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intellectual game saint valentine s day n.
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Intellectual Game “Saint Valentine’s Day” PowerPoint Presentation
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Intellectual Game “Saint Valentine’s Day”

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Intellectual Game “Saint Valentine’s Day”
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Intellectual Game “Saint Valentine’s Day”

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  1. Intellectual Game“Saint Valentine’s Day”

  2. “Saint Valentine’s Day” Tomorrow is Saint Valentine’s Day All in the morning betime, And I a maid at your window To be your Valentine. William Shakespeare from “Hamlet”, Act IV,Scene V

  3. “Saint Valentine’s Day” • Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love and friendship.

  4. “Saint Valentine’s Day” • Love and friendship are very important parts of our lives.

  5. “Saint Valentine’s Day” • Valentine’s Day is time to tell people that we like or love them.

  6. “Saint Valentine’s Day” • We can do this in a number of ways throughout the year.

  7. “Saint Valentine’s Day” • Valentine’s Day is a traditional celebration. • It is not a religious or a legal holiday. • After Christmas it is the most popular holiday.

  8. “Saint Valentine’s Day” • The traditions of the holidays go back in time even before Saint Valentine. • Some of these traditions concern stories of ancient gods and goddesses of love.

  9. Legends • There are several legends about St.Valentine’s Day.

  10. Legends • One of the legends says that Valentine was a Christian priest who lived in the 3.centure A.D.

  11. Legends • He was put into prison by roman authorities for his teaching and was beheaded on February 14.

  12. Legends • According to the legend he performed a miracle-he cured his jailer’s daughter of her blindness. • Before the execution he wrote her a letter signed “From your Valentine”.

  13. Legends • According to another legend, Valentine was an Italian bishop who lived at about the same time.

  14. Legends • He was thrown into prison because he secretly married couples, contrary to the laws of the Roman empire.

  15. Legends • The legend says that he was burned at the stake.

  16. Another legend says that the same Valentine wrote to children and friends who loved him from the jail. Legends

  17. The custom February 14 was also a Roman holiday. On this day the young men randomly chose the name of the girl to escort to the festival. The custom of choosing a sweetheart on this day became very popular in the medieval Europe.

  18. “Saint Valentine’s Day” Now, St. Valentine’s Day is the day of the sweethearts. On this day, people show their friends, relatives and loved ones that they care.

  19. People send sweets or flowers to those whom they love. Traditions

  20. Valentines • Most people send “valentines”, greeting cards named after St.Valentine’s letters written from jail.

  21. “Saint Valentine’s Day” Valentines can be sentimental and romantic, or funny and friendly.

  22. Valentines • Valentines can be anonymous, heart-shared or carry hearts on them. • People buy valentines or make them themselves.

  23. The red heart is also an old symbol of love. Centuries ago, people thought the heart was the centre of our feelings. Symbols of love

  24. Symbols of love

  25. Messages

  26. Symbols of love Flowers have been symbols of love and happiness for a long time. Today, people often send flowers as gifts. Or they use them as decorations on Valentine’s Day.

  27. Messages • Flowers can send some specific messages. • The language of flowers developed over a period of centuries.

  28. Messages • The language of flowers developed over a period of centuries.

  29. Messages For instance, to some people, an iris added to a bouquet of flowers sends a message all its own. It means “Look at the other flowers and see what they say.” Red tulips are a decoration of love. Yellow tulips mean “My love seems hopeless”. Букет жёлтых тюльпанов

  30. Roses • Since earliest times, roses have been prized as the most beautiful of flowers. • The rose was sacred to Venus, the ancient goddess of love. • On Valentine’s Day, one rose or a dozen means “I love you”.

  31. Violets • The violet has a special Valentine’s Day meaning. • The legend has it that violets grew outside the window of the jail where Saint Valentine was imprisoned.

  32. Messages Some stories say Valentine was able to reach out and spell messages with flowers.

  33. Messages with flowers

  34. Messages with flowers

  35. Messageswith flowers

  36. Messages with flowers

  37. Messages with flowers

  38. Valentines Perhaps one of the oldest Valentine’s Day customs is sending valentines. Sending valentines became very popular. There were even books explaining how to write valentine messages and verses.

  39. Valentines • Of course, there are all kinds of valentines. • They can be sweet and romantic.

  40. Some valentines for you

  41. Valentines

  42. Valentines I send you a “valentine”In form of heart of mineBut look at picture one more time,You’ll find two hearts - yours and mine What a wonder you can see,Two hearts are painted- for you and me.

  43. Valentines I love you very - very muchFrom bottom of my heart!I give you flowers and sweets,Because you are so smart!

  44. Valentines • I love you every day,I think about you.And I can say today I want to see just you!I have to buy a card.Today is "Valentine's".Please think it over hardAnd you can guess it's mine.

  45. Valentines • I want to be your Valentine. Do you want to be mine?

  46. Valentines • All of my life I’ll be your Valentine

  47. Find (at least 28 or more) words about “Saint Valentine’s Day”

  48. Test Choose the right item. 1. British people are … of their traditions. dedicated b) proud c) pride 2. Valentine s Day is a day to celebrate… a) Feelings b) romance c) friendship and love 3. On this day people share feelings of attention with friends, family and … flowers b) sweethearts c) acquaintances 4. The … has a special meaning. The legend has it that they grew outside the window of the jail where Valentine was imprisoned. rose b) violet c) red tulip 5. Some valentine-cards are funny, they have….messаges. a) loving b) humorous c)romance

  49. Complete the sentences • 1.Yellow tulips mean... • 2. Red tulips are... • 3. An iris added to a bouquet of flowers means... • 4. One rose or a dozen means... • 5. Violets grew outside the window of the jail where... • 6. Valentines can be...

  50. sweet marry red love and Italian to cure of all kinds of greeting to be put into traditional romantic Christian saint a declaration of Valentine’ s Valentine symbols of several to send celebrate prist friendship rose prison love message secretly heart cards day legends blindness Valentine bishop love sweet hearts celebration valentines sweethearts (couples) holiday Match the words in the columns