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Presidential Election

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Presidential Election
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Presidential Election

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  1. Presidential Election 2012

  2. Who are the two men running for President of the United States?

  3. Mitt Romney Barack Obama

  4. Mitt Romney’s Vice-Presidential running mate is Paul Ryan.

  5. Barack Obama’s Vice-Presidential running mate and current Vice-President is Joe Biden.

  6. Democratic Party CandidatesBarack Obama Joe BidenPRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT

  7. Republican Party Candidates Mitt Romney Paul Ryan PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT

  8. Two Major Political Parties and their Symbols Republican Party Democratic Party Donkey • Elephant

  9. Other “not-so-well known” political parties in the United States are the:Libertarian PartyGreen PartyConstitution PartyIndependent Party

  10. How often is a president elected to office in the Unites States?

  11. Every 4 years we have a Presidential Election.

  12. How long (years)is the Presidential Term?

  13. A person can only hold the title as President of the U.S. for 4 years before another election is held.

  14. Can a person hold the office of president for more than 4 years? • Hmmmm?

  15. The 22nd amendment, in our U.S. Constitution, states that a person cannot serve more than 2 terms asPresident of the United States. This would equal to a total of 8 years.

  16. If something happens to the President, who would assume the responsibilities as President?

  17. The Vice- President would become the President of the United States.

  18. Line of succession to the President:1. Vice-President2. the Speaker of the House of Representatives3.the President pro tempore of the Senate4. Secretary of State5. Secretary of the Treasury6. Secretary of Defense7. Attorney General …..and so on.

  19. What are the requirements to run for President of the United States?1. must be born in the United States2. must have lived in the U.S. for the past 14 years3. must be at least 35 years old

  20. How old do I have to be to vote?

  21. According the Amendment 26, the age you must be to vote is 18 years old.

  22. What title is given to the wifeof the President of the United States?

  23. theFirst Lady

  24. Why is the President’s wife called the First Lady?

  25. The title First Ladywas the accepted title for the wife of the president. Many early first ladies expressed their own preference for how they were addressed. Some preferred the titles of "Lady", "Mrs. President", and "Mrs. Presidentress.”

  26. Martha Washington was often referred to as "Lady Washington.“According to legend, Dolley Madison was referred to as "First Lady" in 1849 at her funeral.From that point on the title became more and more accepted.

  27. Who is the current “First Lady”? Michelle Obama

  28. Previous First Ladies Sitting: Lady Bird Johnson, Pat Nixon, Rosalynn Carter, Betty Ford Standing: Nancy Reagan, and Barbara Bush

  29. When someone refers to the incumbent in an election, what are they referring to?

  30. The word “incumbent” refers to the person that currently holds the office and is trying to get re-elected.

  31. Always be an informed person before you: