School Sport Announcement’ Implications for SGOs and the School Games School Games – review & forward look

  3. Government Announcement: Sport Premium • Renewed package of funding for PE and school sport - a new ‘Sport Premium’ • £150 million in each of the next two years to support delivery of PE and sport in primary schools • Ring fenced - allocated directly to primary schools across England • Dedicated resource to buy in invaluable expertise and support.  • Funding will be allocated through a lump sum for each school and a per-pupil top-up mechanism - a typical primary school with 250 pupils will receive around £9,250 each year. • Ofsted priority when assessing the overall provision offered by schools. • Other measures announced: • Renewed funding for the Young Ambassadors programme • Reform of initial teacher training • Funding for coaching and volunteering programmes, and those designed to improve the delivery of sport for young people with a disability • £1.5 million from Sport England to enable County Sports Partnerships to support national governing bodies of sport to provide specialist sports coaching in schools

  4. HEALTHY ACTIVE LIFESTYLES DELIVERED Outside curriculum time BY SGOs, Teachers, leaders and coaches, health workers PHYSICAL EDUCATION DELIVERED During curriculum time BY Secondary schools (Specialist PE teacher) Primary (Classroom teacher) COMMUNITY PROVISION Pay and play Leisure and recreation activities COMPETITIVE SCHOOL SPORT DELIVERED Outside curriculum time BY SGOs , TR posts, Teachers young volunteers and coaches CLUB SPORT (NGBs) Clubs and teams Coaching Talent development

  5. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Literacy Learning Leadership HEALTHY ACTIVE LIFESTYLES Enjoyment Engagement Exercise COMPETITIVE SCHOOL SPORT Coaching Competition Clubs

  6. HEALTHY ACTIVE LIFESTYLES Change 4 Life Sports Clubs LTSB NSSW (KS2) PHYSICAL EDUCATION Bupa Start 2 Move (KS1) Matalan TOPs (KS2) Sky Sports Living for Sport (KS3/4) Lead your generation COMMUNITY PROVISION Sportivate Pay and play Leisure and recreation activities COMPETITIVE SCHOOL SPORT Sainsbury’s School Games CLUB SPORT (NGBs) Satellite Clubs Clubs and teams Coaching Talent development PE School Sport

  7. The Sainsbury’s School Games

  8. The Sainsbury’sSchool Games Vision To increase the number of young people participating, performing, volunteering and learning in school club and competitive sport

  9. Competitive ‘school’ sport Increase Attendance & behaviour Support ‘cross curricular’ learning SMSC Engaging young people in learning Raise confidence, aspirations Develop life and employability skills Increase sense of belonging Support progress (attainment)

  10. The Sainsbury’sSchool Games structure INTRA SCHOOL COMPETITION (L1) Year round, multi-sport programme of intra school competition Culminating in a School Games Day MOST TALENTED YOUNG PEOPLE (L4) Single national level multi-sport event for the most talented young people of school age Talent Inspiration programme , ceremonies and volunteer programme progress from L3 INTER SCHOOL COMPETITION (L2 – L3) Year round, multi-sport programme of inter school competition (L2) Culminating in a School Games Festival (L3)

  11. Change4Life Sports Clubs What is being achieved? National ave - 25% obese at reception – 33% at year 6 5500 primary C4L clubs so far this year Targeted delivery in areas ranked most highly on trends of overweight and obese young people between reception and Yr6 Between 6% and 100% coverage of SGO area Ave 31% schools with a C4L club Ave 15 young people per club As a result we have seen: An increase of 53% primary children doing 60 active minutes a day most days 80% of secondary children have a positive attitude towards sport since joining the club 162,000 NEW young people choosing to play sport every week andwith a positive attitude to sport

  12. School Games What is being achieved? 50% (12,117 schools) active (of which 51% are primary schools, 72% are secondary schools, and 24% PRUs, special schools and independent schools) 1659 Kitemarks awarded in year 1(a quarter of schools registered at the time) which represents a 90% success rate. Common characteristics of gold schools. 64% of SGOs made at least one Kitemark application and 36% made no applications 110 (24%) SGOs accounted for 79% of Kitemark applications

  13. School Games • What is being achieved? • Sport Industry Research Centre • School Games Evaluation – draft findings • Registered vs Unregistered schools • Basic monitoring • L1 & 2 feedback from NGBs & Schools • L3 review

  14. Sainsbury’s School Games: Performance improvement • Task List • Local goal setting • Self review & improvement framework

  15. Task List: Developing Competitive Opportunities: Help the inactive to become active and introduce them to competitive school sport Driving Participation in School Games Competition: Increase the number of young people taking part in competition within and between schools Increasing and Sustaining Participation in club sport: Engaging the least active through Change4Life Sports Clubs and Increasing awareness and access to local clubs Workforce Development: Broadening the range of participation opportunities in competition through volunteering and workforce roles

  16. Local goals

  17. Improving the Sainsbury’s School Games system – Learning from ‘Mission 2012’ • The ‘Aggregation of Marginal Gains’ • Benchmarking Performance • Sharing effective practice • Driving innovation • Accountability

  18. Self Review • GREEN • Performing • Working well • Fully functional, up-to-date and fit for purpose • High confidence based on evidence • Challenges identified, action taken and solutions working • AMBER • Working on it • Solutions to challenges identified, action plans under way with signs of progress being made • RED • Need help • Not working • Solutions to challenges not agreed, planned or activated • GOLD • Excelling • Outstanding and a match for the international benchmark • A potential source of learning and inspiration to others • World Class