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Presidential Election of 2000 PowerPoint Presentation
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Presidential Election of 2000

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Presidential Election of 2000
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Presidential Election of 2000

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  1. Presidential Election of 2000 Kaitlyn Shoemaker Vanessa Hinojosa

  2. Candidates • The candidates for the presidential election was republican George W. Bush and Democrat Al Gore

  3. George W. Bush • Before the election, George Bush was governor of Texas • He was the son of a former President George H. W. Bush • George was a republican

  4. Al Gore • Al was Vice President to Bill Clinton for eight years before the election • He was a democrat • If Al would have won the election he would have been the first democrat president since the civil war

  5. The election • George W. Bush had 271 electoral votes and had 50,456,062 popular votes • Al Gore had 266 electoral votes and had 50,996,582 popular votes • The election was to close to call so it took 5 weeks to determine the winner • Al gore had most votes in the East and West coast and inland industrial cities and George had most of the mid west and the plains and the south • Bush won by having one more vote over the electoral votes • It was one of only four elections and the first in over 100 years where the popular vote winner was defeated

  6. During the election • Gore appeared wooden and dismissive of Bush in the debates • Gore was criticized repeatedly by the Bush campaign as an exaggerator • In October the gap in the poles between Bush and Gore narrowed dramatically • There was even an election night where no clear winner emerged

  7. Blue was Al Gore and red was George W. Bush

  8. Florida • There was controversy over the unusual event of the winning candidate having received fewer popular votes then the runner up • The contest focused mainly on Florida • There was an uproar over the awarding of Florida's 25 electoral votes • Also on the subsequent process of recounting the votes in Florida

  9. Networks initially projected Gore the winner in Florida but later they declared that Bush had opened insurmountable lead • Gore called Bush to concede the election, but in the early hours of the morning, it was apparent that Florida was way closer then gores staff had originally believed • Fewer then 600 votes separated them

  10. Floridas recount • Gore then called Bush to retract his concession • Florida law required a mandatory state wide machine recount • By November 10 the recount was done and Bush lead still at 327 votes • Court challenges were issued over the legality of hand recounts in select countries and new rumors were pilling up of the election judge • By late November the Florida state canvassing board certified Bush the winner by 537 votes • There was still legal battles remaining

  11. More recounts • Eventually, the Florida supreme court decided to order a state wide a manual recount of 45,000 under votes (ballots that machines recorded as not clearly expressing a presidential vote)and excepted some previously uncertified results in both Miami and palm beach countries • That reduced Bush’s lead to mere 154 votes • The Bush campaign quickly filed and appeal with the U.S. supreme court asking it to delay the recounts until it could hear the case • State wide recount could not be preformed in time to certify the states electors • The court issued a controversial decision to reverse Florida's recount order and affectively awarding the win to Bush

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