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ePortfolio California Project

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ePortfolio California Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ePortfolio California Project
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Presentation Transcript

  1. ePortfolio California Project @ONE Webinar4.2.2009 John Whitmer, California Virtual Campus

  2. Agenda • ePortfolio Definition and Relevance (10 min) • Demonstrations of eFolio and Epsilen Applications (20 min) • ePortfolio California Project (15 min) • Opportunities for Participation (5 min) • Q & A (15 min)

  3. ePortfolio Definition and Relevance

  4. What’s an ePortfolio? • ePortfolios are a valuable learning and assessment tool. (Lorenzo/Ittelson, 2005) • An ePortfolio is a digitized collection of artifacts including demonstrations, resources, and accomplishments that represent an individual, group, or institution. (Lorenzo/Ittelson, 2005) • Called for in CCC System Strategic Plan

  5. Show me… • East LA College • Foothill College Dental Hygiene • San Francisco State University

  6. How can you use ePortfolios? • Within Portfolios • Resumes with depth • Establish consistent program standards • Encourage self-reflection • Employer and staff feedback • Across Portfolios • Evaluate program impact • Assess factors leading to success

  7. Student Contexts Individual class requirements Graduation requirements standards compliance for certification Employment resumes etc, etc. Uses of ePortfolios: Students Collect, Reflect, Share and Evaluate

  8. Faculty Contexts RTP process Job Search Teaching / Publishing Collaboration Use of ePortfolios: Faculty

  9. Institutional Contexts Aggregate individual portfolios for program accreditation Institutional Assessment Institutional Planning Use of ePortfolios: Institutions

  10. 2. Efolio v2.0 and Epsilen Demos

  11. eFolio v2.0 Academic tool created by MnSCU in 2002 as e-service for all citizens ePortfolio-only tool, includes Web 2.0 applications, institution-wide summary data Releasing v2.0 (xFolio) 4/09, CVC “sole distributor” for CA education Demo Portfolio Epsilen Commercial application created by founder Angel (Ali Jafari), majority ownership by New York times “swiss army knife” with Web 2.0, groups, etc., potential LCMS platform Released v2.0 1/09 Demo Portfolio Pilot Applications

  12. 3. ePortfolio California Project

  13. Teaching & Learning: Contribute to and support the community of practice on ePortfolios, to determine relative merits of ePortfolios and determine best practices for their deployment Functionality: Develop common information standards for exchange of information between ePortfolio platforms and other CCC systemwide services Operations: Evaluate merits of providing systemwide licensing, hosting, and support services for ePortfolio solutions Business: Develop business plan and assess requirements for a statewide ePortfolio solution CVC ePortfolio Project goals

  14. ePortfolio Program Components (or what we’ll do for you) • Hosted ePortfolio Application – web-based access– no hardware, technical support, software required. • Professional Development – on-site and online trainings in “portfolio thinking” and technology use • Evaluation and Customization – customization of templates to meet your needs, evaluation of effectiveness via surveys and use statistics • Help Desk – phone and email technical support for clients and staff • Consulting Support – available to help better integrate the tool, maximize for your needs

  15. Pilot Requirements • License Fees • xFolio: $5/account/year, min 200 accounts • Epsilen: $500/year, unlimited accounts • Community Activities • Participation in quarterly coordinator meetings • Log into learning times site WEEKLY • Upload materials created for PD and assessment to community of practice site in editable format • Evaluation/Assessment • Participation in evaluation activities, some standard questions • Permission to access/use ePortfolio usage information

  16. Current Pilots • Mount San Jacinto College (Epsilen) • Riverside Community College District ( 3 campuses) • San Francisco State University • University of California – Irvine • University of California – Santa Barbara, School of Education, Joint Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership (Epsilen) • CA Regional Migrant Education Programs (Sul & Associates) • College of the Sequoias (Epsilen) • Foothill College • Los Angeles Community College District, including: Pierce College Los Angeles Mission College Los Angeles Valley College Los Angeles City College East Los Angeles College Los Angeles Trade-Technical College West Los Angeles College Los Angeles Southwest College Los Angeles Harbor College

  17. Brief Pilot Timeline • TTAC TTAC TT

  18. 4. Opportunities for Participation

  19. How to Participate • Demo Accounts • eFolio v2.0: http://tinyurl.com/cvc-xfolio • Epsilen: http://tinyurl.com/cvc-epsilen • License eFolio (<200 accounts) • http://eportfolioca.org/sign-up • Become a Pilot Campus with eFolio or Epsilen • http://eportfolioca.org/sign-up

  20. 5. Questions or Feedback?

  21. Contact info: John Whitmer, CVC (530.554.1528|jwhitmer@cvc.edu) Jen Gednalske, CVC(530.879.4090 |jgednalske@cvc.edu) Thank You!

  22. Discussion • How could you use ePortfolios with your students? • Could you use ePortfolios to evaluate program success? • Are there any barriers to successful implementation with your students?