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TMF Florida

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TMF Florida. International Trade Presentation. “ Optimizing World Trade Logistics … … and Cost Saving Solutions ” …. TMF - Introduction (Part 1). TMF Florida is an international export / import company based in South Florida, USA.

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tmf florida

TMF Florida

International Trade


tmf introduction part 1
TMF - Introduction (Part 1)
  • TMF Florida is an international export / import company based in South Florida, USA.
  • TMF Florida trades primarily in high quality fresh fruits and produce grown in optimal climates and fertile soils of the tropical and sub-tropical regions of the Americas.
  • TMF Florida may also supply dried, semi-dried and frozen produce, micro-greens, ginger, sweet potato, vegetables, mushrooms, grains, nuts, coffee, wine, herbs and spices, virgin olive oil, raw honey and other honey products.
tmf introduction part 2
TMF - Introduction (Part 2)
  • TMF supports the recent US - EU Trade Agreement … increasing considerably the opportunities for lucrative partnerships between both major world markets.
  • TMF is partnered with Toll Global Forwarding (TGF) exclusively, to optimize transportation logistics and expedite perishable goods throughout the world.
  • TMF contracts exclusively with the US Trade Ex-Im Bank … the principle government agency responsible for improved facilitation of international export-import transactions.
tmf florida1

TMF Florida

Perishables &


tmf fresh fruits
TMF - Fresh Fruits
  • TMF provides a wide variety of tropical and sub-tropical fruits … many of which are packed with x20, x50 and x100 more nutrients when compared to most mainstream Western fruits.
  • TMF can meet the high yield demands for mainstream Western fruits found throughout the EU and US markets.
  • TMF fresh fruits will meet strict EU regulations for quality controls, pest infestations and forbidden chemicals.
  • TMF may supply fresh, dried, semi-dried and frozen fruits.
tmf international farms
TMF - International Farms
  • TMF farms are located primarily in the optimal climatic tropical and sub-tropical regions of the Americas. Other TMF growing regions include Mediterranean Europe and African Continent.
  • TMF has access to highly-fertile and “untapped” farms, many of which are uncontaminated by modern toxic chemicals ... and growing superior quality produce available to world markets.
  • TMF farms will meet the high yield demands for mainstream Western fruits … while also offering new options in tropical and sub-tropical fruits for the more progressive EU and US markets.
perishables non perishables
Perishables / Non-Perishables
  • Tropical and Sub-Tropical Fruits
  • Mainstream Western Fruits
  • Citrus Fruits and Fruit Juices
  • “Sustainable Fruits” (Dehydrated)
  • Micro Greens (Organic)
  • Vegetables (Fresh / Frozen)
  • Mushrooms (Fresh / Dehydrated)
  • Muscadine Grape
  • Ginger / Sweet Potato
  • Herbs / Spices
  • Nuts
  • Wines
  • Raw Honey
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
tmf florida2

TMF Florida

“Sustainable Fruits”

Long-Term Protection For EU Trade Economics

tmf sustainable fruits part 1
TMF -“Sustainable Fruits”(Part 1)
  • As reported by “CBI” (Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs): “The creation or adaptation of products that serve market needs and capitalize on trade … offer major opportunities.”
  • TMF has taken up the mantle by offering EU Traders logical and lucrative solutions for the short, medium and long-term … to end the current economic struggles and guarantee a better future for the EU Fresh Produce Industry … “sustainable fruits”.
  • Superior quality “sustainable fruits” will maintain TMFFlorida’s growing reputation at the forefront of world trade innovation.
tmf sustainable fruits part 2
TMF -“Sustainable Fruits”(Part 2)
  • TMF tropical and sub-tropical “sustainable fruits” will provide superior nutritional values when compared with the majority of fresh mainstream Western fruits.
  • TMF dehydration process is optimized for each fruit type, to minimize nutritional losses, maximize flavors, maintain the integrity of the fruit … and extend the shelf-life considerably.
  • TMF “sustainable fruits” will meet current EU economic and consumer market needs, potentially reducing vast amounts of perishable waste … while halting financial decline.
tmf florida3

TMF Florida

Optimizing World Trade Logistics

tmf financial benefits
TMF - FinancialBenefits
  • TMF contracts exclusively through the US Trade Ex-ImBank … the official export credit agency of the US government, helping finance the purchase of US goods and services internationally.
  • Ex-Im Bank offers TMF and its trade partners the ultimate logistical and financial advantages not available from any other sources worldwide.
  • Ex-Im Bank offers comfortable payment options, reduced banking fees, high insurance security, secured lines of credit, secured and swift release of funds upon contract completion.
tmf transportation benefits
TMF - Transportation Benefits
  • TMF is partnered with Toll Global Forwarding (TGF) exclusively, to optimize transportation logistics and expedite perishable goods throughout all corners of the world. (
  • TGF is one of the largest transportation companies in the world, capable of handling all shipping logistics (land, air and sea freight) … to all major ports, airports and cities worldwide.
  • TGF provides innovative refrigeration technologies to reduce perishability during the transportation process … thus, substantially extending the trade life of the fresh produce.
tmf florida4

TMF Florida



tmf trade advantages
TMF - Trade Advantages
  • TMF Florida ... a progressive US export-import company, with strong trade foundations, focused upon building long-termpartnerships and developing innovative marketing strategies.
  • High quality perishable and non-perishable product lines ideal for Western markets and growing consumer health demands.
  • Unequalled financial trade benefits via US Trade Ex-ImBank.
  • Superior international transportation capabilities via TMF’s exclusive partnership with TGF - Toll Global Forwarding.
tmf florida5

TMF Florida


World Charities

tmf africamedica org
  • TMFrecognizes the acute humanitarian needs in different geographic regions of the planet ... and sympathizes with the struggles for survival in those areas.
  • As a subsidiary of Arvila LLC ... proceeds from our international trade are actively supporting ourCharity
  • AfricaMedicais designed to re-establish the dental and medical system in Liberia, North West Africa. Our agricultural world trade products ... will help those communities in supporting themselves and alleviating hardships they are confronted with.
tmf florida6

TMF Florida

Contact Us

tmf contact us
TMF - Contact Us
  • Email:
  • Telephone: (+1) 561-792-5925 (GMT -5 hrs)
  • Skype: TMF.Florida(GMT -5 hrs) (English, Deutsch, Español)
  • Website: (consumer / commercial)
  • Website:
tmf florida7

TMF Florida

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