Emerging air quality issues in freight
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Emerging Air Quality Issues in Freight - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration. Emerging Air Quality Issues in Freight. Diane Turchetta U.S. DOT-FHWA 6/29/04. FHWA Environmental Conference Alexandria, VA. Topics Covered. Why does FHWA care about freight emissions?.

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Presentation Transcript
Emerging air quality issues in freight

U.S. Department of Transportation

Federal Highway Administration

Emerging Air Quality Issues in Freight

Diane Turchetta



FHWA Environmental Conference

Alexandria, VA

Topics covered
Topics Covered

  • Why does FHWA care about freight emissions?

  • Overview of EPA regulatory actions & voluntary programs

  • What is FHWA doing?

    • Research

    • Idle-Reduction initiative

    • Diesel engine retrofits

    • Talking Freight Seminar

Traffic congestion

Truck and Rail Flows

Traffic Congestion

Freight Flows by Rail: 1998 (tons)

Federal Railroad Administration

Freight Flows by Truck: 2020 (daily truck volumes)

Federal Highway Administration

Epa regulatory actions
EPA Regulatory Actions

  • Heavy-duty diesel truck and bus engine and fuel

  • standard

  • Rulemaking finalized in 2000 – requires new and

  • cleaner control technologies and low-sulfur

  • fuel (15 ppm) in 2007

  • Vehicles will be 95% cleaner than today’s trucks

  • and buses

  • Nonroad Rule

  • Rulemaking finalized last month – will cut emission

    levels from construction, agricultural, and

    industrial diesel-powered equipment by over 90%

Epa regulatory actions con t
EPA Regulatory Actions – Con’t

  • Reduces sulfur levels in fuel to 500 ppm by 2007 and 15 ppm for land-based fuel in 2010 (locomotives and marine vessels by 2012)

  • ANPRM for Locomotives and Marine Engines

  • Announced last month

  • Emphasis is on PM reductions

  • Standards could apply as early as 2011

Epa voluntary programs
EPA Voluntary Programs

  • Clean School Bus USA

    • Retrofits buses with better emission control

      technologies - $65 M in EPA 2005 budget

  • SmartWay Transport

    • Voluntary program between EPA and the freight

      industry – focus is on carbon dioxide emissions

  • Voluntary Diesel Retrofit and Replacement Program

    • Addresses pollution from diesel construction

      equipment and heavy-duty vehicles in use today

What are we doing research
What Are We Doing……Research

  • Research – Impacts of Intermodal Freight Movement

  • on Air Quality

    • Six MSA’s selected (LA, Dallas, Houston, Chicago,

      Detroit and Baltimore)

    • Freight profiles developed by mode (commodity

      flows and emissions)

    • Identification of key issues and problems

    • Preliminary look at mitigation

What are we doing idle reduction
What Are We Doing……Idle-Reduction

  • Working with DOE and EPA to reduce idling emissions

  • from heavy-duty engines (on-board and off-board

  • technologies

    • Regional workshops (I-95 corridor)

    • National conference (Albany, NY – May 2004)

    • CMAQ funding for idle-reduction projects ($16 M)

    • August 2003 policy guidance – “CMAQ Eligibility

      for Idle-Reduction Measures”

    • SAFETEA provision (Title 23 – Section 111 exemption)

What are we doing diesel engine retrofits
What Are We Doing….Diesel Engine Retrofits

  • Heavy-duty diesel engine retrofits – diesel particulate matter filters & oxidation catalysts

    • CMAQ policy guidance issued in Jan. 2003 on Eligibility of Freight Projects and Diesel Engine Retrofit Programs

    • FHWA participation in EPA School Bus, Retrofit and Replacement Work Group

    • Issue related to allocation of emission reduction credits (on-road vs off-road)

What are we doing talking freight seminar
What Are We Doing……Talking Freight Seminar

  • Collaborative between FHWAs Office of Freight

  • Management and Operations and Office of

  • Planning

  • Monthly FHWA-sponsored net-conference seminars

  • July 21 seminar will be on idle-reduction technologies and initiatives