Rainforest understory layer
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Task 1 Rainforest of the World. Rainforest- Understory Layer . By: Felicity Clemente. Thank you . The Understory Layer.

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Rainforest understory layer

Task 1 Rainforest of the World

Rainforest- Understory Layer

By: Felicity Clemente

The understory layer
The Understory Layer

The Understory layer has a hot, damp climate with still air. The Understory has many plants although it only has 2-5% of sunlight because the canopy layer blocks the sunlight going through. The tiny amount of sunlight encourages plants to have smarter ways of living in fewer sunlight. The plants of the understory hardly goes higher than twelve feet

Plants in the understory layer
Plants in the Understory Layer

There are several plants in the understory, most of them like:

Philodendron Prayer Plant Peace Lily

And much more, these plants can grow in the understory layer or you living room because of the amount of sunlight these absorb.

Animals in the understory layer
Animals in the Understory Layer

Many of the animals in the understory layer use camouflage, their skin tone and pattern helps them to camouflage.

But not all animals hide, some are use to being exposed or their skin scares away people because of the poison in their skin, like the poison vine butterfly their colored wings warns the birds not to eat them.


There are much more plants in the understory like:

Blue tailed Iguana

Boa Constrictor


Tree Frog

Spider Monkey

Fruit Bat

Leaf Cutter Ants

Heliconia Butterfly


There are much more animals in the understory like:

Liana Vines

Small Leaf Clematis

Coast Swainson Pea

Climbing Lignum

Downy Dodder Laurel

Melicope Rubra